Diagnosis from Speculation

February 1st, 2016 by

One thing I find so common is the action of speculation rather than basing direction from knowing. Yes I have written about this before so I will make this short. The reason I am touching upon this again is because I am directing it towards medical diagnosis and health, specifically.

Remember from Eagle Mind 2, sacred door of freedom, where the medicine of Knowing verses Guessing comes from? The act of Knowing is situated in Earth Medicine. When we base direction of movement on Knowing we utilize our energy and creative forces most wisely. If we gauge our movements based upon speculation we can waste our precious resources because we obviously have a high chance of guessing wrong.

In the realm of health, self healing, medical care and diagnosis it is very important to act on Knowing rather than speculation. Of course before we Know we speculate and many times that action becomes the force that brings us into the wisdom of Knowing. However, once we speculate we should look for the means to gain a Knowing rather than continue our pursuits from one speculation to the next. In the area of medical diagnosis this becomes ever so important.

If we open our ears we hear a great many people talking about how they have hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma and so on. People throw such medical titles around all the time. What I find so interesting is that many people do not know because they have no proof. When I was doing consultations I spoke with a great many people and most asked many questions about health. A large percent of those people told me they suffered from one ailment or another. They tagged each with a medical name like pre-hypoglycemia or fibromyalgia. When I asked when they were professionally diagnosed through which kind of medical test, they could not answer because they had never been tested and therefore never been actually diagnosed. Instead they were speculating that they had the issue. Some people take a wild stab in the dark themselves for unproven self diagnosis, and others are told by one type of healthcare practitioner or another that they have a condition without any test results. The later I find extremely unprofessional and irresponsible.

As a medical practitioner it is a responsibility to find out, to Know from gaining proper results from proper tests. Anything less is irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the patient and even other people they are in contact with. Nevertheless, I find it to be all too common for a healthcare practitioner to guess and tag a diagnosis based upon a guess rather than finding out by ordering the proper tests. I have known people who have died because the doctor was basing their actions on continued guess work rather than solid test results from tests never ordered.

It is very important to find out, to Know when it comes to healthcare diagnosis as opposed to speculating. If we guess and start treating a speculated condition without knowing as a fact, we can be doing far more harm than not treating at all. For example, if you have adrenal fatigue alterative herbs could be very helpful, but if you are producing too much cortisol instead the alteratives will only make it worse.

Perhaps there is a speculated lung issue. If the lung issues are coming from excess stress and childhood held trauma and you start taking all kinds of pungent herbs to boost the lungs it could make the issues worse. If the real issue is the heart and you only target the lungs they will never get better because the cause is the heart and you would not be treating that. Someone might think they have sinusitis but never get it looked at. They treat themselves for chronic sinusitis and years later when it never fully resolves they go see a doctor. Tests are done and they find out they have cancer instead.

Many issues can mimic other issues and treating issues undiagnosed can be very dangerous. Heart issues can mimic lung issues or digestive issues. Liver issues can mimic spleen or kidney issues, even heart issues. Adrenal issues can mimic immune system issues. I could go on and on with examples, but the point has been made.

I was misdiagnosed as having stage 2 adrenal fatigue and told to take tons of alteravite herbs for the issue. No test was done; it was all based upon guess work. The condition never got better, never resolved. Years later I found someone who ordered the right test and I found the facts that did not show stage 2 adrenal fatigue and all the alterative herbs in the world would do me no good, but actually make the real condition worse. I was also misdiagnosed with having a viral infection by a doctor who did not tests. After a year of fighting what I thought was a viral infection and 3 doctors later (who all speculated the same thing), nothing got better. Finally a new doctor ordered a test and found out it was a bacterial infection, NOT a viral infection that raged for a year because anti-virals do not touch bacteria. I have been misdiagnosed for many things by many doctors over the years because they refused to order tests to Know. It was easier for them to just guess.

Remember the doctors work for us, we employ them. We do not work for the doctors. I fired those doctors who misdiagnosed because they were either too lazy or too inept to order tests to find out the root of the issues. This is my health, my life, not some shed building project.

In a world the moves so fast and expects us to make instant choices all the time based upon everything less than facts, assumptions, we owe it to ourselves to slow down and think. We deserve to know and base our healthcare on facts rather than guess work. If you are dealing with some kind of chronic reoccurring health issue and do not know for sure what it is (including a doctor diagnosis that based their decision of guesses and not test results), perhaps it is time to find someone to order the proper test or set of test to truly find out? You owe it to yourself and the ones you love. Depending upon what kind of condition you might suffer from, you could even owe it to everyone you come in contact with.


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