Baseline Human Emotion

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Emotions are human nature. Without emotion we are really nothing much at all here in life. Without emotion we would be completely unsuited and unable to successfully live in this physical world. Emotions are quite literally the only real tools we have in our life toolbox. Everything we do and think is based upon emotion, everything.

The question you might have, at least I had through the years, is what is the baseline emotional state of a human? If we are just emotional beings here in this life, than as most everything else, there must be a baseline. If we look at emotions we can find quite a few:

  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Happiness
  • Jealousy
  • Humor
  • Sadness
  • Lust
  • Ecstasy
  • And many more…

What is the baseline? Well to figure this out I had to meditate on where baseline would come from. At first I figured a baseline emotion must come from the heart since we think of the heart as the organ of pure emotion. If that were the case the baseline would be the most inherent of the heart ~ Joy. However, I was not satisfied with this answer because as I observed human nature through my life I could not see Joy being the overall driving factor in the emotional creations of the populace. I thought perhaps it was because everyone’s heart is out of balance. That made no sense to me either. After a number of years struggling with this question I took a step back.

I let go of the question all together. A time came when I returned to the question of what is the human emotional baseline, but I realized I may not have been completely right in my guess that it stemmed from the heart. After all the heart is a product of the brain. But how could the brain be the holder of an emotional baseline when its job is thought, not emotion? I started looking at thought differently and realized that thought is emotion. Everything we think is either the result of an emotion or an escape or cover-up from an emotion. I will get back to this in part 2.

If thought is emotion than I had to look deeper into primal thought and what emotion runs or creates primal thought. First off, what is primal thought? I define it simply as any train of thought generated for the sole purpose of survival. This is of course what all our thoughts are based upon or grown out of. No matter what our heart is saying, our brains’ main function is to keep us alive. That being the case the brain must look at the world as something specific, a place of threat to its survival. You might at first disagree; as did I, but once you look at it more simplistically it becomes clear.

Our brain has created our entire body. What is the outer most thing it creates of our physical body? Skin, the largest of our organs. Skin is a shield to protect everything inside our bodies from the outside world. It is the final expression of the brain in its creation of the body that shows its need to protect the self from the outside world. It also created a solid bone cage around itself to protect itself from the outside world ~ the skull.

Primal thought processes are based upon the needs to survive; water, shelter, food, warmth, tools, etc, but also to protect the self from everything else. It can be looked at as the ego through self identity trying to protect itself from everything deemed not self. Skin is a boundary. Many of our emotions are also boundaries as we try maintaining a sense of self, isolated from everything else. Anger would be one such emotion. So it is that the baseline emotion of the brain is Fear. The brain, the ego, fears the world and anything that it does not deem Self. Therefore it creates a string of emotional responses as tools in order that we be able to successfully interact with and protect ourselves from the universe.

Fear is the emotional reason the human race, in its high level of self identity ego, responds so often to external stimuli with aggression, anger, fear, retreat and other conflict emotions of various intensity levels. Fear induces an emotional response itself of fight or flight, primal reptilian brainstem emotions. Look at children who are learning about boundaries to protect and maintain the integrity of self. They argue and bicker, hit and yell, cry and run when anything seems to threaten this fragile boundary zone of self identity. The only real difference between children and many adults is their lack of refinement of emotional expression intensity.

Though what else is clearly seen in most children? Their open and intense sense of Joy. Just about anything can seem to set off their brain-wired fear response, but they are equally as capable of feeling and expressing the intensities of sheer Joy. This is where the heart baseline comes into play. While the brain’s emotional baseline is fear, the heart’s is joy. Yes they rather counterbalance one another.

To clarify, happiness is a fleeting emotion felt when we gain something we want and like. Joy is an underlying foundation of living through the heart, a constant burn of fire energy. Just the same as fear and anger. Anger is an emotion felt and expressed when we are faced with something that seemingly threatens our boundary of self, ego; a product of fear. Fear itself is an underlying constant there to protect the self from external invasion or danger of ceasing to exist in the ego form. Joy is the constant of the heart and fear is the constant of the brain. Both are the human emotional baseline and all other emotions are born from those two parents.

Without emotion we lack the proper and necessary tools to relate to and interact with the universe. Emotion runs us at every level, every moment of our physical lives. This is an emotional world we live in, literally. Emotions are the brain and heart’s responses to stimuli. Without them we cannot react to stimuli, we cannot learn, create, grow, experience; we would even loose the baseline desire to survive and live. It is all based on emotions. We feel emotionally before we are able to logically think or formulate thought. Though develops only after we have learned to feel and express through emotion. The brain’s main function before logical thought is emotional feeling and expression. Thought is just the product of emotion.

Fear has its place of keeping us alive, but too much or misplaced fear keeps us from truly living. Joy has its place of giving us something to hold onto, to move and seek experiences with, but too much or misplaced joy can lead us astray and away from necessary responsibilities. Fear and Joy, the two baseline human emotions, both necessary for life and both fragile in their balance.

You can see why I have stated many times before just how important our endocrine system truly is and the hormones produced and controlled by it. We are literally our emotions and our emotions are literally our hormones.

continued in Human Emotion part 2


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