Depression Poem

May 4th, 2017 by

We had a poem for Joy, stemming from the positive energy of the heart, and Hate rising from the negative energy of the heart. We had a poem for happiness which stems from the ego heart. This is the poem for Depression which belongs to the negative energy of the lungs. Once again, like the other emotions this one is felt by many as common as the rising sun and is apart of our reality here on earth. The western society fears and avoids interaction with depression as much as the eastern cultures fear and avoid the emotional feeling and interaction of anger. Even so, they do not go away and remain part of our human experience.


Lost and forgotten,

what we all become

in this world of dirt.

Tides of time

suffocating memory

like a plastic hood

stretched around an empty face.

Born into pain

upon a gods death stage,

dancing in shadows

with sand running from our fingers.

Swallowed by stagnant oceans

of dreams temporary, fleeting;

in a pointless space

as we are ravaged within

by life created to devour us living.

Claustrophobic inside our heads,

alone where no one can touch,

wandering unfathomable depths

of confusion unending;

forcing us to weave fantasies

to coo the fear of our inevitable annihilation.

Like picking at a wound that will never heal

death’s promise kisses our reality

with fishhooks,

never letting us go

until we are gone.

How does this one make you feel or think?

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