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June 10th, 2016 by

This is a continued article off the Thyroid Challenges post a couple of days ago. This one is far shorter, but adds another interesting point of view and a bit of closure to the last section of the Cortisol & Lead Unite article posted over the winter; really the first in this three part series.

The tailspin ride of rather necessary discovery in terms of endocrine health and the vast and complex imbalances that can occur with the glandular system, has broadened my awareness into regions of the body I might never has taken the time to explore more deeply. A slew of symptoms lead me to discover the elevated cortisol. The cortisol lead me further into exploring the adrenal glands, pituitary and thymus. The adrenal complications lead me into the study of the parasympathetic nervous system and all the issues related to miscommunications between the nerves and sections of the brain. Parallel I moved into the refinement of supplements, physical activity, mental activity, and foods to support the endocrine issues and nerve issues. All of that eventually lead me to the king of the endocrine system, no not the pineal gland, but rather the Thyroid Gland, discussed in the last article, Thyroid Challenges.

While all of this searching, studying, mind-opening and complexly detailed pathway was being pursued, all the while in the background were the test results showing high levels of chronic lead poisoning, mentioned in Cortisol & Lead Unite.

The reason this was in the background is because the medically suggested chelating therapy to extract and remove lead from my system was in-sight for the future. Now since this therapy would take a minimum of 10-12 hard weeks, it would be very harsh and tolling upon the body and all its systems. Lead is not stored in the tissues like other heavy metal poisons. Lead is stored in the cartilage and bone fiber of the body. Other heavy metals require other forms of chelating agents, of which there are four common ones.

  • Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA
  • Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DPTA)
  • Edetic acid (EDTA)
  • Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)

Each one contains different compounds that target different heavy metals more so than the others. To chelate something like arsenic you would use a different agent than when you are trying to chelate lead. From what I am told the four agents are administered different ways. The lead chelating agent of DMSA is given by mouth through a supplement form, capsule/pill. The other two are either given intravenously or as a suppository. DMSA is also used to detox from mercury.

I was not given an intravenous agent when I was poisoned with arsenic. That form acts very quickly and after a couple or a few sessions it is over. However, it only works well if it is administered within minutes to under an hour, supposedly, after being poisoned with arsenic. If you wait longer it is said the chelating agent really does not do much. The lead chelating process using DMSA is far slower because unlike arsenic that goes through tissue, lead goes into cartilage and bone. Therefore the chelating process is slow and very tolling on the body, I think due to the amount that must be used. The DMSA does not just chelate lead, but every supplement in your body that resembles it, like calcium, magnesium, potassium and quite a few others. So the chelating process is 4 days of taking DMSA followed by 10 days off. During the 10 days off you need to take a lot of very high level, high potency mineral supplements to put back into your body all the good things the DMSA is chelating out. 4 days on and 10 days off equals 1 round. The minimum is 10-12 rounds, so you can see how long it takes and why it would be so exhausting to the body.

Therefore we were waiting until I could get my body strong enough, endocrine glands, to be able to handle the chelating process. However, healing the endocrine system also takes time and a great deal of patience and requires an entire life overhaul. Even with all that in mind I was still undecided and thus hesitant about agreeing to the chelating process. To make things more frustrating, I could not find adequate research and studies done on lead in the body long term. Everything gravitates towards acute lead poisoning of lead poisoning in children. I found out through the medical field that studies of that nature, looking at long term health effects of high levels of lead locked in bone, really have not been conducted.

Finally I found someone competent who has researched a great deal and replied to my question of chelating lead. His said the following:

“The rapid mobilization of lead from the bones is very harmful to the kidneys and brain, according to experiments in humans, dogs and rats. Besides calcium and vitamins D and K, foods that safely gradually remove the heavy metals include coffee/caffeine, orange juice, apple juice, currants, blueberries, strawberries, cilantro, chlorophyll and tomatoes. Those foods and vitamins will naturally help detox the miniscule amounts of lead that slowly leach out of bone into your blood without drawing any out major bone stores.

My suggestion is that you seriously consider the consequences of trying to chelate lead from your bones (which is locked and not running through your blood, tissues and organs), especially with elevated cortisol, low thyroid, nerve damage and your other physical issues. The chelating process could do far more damage than just leaving it alone. The chelating agent would also have a very high percentage of severely aggravating your cptsd symptoms.”

Sitting with the response for a while certainly allowed the message to sink in – no chelating process for me! After all, the lead is locked in the bone and cartilage, not flowing through my system and polluting my tissues. If the chelating agent over 12 weeks draws out large amounts of lead into my blood and tissues, it just makes sense that the process could cause far more harm than leaving it well enough alone. Maybe that dragon will be there, hidden, for the rest of my life. So be it, but if that sleeping dragon is sleeping, why wake it to allow it to wreak havoc on all the systems of my body, of which many are trying to heal?

Such is the question we must all continually ask ourselves in anything we do – what are the consequences of action or non-action, is it worth it or not? Just because something is there, does it necessarily need to be addressed?


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