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October 22nd, 2016 by

Our human bodies go through cycles based upon time, the clock itself as it follows a 24 hour circle. This cycle continues from the day we are born until the day our bodies give up the ghost. Of course depending upon our age and health will determine the efficiency and exactness of the cycle the body follows within each 24 hours. For example, a health adolescent or adult will have the highest spleen energy and functioning between 9-11 am each late morning. However, if a person has a weak spleen the spleen energy may not be so high during that time and actually lean towards a deficiency of energy that could even be taken over by liver energy.

I filmed some very detailed podcasts on this topic for those interested. It is a 3 part series. Nonetheless, for the sake of some mere basics to point to in this short article, you will find the following part of the overall 24 hour body cycle for human beings.

If we begin at noon, 12pm, and move forward from there we will note the following:

  • At 14:30 hrs we tend to have the best coordination skills
  • At 15:30 hrs our reaction time is around the highest of the day
  • At 17:00 hrs the strength of our muscles and the efficiency of our cardiovascular system is peak
  • At 18:30 hrs we tend to have the highest blood pressure of a 24 hour period
  • At 19:00 hrs our resting body temp is usually highest
  • At 21:00 hrs the body’s natural melatonin production begins
  • At 22:30 our bowels and digestive system gets sluggish

If we look to the other end of the 24 hour clock we can find functions such as these happening:

  • At 02:00 hrs we typically reach the deepest levels of sleep
  • At 04:30 hrs our body temperature is usually lowest
  • At 06:45 hrs the body experiences the quickest rise in blood pressure to wake us up
  • At 07:30 hrs our melatonin secretion stops for the day
  • At 08:00 hrs our bowels are typically moving again, after the 5-7 am large intestine energy spike
  • At 09:00 hrs the body typically has its highest testosterone production of the day
  • At 10:00 hrs our alertness usually spikes from high spleen energy

There is a ton more detail along this 24 hour cycle of the human body. Learning it and understanding it can greatly increase our ability to manage our bodies through each day and season, heighten self awareness, design and embrace the most beneficial habits and lifestyles and truly get in touch with the many surface and deep levels of our physical systems. Even further it can assist us in relating to and understand other people and their habits, weaknesses and strengths. This can be an exceptional tool for anyone in the medical field, an employer (boss) of others and teachers of any subject!

If you are interested in learning more, these three podcasts are a convenient and affordable way to bring the information to you.

  • 24 Hour Biological Clock part 1 – free to Wolf’s Den members
  • 24 Hour Biological Clock part 2 – $30.00
  • 24 Hour Biological Clock wrap up – $20.00

Each podcast is between 1:15 and 2 hours long. If you are interested contact me at


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