Desolation Poem

June 1st, 2017 by

One might say desolation is not a human emotion, not an emotion at all, but I feel it can be. I think the aspect of internal coldness; a grey lifeless feeling when hope, dreams and all the burning pursuits of life seem to whither and die within is an emotional state that to me seems to be desolation. Perhaps it could also be termed hopelessness, but personally I like the word Desolation better for this poem. So it is with that thought and feeling I lay out the following short poem entitled Desolation.


When darkness rides the light

angels die of fright,

wicked is the way

we teach children to play.

Desolation clawing skin

feasting on us from within;

burning through the sky

the heart blood slips on by.

Hear the hollow sounds

inside the bloody crown

set upon the head,

peering eyes of dead.

Eternal grey and endless din

sweeps through old  bones,

such a wicked sin.

Dying left for dead

and pyres glowing cold,

open lifeless eyes

and stare into the dread.

Lay down into the mist

lost face and heart and mind,

slip into cold,

the emptiness, desolation.


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