Emotional Opposites

September 20th, 2015 by

I have recently written about not only the Universal Laws, but also the Judgment Lie and through extended comments attempted to bring a small bit of clarity to both. To understand judgment a little bit and its finer points I think it can help if we look at the details of emotional opposites.

Each emotion has an equal but opposite emotion. They are merely two opposing energies, light and dark, positive and negative, north and south… however you wish to term it makes not real difference. I have also written about emotion in the series a while back. I think one such article was called Emotional Judge, Bias Jury.

Emotion is emotion and simply tools to both assist us in navigating this physical life as well as keeping us challenged to work towards neutrality and balance so we might gain higher perspectives and understandings of the Self. They can help and hinder, sometimes at the same time!

Let us take a look at some emotional opposites and emotional actions and their opposites:

  • Hate———Kindness
  • Love———Indifference
  • Distrust——Trust
  • Happiness—-Unhappiness
  • Compassion—Impatience
  • Anger———Joy
  • Grief———-Surrender
  • Enthusiasm—Depression
  • Aggression—-Gentleness
  • Conformity—-Courage

Those are just a few emotions and emotional actions and their opposites. If we are to become masters of our own emotions and thus gain control of them and how we experience, act and react in accordance to them or not, we must understand both sides of the same full energy dynamic. If we do not understand that the opposite of enthusiasm is depression then it would be difficult for us to learn to gain control of how we choose to act or react to one or the other. To stand in the middle ground unmoved by either side, we need to know and understand both sides and their purposes in our lives.

If we only know anger and never come to truly feel and understand the intimacy of joy within us, we will find it very hard to master our anger and thus anger will continue to control us and make us its slave.

To overcome one side of an energy it helps to understand the opposite side, because one gains power from the other. It is a mutual balance. How many other emotions and emotional actions can you come up with along with their opposites?

Just some thoughts on that for you all as simple additions to past articles on emotions. 🙂


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