Energy Calling

October 3rd, 2015 by

I suppose this is sort of a continuation of the last number of articles stemming from the Manetuwak series and moving on to Live You and Path of Challenges. Of course it deals with energies and attraction, but more importantly, or more directly the energy you attract through a type of need.

We all call energy to us from a kind of vacuum inside, a need. No matter how “complete” one my claim to feel, they are still, in this physical life at least, calling energy to them to fill a space within that requires it. We are all doing this all the time.

Two of the strongest examples of this are spouses and dearest friends. They are the closest to us in our adult life and each of them is made up of very unique energies that create an umbrella energy that makes up “them” in-which others see and perceive. If they are your spouse or dearest friend then you have a need for their unique energy. Whether or not you truly get along with them, love them or even like or agree with them really does not matter in this case. If they are that close in your daily life then the energy they are, you require and call to you. For many that can be hard to swallow. You name the energy that any spouse or close friend might have and if they are your spouse of friend there is a calling for that energy inside you in your life.

They might resonate with:

  • Compassion
  • Belligerence
  • Anger
  • Gentleness
  • Etc

They may have a great many things running through them that in-part make up who they are:

  • Fight mentality
  • Childhood abuse haunting’s
  • War trauma
  • Orphan abandonment
  • Etc

You could continue both those lists until you got writer’s cramp and still not have listed all the energies. Of course you could also expand this out beyond what is very close on an emotional scale. Aspects of our lives such as employment, hobbies, animals around us, plants near us or that we are attracted to, environments, seasons, countries and on and on and on…

All of them contain, are made up of unique energies and if we are drawn to them then we are in need of those energies in various capacities. Let me lay out some very real examples.

If a person is married to their spouse who is belligerent, stubborn and refuses to open up, evolve and embrace diversity, if the person married to them is making no effort to leave then they are needing that energy in some way. Otherwise they would slough that energy and that person off and move on.

Perhaps a person is highly sensitive to poison ivy and yet they live where is abounds. So long as they remain there, they are calling the energy of poison ivy to them for whatever reason. They may not like it, but that mattes not. If it is in their live and they are making no effort to leave it, then they need it.

The same goes for what people would term “good” energies. Kindness and gentleness would be two for example. However, not everybody can handle constant kindness and gentleness in their life because it leaves little room for challenge and deeper growth. Kindness and gentleness ongoing is comfortable, non-challenging, easy and secure. There is nothing wrong with all that and all of us I think require those energies in our lives, but if that was all we were exposed to then what would prompt us to self search, seek our limits and try to expand? Once again we come to the energy of extremes in this physical dream. Nobody can exist all the time in hellish conditions and survive. The human body and mind is just not built for it, but many people require those energies within their lives for growth. On the other hand it is equally as difficult to dwell in constant gentleness and peace because it does not promote growth, but we all require various levels and ratios of it in our human lives.

What I notice is that many people have a hard time connecting the dots in terms of energy. Let us take for example an interesting dynamic here in the Den. You are all here for your own unique reasons, but nevertheless you all share something in common, you in your own way and to some extent value the opinions and stories I offer up. If you did not then you would all just leave. Now this is an interesting point. Many of you in the Wolf’s Den are repulsed by or against the energies of fighting, combat/war and the like. I respect and honor that in full. What is interesting though is that many of my opinions and stories that I share come straight out of a life filled with fighting, combat/war, pain and suffering. If I did not live those energies I would most likely be a very different person with very different opinions and stories to share.

On the same note, the energies of the fight and of combat are still very much a part of what and who I am, just like I spoke of in the articles and comments of Path of Challenge and Live You, as well as can be seen in my other website of Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu. But it is also important, on this topic, to remember that I do not covet the physical fight for the purpose of competing. Like one of my comments under the Live You article states:

I do not think about good or bad, dark or light when training and teaching about fighting or combat, or while I am engaged in either or. The only thing is the completeness of it all, the fullness and richness of the unified experience of two willing combatants, pitting skill, heart, spirit, mind, body, life and death together as one against one another.

Many people enjoy combative games, cards, board games, video games. They enjoy watching combative movies or reading books with such action in them, but do not enjoy or wish to physically engage in such actions. Some of us however were born for the reality of it, flesh to flesh, bone to bone, blood to blood and no game or movie will take its place. The balance of it all is far larger than I and takes care of itself on the grander scheme of existence.

Fighting someone who is willing to me is not about competition. It is not about winning or losing. It is the mere opposition of energies, combining in a conflicting “alliance” if you will, that stems from something very deep and unified within the opposites of this physical life. It is a mutual experience of the internal self through external means and agreements.

You are reading this; you are in your own way drawn to this website, to the Wolf’s Den, to what I have to share and in some facet to me. That also means you are gaining something from the energies of which I am about and the energy of the fight and combat are among those. If we put this aside a moment I would briefly like to address another facet of the same topic.

Even for those who want nothing to do with fighting, conflict, combat/war, all the peace and freedoms you have today are firmly set upon those foundational energies. It took years and years and countless amounts of lives to bring your town and community into the level of peace it experiences today. For most of you I bet you can go to bed each night pretty secure in the thought that you and your family are safe in your home. You do not have to worry about a mob breaking down your front door and lynching you and your family in the middle of the night. This however is still very much a concern in many areas of the world today with many people. The police forces, though they certainly are tools of the system and can be very twisted, imbalanced and abusive, are also a main reason your towns and neighborhoods have that general air of safety. But in many areas the street wars are intense and ongoing, like in sections of big cities for example, like Los Angeles.

The global imbalances are here, like it or not and like it or not the soldiers fighting are in-fact helping to keep your neck of the woods as safe as can be for you and your family. Make no mistake; there are very violent people out there who would like nothing more than to kill you and your family just because you are different than them, or you or your death might bring them money.

Back to the specific topic of the article. No matter what energy we are close to is because we need it and are attracting it to us. There is no good or bad about it, it is just what it is because it needs to be. The only downgrading or hindering thing is if we do not know this and do not look at see what it is we need and call to us. If we do not, then we are not really in some control of who we are and where we are going through what we create. We remain in a state of reactivity without understanding. The understanding means to also trace the clear energies to perhaps the not so clear energies underneath or honor and accept where the more prominent energies came from.

Just an continuation of previous articles for further thought.


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