Complications of Release Work

December 20th, 2016 by

Some years back I spoke a lot about “release work” and its importance. Times have changed and since in this life I am part of time, I have changed as well. With that said, I would like to take some time here to clarify some realizations and shifts in my beliefs on release work.

Release work is of course the letting go of experiences on all levels and all ranges of one’s existence. The purpose is to free the body, mind and even soul from the baggage of life so we have a better chance of functioning at optimal levels. For all of you who have worked at letting go, I am sure you realize just how difficult this process can be.

In the past I spoke of visualizations to help with releasing experiences. They included accessing the mind and body through the pineal gland energy and utilizing color frequency to assist in the release techniques. While this is all seemingly straightforward and nice, the practicality and reality is much deeper.

From my ongoing personal awareness and experiences the strategies I taught before are too far down the line to be practical in all levels of letting go of things we no longer wish to carry. The color visualizations are great, to a point. The problem exists when we are not ready to let go of something, even if our consciousness thinks we are. No amount of visualization will be successful to release.

Through years of working with the letting go processes I used to teach, I realized that they did not seem to work for me with everything I thought I wished to release. I began to realize there was an issue with the techniques or something was simply missing. In time I can to understand the missing component.

The wiring of the brain I found to be the issue behind unsuccessful release work. I have written a fair amount on trauma and how it affects the brain. Childhood trauma especially interferes with the brain in its growth and development stages, which sets it up for many challenges later in life. We are taught how to relate with the world through our youngest interactions with our surroundings, most especially the people we are exposed to. Our brains develop in conjunction with the interactions we are exposed to day in and day out. Whatever dominant energies are present are the energies that will most influence the development of the brain. The more traumatic these energies are the more areas of brain development are in danger of stagnation, or “abnormal” growth, and “unhealthy” perception for “acceptable” modern social interfacing.

Yes there are a lot of parentheses in that last sentence. Society likes to try labeling everything and fitting everything neatly into a categorization box. The brain just does not fit into any such box and yet society continues to try forcing it to fit. The brain is the brain and it grows how it grows and science has proven that whatever it is exposed to when still in the development stages (strongly between ages 1-7) will determine how it functions throughout life. Sure the brain can learn to change later in life, but the process is very slow and there seem to be countless pitfalls that can dramatically interfere with changing those ancient carved function pathways. Personally I feel it like trying to change the course of the river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to flow up the canyon walls and out onto the flat desert above.

Personality, self and world perceptions as far as core emotions are concerned, and how we think are all solidly formulated in the brain by the age 7ish. If intervention of those patterns is not undertaken soon after, then the brain digs those pathways deeper and deeper like flowing water eating down through soil and root as it carves a canyon. Mind patterns are established that will determine the path of one’s life.

What causes us to hold onto thoughts and emotions; energy filled memories of experiences? What prevents us from just saying, “I now freely and easily let go of the emotional attachments to this experience…” and having it work instantly? Why are many of our emotional connections to experiences so difficult to release? The answer I find lies in the patterns of the brain formulated in early childhood.

If the people we are exposed to from infancy through childhood easily let go of things, hold no grudges and openly display a freedom in self from carrying no emotional baggage, the child’s brain will come to understand that and develop patterns that will allow them to enact the same life techniques. If, however, a child is exposed to the opposite; people that hold grudges, are bogged down by their emotions and seem unable to let go of anything easily, that child’s brain will develop those patterns instead.

Patterns the brain develops in during childhood carry through into adulthood. If we were exposed to people who easily let go of things, in adulthood we will most likely have an easier time with release work than people who grew up with people of the opposite nature.

Therefore I find that to truly release anything we can not all just focus on the energy to be released and color frequencies. Instead we need to address through awareness the mind patterns that are holding the energy we are trying to release. Otherwise it is like trying to eradicate a burdock plant by snipping off the top. The taproot plunging many feet into the soil will just grow another plant next year. Snipping of the top is just maintenance that will never end so long as that taproot remains. The essence of the plant will always be there if the root remains.

Let’s look at some general examples.

Many people are controlled by one or more of the following life degrading emotions:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

Guilt and shame are typically backed by low self worth. Anxiety and anger can be backed by fear.

A child who has caretakers who are indifferent to them or verbally abusive towards them may develop low self worth mind patterns. They may come to think mom and dad are sad or angry because of them and take upon that low self worth perspective. The feelings of guilt and shame follow.

If a child is exposed to violence from their caretakers they many develop mind patterns of anxiety and or anger, both born out of fear.

The above can lead to everything else such as sadness, depression, aggression and so on. The original mind patterns created from infancy and childhood experiences set the stage of a person’s life. If you have an experience you are trying to release connected to the energy of guilt and you have a core mind pattern of guilt from childhood, it will be very hard for you to successfully let go. You can use every visualization technique you want, any color you wish, but you would just be snipping off the top of the plant and it will simply grow back as the root pushes up. All the while the root spreads and grows more roots and more plants. Soon you have a field of experiences bogging you down that take a great deal of time just to manage, not get rid of.

What I have found is that release work cannot focus on individual experiences (plant tops). We need to focus on the following:

  • Finding brain patterns created in childhood
  • Recognizing them/identifying them
  • Studying to understand them
  • Accepting them for what they are
  • Accepting that they are not our fault
  • Working to retrain the patterns to something more beneficial to us
  • Only then will release work of those energies be truly successful

Yes many times this requires external assistance with such a long term process. It is easy to get distracted or bogged down in the self while trying to work through these levels. The more intense the experiences were that gouged the brain’s patterns, the slower and longer the process may take. Personally I find it far more productive to channel energy into that process than continually weeding experiences that just seem to grow back.

Yes there can be layering of experience release work, but only if you are evolving through to new understandings of the experience. Then when it arises again it is not the same energy, but a completely new one. That is very different that the same energy coming back again and again no matter how many times you visualize letting it go because I is connected to a core brain pattern yet unresolved.

For example, guilt has played a large part in my life. I recognize this. I know it was instilled in me as a very young child by some of the extreme mind manipulations and abuse I experienced at home. I understand my brain at that age began to feel the anger, abuse and manipulations directed towards me were my fault rather than ongoing unresolved issues of the adults being vented in my direction. I have accepted the origin of guilt in my early life and that its creation was not my fault.  I realize that this guilt is connected to many experiences throughout my life; from fights in my youth gone too far to events in ritual, years of extreme violence as a slave to global power factions, what became of Kira 13 years ago, causing pain to those I love in my struggles to reclaim my life and heal and so on. None of those experiences have ever fully released. Their weight and emotional pain remain. All I have been able to do is maintain their levels. But my focus is no longer on the individual events, but rather the resolution or the root as to why they linger – the guilt formed in early childhood.

If you can shed guilt’s power over you by addressing where it came from in the first place, then any experience in your life connected to the guilt energy will be so much easier to let go of. Perhaps those experiences connected to guilt energy will release themselves once guilt no longer has hold over your life? But as long as guilt controls you, no experience of old or new connected to it will release. Personally I think this is the main pursuit, the main focus of personal healing and evolution – not the nit-picking release of each individual experience, but rather the finding, identifying, understanding, accepting and retraining of core life degrading brain patterns into more beneficial ones. The plant (experiences) cannot live without the root (core brain patterns).


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