Dream Shedding – a healing process

December 16th, 2015 by

This goes along with my self healing and self awareness processes and trials. It is something I have been doing for quite a while and find it works, most of the time, for me. This is certainly not to say it will work for everyone, but I thought I would share it with you here in the Wolf’s Den. Perhaps there is something of this process that will assist you along your own self discovery and self healing trails.

It can be used for many things, but one of the main areas of focus is with anything that creates emotional reactions of non-beneficial qualities. Emotions and responses like anger, shame, guilt, fear, worry, stress and just about anything else that tries to drag down the real you, as opposed to the illusionary you.

  • Recognize a discomfort
  • Place my focus there
  • Feel it and observe what it does to body and mind
  • Tell myself it is not real, just an illusion, a dream
  • I tell myself I am only feeling it because that part of me is sleeping
  • I tell myself I am going to wake up now and as I wake up the feelings in that dream will turn to raw power in the air around me
  • I then tell myself I am going to breathe in all that misplaced power
  • I breathe and focus on inhaling all the power in the air around me
  • I exhale the dream
  • I tell myself the dream has no power over my true self, that I am far greater than the dream
  • I am thankful for being able to recognize the dream illusion and tap into my highest power beyond it
  • I am content to stand in my own eternal power that I continue to use in the creation of my earthwalk

I usually find myself reciting the following poem on a daily basis, sometimes numerous times a day and even before bed depending upon where I am emotionally and mentally that day. For me it helps, especially when feeling pressed, stressed, down, etc, etc…

Beginning of time

The clock struck 1

A drop of dew

And the clock struck 2

From the dew grew a tree

The clock struck 3

And the tree made a door

The clock struck 4

Man came alive

And the clock struck 5

Count not, waste not

The hours of the clock

Now I stand before the door and knock

The door swings wide

And I step outside

This illusionary clock

Into my eternal truth


To me I have gone through every line many times and come to understand what they mean to myself. It describes my process of entering the dream, recognizing it for what it is and returning to my truth beyond it. The poem (all but the last 4 lines) was originally written by Eric Lomax. I felt it was unfinished and so added the last 4 lines for my own personal use.


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