Cha Organics Video

June 4th, 2016 by

Hey Den!

I just wanted to stop by a moment and share with you an excellent video that was recently sent to me about a new organic, fair trade, small farm supporting spice company called Cha Organics. Most of the spices we buy in stores today come from big companies that do little more than exploit others for the sole purpose of profit, not health and true sustenance and sustainability. The global tea organizations are the same as explained in wonderful detail in the book called Wild Truth of Tea.

In this new Cha Organics video we are brought to the heart of the organic spice trade in Sri Lanka and led step-by-step through the personal artisan gardens, small manufacturing plants and all the other key factors in the organic, fair trade, grassroots spice tradition. From true cinnamon to lemon grass, coconut, vanilla beans, cardamom, clove and a whole lot more, the video nicely shows the personal touch and care of these farmers and their local lush environment where these amazing products come from.

Yes I support this organization not only because I like what they do and how they do it, much like Wild Tea Chi and their small grassroots organic artisan tea trade, but also because I know the wonderful heartfelt owners and have used many of their spice products in my own cooking. Can I taste and feel a difference in their spices and coconut milk as opposed to all the other brands I have tried? Absolutely!  Personally their True Cinnamon and Coconut Milk are among my favorites they have to offer! I have never had coconut milk or real cinnamon like I had from Cha Organics. Truly amazing.

So why not take a half an hour and wander down to Sri Lanka for a tour of the farms where some amazing spice comes from?



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