Disappointment Poem

May 15th, 2017 by

Now that the first series on Emotional Poems has wrapped up and people have had a chance to browse and hopefully ponder the select emotions within themselves, I decided to start the second series. I do not pre-select individual emotions to write about, but rather wait until an emotion moves inside with enough energy to focus on, tap into and bring the truth of its voice outward into the expressive word.


The first one here in this second series is Disappointment.

Vision upon vision blurred and smeared,

as tangles of murk, debris; filth of a world

coat each scene a drab mediocrity,

dappled in a constant struggle’s tears.

Once gardens of dreams born from times of innocence,

times of hope, tides of heartfelt joy

and promises of sunrise whispers,

like white canvases painting themselves in vividness.

Gleaming eyes through the soul spreading,

twinkling through stirring fingers of newborn rapture,

dim with toil unrewarded, defeating, oppressive

as bland granules of time drag the pace of wrecking.

Drip by drop oh dreams slide along with hope

down well trodden paths muddied and bloodied;

countless feet driven by promise cracked and worn,

sucked of life, drained of vitality as if hanging by the rope.

Born a hope or a curse makes no difference,

life’s a whore breaking the living with disappointment

as if her game, like quicksand is to slowly drown

every dream, every hope in belligerence.

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