Courage Poem

May 6th, 2017 by

Continuing the series of poems investigating individual emotions we move to courage. This is one of the positive emotions of the lungs, courage. It is also what it takes to drive into the self for deep analysis and self awareness. It is courage that allows us to investigate who we truly are and embrace that, no matter what is might be and learn to open and express that energy to the world rather than stifle all we are in the face of inner fear and outer oppression.


Rooted deep into the core

of a cause beyond the self

reach within, beyond the door;

finding strength where others fell

in the grist of patience,

courage rises out the wishing well.

As the iron of a willow

and the giving of an oak

touch threads weaving my bones

forming a protective moat.

Firmly stood with wings of heart,

driving storm stands me tall

as the shadow in the dark;

unmoved by strife,

time or the nothing

my resolve reaches through the afterlife.

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