Color Conflict

September 21st, 2015 by

Color oh glorious color! What is it? How does it affect us and why? Well I think most people here in the Wolf’s Den have a fairly decent understanding of color being an energy vibrating at a specific frequency which then visually creates “color”. Color also gives off sound since color is just a level of vibration and all vibrations give off sound, even though most vibrational fields are far outside the human range of physical hearing. I think most of us here also understand that color affects us on very deep levels.

Color is vibration and so the specific vibration a color gives off will vibrate within us and therefore affect us on various levels of our physical bodies. However, it is also important to understand that the physical body is ruled by the brain and so what vibrates various levels of the body also triggers various aspects of the brain through the nervous system. Those sections of the brain being activate then send more electrical messages into other areas of the brain, down the spine and out into the entire nervous system as a response to “feeling” color. We are not even talking about seeing the color at this point, only feeling it.

When our eyes allow color through the lenses, along the optic nerve and into the brain, the brain then directly interprets what it sees, color. The brain does the same thing as it does when it receives nerve impulses from the body feeling color… but does it? Perhaps so, but not always.

Every color has its own vibration which sets it apart from every other color. These specific vibrations touch us and our primal nervous system responds, but does that mean when our brains see the color that it will generate the same never impulse responses? The answer is not necessarily. Why?

The primal nervous system is running on baseline functions. The brain is both running on the same baseline functions, but also on conditioned functions learned through life. Just because the color green for instance vibrates the body in one way, does not mean the brain, when seeing the specific color of green, will act the same way as it does when it receives nerve impulses of physical feeling.

Conditioning can interfere with the primal baseline of the nervous system. This can create all kinds of conflict within the brain and body. Those kinds of conflict can create all kinds of drama and other issues, both physical and emotional. Let us take for instance the color Pink. When you see the color Pink you may not feel the same way from the visual color as your body feels from feeling the color. One may very well overpower the other if they do not agree. When you see Pink through your eyes you might experience feelings or memories of things such as:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Lust
  • Breast cancer
  • Medicine
  • Sickness
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • A holiday
  • A vacation
  • Candy
  • A drink
  • Skin
  • Pigs
  • A body part (gums, vagina, cheeks, lips, etc)
  • Babies
  • Girls
  • Youth
  • Compassion
  • Pain
  • Nausea

Each of you may experience or think of one or more of those listed things when being visually faced with pink. Those feelings might fluctuate depending upon what mood you are in when you see the color pink. The exact shade of pink can also determine what specific feelings the color brings up. It does not matter what vibration is touching and penetrating your body, your conditioned brain will most of the time think and feel otherwise if the two conflict.

If you are cold the color pink might trigger one feeling. If you are hot the same color pink may trigger something very different. The point is that the brain’s ability to think founded in conditioning can be far more powerful than the vibration physically touching your body from the color. This is why pink on a baseline primal vibration field will affect your thyroid gland, but whatever conditioning you have towards the color pink can easily be stronger and override the color’s vibrational power on your thyroid gland.

That is a very important point I think is missing from many people’s talks and writings on how color can affects us on powerful healing levels. In order for a color to affects us on a pure foundational level, we need to bypass or transform the conditioning in the brain towards the color. If we do not, it will be the conditioning response to the color that will be affecting us, not the pure vibration of it.

The media, corporations, marketing professionals, military and other organizations understand this very well. Color is powerful and so if they can condition people to react in specific ways towards various colors, they have a better chance of controlling people and predicting how people will respond to color usage. They know full well the brain’s conditioning can override the body’s natural response to a pure frequency. Just look at all those things I listed for the color Pink above. Each and everyone can and is felt by countless people when faced visually with the color pink, all based upon conditioning, whether “natural” (something you agreed upon from a natural childhood experience) or tactically forced (schooling, media, marketing, etc).

Something for you to think about.


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