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Over the years I have evolved out of many ideas, thoughts and beliefs that I once had and some of which I would present in classes, dvds, cds, radio shows or articles. I felt the time was right to make it clear to everyone what I no longer hold those beliefs or focuses beneficial. There are also a few side points in reference to some people’s questions to me over the years. Since I cannot remove radio shows or other forms of media that are already out there, I need to use this format to express these changes. I had thought about making a podcast, but that might not be clear enough. So below you will find in a basic list fashion the items I am speaking of.

Lifeline Lessons:

  • The idea that we continue coming back here to learn lessons we did not learn in a previous life – since life and the human body is always changing, always evolving or being manipulated into changing, we can never hope to fully learn all the lessons this planet has to offer, or all our bodies and minds have to offer. It would be an impossibility since nothing ever stays the same. It is like trying to depict accurately a landscape in a painting of an exact moment, nobody can paint that fast and the light is always shifting.
  • I feel we learn what we are able to learn here from this perspective of who we are and that is all. I do not believe in a punishment based system that dooms us to return time and time again to learn things we did not learn before. Everything changes and therefore perspective is never the same and so lessons of a previous life cannot be re-experienced in hopes of learning them. Life shows us this. In its perpetual change all life must learn to adapt to survive. What holds true today may or may not have been present in the past and therefore focus, intent, the availability of resources and the structure of everything a creature is may be so different that past lessons unlearned become null and void because they are no longer necessary.


  • The idea that children from infancy are choosing their own path through life and setting up events to come and experiences around them, I no longer put any weight in – I have briefly touched upon this in my PTSD e-book I think.
  • Choices must be made from and within full conscious awareness for them to be truly our choices. Any choice that supposedly comes from an unconscious place is a choice we are not in control of, and so how can it truly be our choice?
  • Choices and how they fit into our lives. Choices being very relative to a situation points to an interesting realization/possibility that we do not actually consciously choose everything in our lives. Some choices are perhaps “biological” choices based upon primal instincts of wanting to survive rather than a conscious choices based upon logistics. For instance, you have the choice to get killed or kill someone else… or a child that dissociates to survive during extreme trauma… do they actually make a conscious choice to do so? Not really; instead it becomes a biological choice or primitive survival instincts not based in the consciousness.
  • To believe that all choices and experiences we faced in this life were totally of our own making brings upon the feelings of self punishment, guilt and shame. Any practice of belief that creates and supports those emotions in a person cannot be beneficial for any kind of spiritual growth. It becomes imperative to question those emotions in one’s self and ask, do I carry guilt, shame or self punishment issues because of conscious choices I made or from instinctual actions that I engaged in for survival, or because they were programmed into me as a child who had little in the way of choices?
  • When we are born our minds are not fully developed like so many other creatures in the world. We have no capacity yet for memory and simply experience openly through genetic emotions. Our brains are born to evolve with the circumstance of our environmental stimuli. We have no control of our experiences at that time. We are not creating our lives at those ages.
  • The moment we remove the notion that as an infant and young child we are not vulnerable and not in full control of our lives, we remove one of the most baseline facts of physical life – vulnerability and acceptance that we are never fully in control of life and surroundings. We set ourselves up for self punishment, self loathing, self sabotage, disappointment and defeat; we begin to blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong in our lives and none of that is beneficial or productive to healing and living on any level.


  • The belief or “memory” that I ever had interactions with aliens – There was a time when I thought I had had those interactions with reptilian species, but as time went on I realized they were manipulated aspects of memories that twisted or distorted the truth of them.
  • I came to the realization that each time I thought I had those interactions with alien species I was under the forced influence of either drugs given to me by a handler or hypnotic suggestion while in an alter state. I touched upon this a bit in the conclusion to my Memory of Glass series back in the summer of 2014.
  • Do I believe alien species exist, sure, but I do not think they are all around us disguised in human form, etc, etc, etc. I do not believe they are locked in some frozen cryostate waiting for their day to surface and reclaim the world and all the other wild theories circulating today’s population. I feel the whole reptilian race of global control belief thing is a program. I think it is all very real humans doing some very imbalanced things to each other and trying to place blame elsewhere.


  • The belief that a shadow government will rise and claim full dominion over the world and all the population- not possible.
  • Yes I know a shadow government exists that spans the globe, but within today’s world there is no way a single all powerful organization could ever claim full dominion over everything in this world. There is too much chaos within the ranks, too many opposing views amongst people all over the world, too many severe challenges created by years of attempted control, lies and abuse for any such power to successfully rise and claim full dominion. For a full article on this please view Illuminating Lies.


  • The idea that anyone could have a clear and complete understanding of the layout of existence – this is just not possible to my feeling. The mere idea that a human being could possibly have access, clear and untainted from bias, to the grand workings of the totality of existence is ludicrous. Even if we could connect with spirit we could not hold or even comprehend the vastness of such information within the context of the human condition.
  • Even some of the highest spiritual tribal people had their focuses on the layout, structure and workings of this physical reality as a bridge to the non-physical state of awareness and placed their energy and focus on the physical layers of life. They understood the only thing they could have a chance of grasping was their connection to and placement in the physical structure of this world and that was the key to connecting to the spiritual, but not to attempt grasping the entirety of the layout of existence, but rather to solidify the deepest connections to the physical life they journey within to more fully experience while they were here.
  • This is not to say they did not ponder and dabble in the philosophies of life beyond and its structure, because they certainly did, but they did not dwell upon those philosophies as truth and things to invest their life’s energy upon.
  • Ancient history shows us what becomes of cultures that think they have found and understand and posses the knowledge of the totality of existence – they begin to use these theories to manipulate, control, oppress and destroy fellow life around them. Starting way back to the times of Babylonia and Atlantis, where so much death and destruction occurred to wipe out generations and thousands of years of “advancement”… and the pattern rose again and still goes on today. Once people lose their touch and focus of this physical life on this physical world, forget their placement and human purposes as flesh and blood beings on this planet, life suffers.

No Savior:

  • Yes, I have touched upon this many times before, but figured I would add a blurb here as well.
  • There are no genuine saviors and there never were. Savior figures and martyrs like the Jesus figure were fabrications by a people trying hard to gain control over others and brainwash them into conforming to their rigid control system structured as religion. I feel it was a fabrication to use as the window dressing, eye-catcher energy for the path of dominion, removal of personal power and awareness and a reminder of what is done to savior figures; people who speak out against the establishment. The story was created during times of extreme vulnerability and ignorance, so the story held power and the savior name was then used throughout time for the purposes of control, manipulation, fear and oppression.

I think I will leave it there for now. I believe I covered quite a few other potent points of my change of ideas and those that have always been present, in my more recent articles (over the last 2 or 3 years) and podcasts, like The Foundations, Philosophy for Happiness, as well as some of the special podcast I recently have offered to Wolf’s Den members for sale:

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Please understand that what I have presented above, just like my articles in the Wolf’s Den are my opinions based upon my intuition and experiences. Do not twist my words into thinking I am presenting absolute fact or that I am expecting you to feel and think as I do. I simply wanted to clarify some past material with my most recent awarenesses so there is no confusion as to where I stand. If there is any confusion or questions I will do my best to address and answer them here in the Member’s only comments section below.

That being said, I will leave it there for now.


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