Exposure Unto Ruin

August 2nd, 2015 by

Just within the last three weeks I have been contacted by three different people inquiring about the possibility of future interviews with me once again. These interviews are said to focus on the new path I am on, new sets of focuses, lifestyle, and visions and so on. I have agreed to all of them and so we shall see what manifests.

While it is on my mind and really the only reason at this time, I would like to briefly address something that I feel escapes many people following and partaking in the global information exposure of the modern day. Yes some people get it, but from experience and observation, most do not.

The issue I am speaking of that quickly turns to habit and a literal addiction is the exposure of information with the intent of changing the world, good against evil and the global chess game played within every government, major religion, corporation, bank system and so on. The issues I speak of are of course digging up information and trying to expose the dark and dirty individuals and organizations around the world. A common term is the upcoming well-known title Whistleblower.

Two major Whistleblower players that hit the “big-time” are of course Edward Snowden and Gary Webb. Yes there are many more and they all have ended up at the same two ends of which I will address shortly. For those unfamiliar with those two names I will briefly elaborate. Edward Snowden is ex-NSA and exposed supposed deep information pertaining to the NSA spy programs upon the nation and even beyond. The Snowden files were considered by many a master key into the unconstitutional blanket spy activities of the NSA. In response to this exposure Snowden was forced to flee or face direct and harsh persecution by the NSA for breaking his official vow of secrecy. Today he is taking refuge in Russia and the NSA resumes its project of trying to extradite him back to this country to be prosecuted.

Not long after the Snowden file releases the NSA came forward and basically stated that the nationwide spy program was a reality, but of course in the service of nation and citizen protection from the global terror threat.

Gary Webb was a reporter who was given a power-lead into the Nicaragua Contras of the early and mid 1980’s. He found out and exposed the CIA Contra program of basically hiring major drug lords and traffickers to ship mass shipments of cocaine, mainly, into the United States from Central America to be distributed into all major cities nationwide. He was immediately praised by the public with his stories release, then hounded by the CIA and ridiculed by his coworkers, media and various areas of the public too brainwashed to see the truth he presented. Eventually he resigned his investigative reporter job and was found some years later in an apartment shot twice in the head… and the authorities called it “suicide”. Yea, OK, who is able to shoot themselves in the head twice???

Before Webb supposedly committed suicide (was assassinated), the CIA came forward and revealed their participation in the Contras and just like the NSA with their spy programs, basically put it out there to the public with the attitude of, “So what, what are you going to do about it?”

I could go on and detail very similar stories of many, many people who have stepped up to play the exposure game. They all have very similar components, patterns and endings. What is the baseline point and lesson? It is actually quite simple.

The global agencies, whether CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6, KGB and so on are far too large and financially powerful to fight and take down or even wound. Reporters, Whistleblowers, ex-agents, small organizations and whatnot are not near powerful enough in size, monies, influence or resources to take on such massive entities and win. The more one tries the harder and more dangerous their lives become. The name of the game is public ridicule, defaming, humiliation and a complete strip-down and destruction of one’s word and reputation. If this does not for some odd reason work, and even when it does, the typical end is either said “suicide”, terminal “accident” or outright assassination. Sometimes those people end up “mysteriously” mentally incapable and challenged and so end up in institutions. Family and friends, coworkers and neighbors, organizations and the masses are all hounded and threatened into submission and thus either join the attack or completely alienate the “subject” or “target”.

Anyone who steps forward with information on a public scale that has any weight who perhaps has a history of trauma is targeted round-aboutly through enhancement tactics. If someone suffers from say PTSD or some form of it, those buttons are pushed and pushed hard. The attacking agencies understand this tactic very well. Eventually the “target” will buckle under the extreme pressure of the PTSD symptoms which are continually prodded and kept heightened. If the “target” seeks professional help rather than “going off the deep end”, their attackers use this as further ammunition to publicly debunk, undermine and completely defame the individual by pointing to this and stating they are delusional, mentally unstable, neurotic and the like.

Sound like fun? No matter what the answer, the facts cannot be denied since they are indisputably proven time and time again throughout history and continuing in force daily in the world today. All those people risking their lives and families to expose “sensitive” information about the mass dirty players of the world, and what becomes of it all? Well beyond the complete destruction of these people, nothing. No major player is ever prosecuted, no agency ever held harshly accountable and their cyclic games not only continue, but gain strength, size and more overwhelming power. With the mass spread of instant information on a global scale and more people plugged in it becomes easier and easier for the manipulating powers to drag down to ruin anyone trying to expose anything heavy enough and sensitive enough to create shock and action.

I was one of those people once on my way to ruin for trying to help people by exposing what should not remain hidden. I was attacked financially, electronically, emotionally, mentally, through my blood family, and yes even physically. Because of the tactics used against I was continually limited in reaching growing audiences that could potentially make some kind of major difference. Instead of reaching millions I was only reaching a mere few thousand. Those unfortunately included government plants whose job is to work to undermine someone trying to speak up. The stress just grew and grew and grew. I spoke about it some, but did my best to hold back most of the targeting and the intensity of it because I did not want to let people know they were getting to me. Little could be further from the truth however. It was eating me away.

After being heavily targeted one autumn I took a step back and looked around me. I looked at my life, my family and friends and asked if it was worth it. Was continuing to try exposing the dirty truths worth all the beauty and real treasures I had? The answer could not have been more clear. The answer was No. Nothing I could do or say would ever be enough to change anything. No depth of dirt I could possibly expose on a public level could ever come close to even rippling the surface of the global power plays. No government, agency, corporation, bank and so on would ever change their methods because of what I said or did not say. The masses certainly would not be swayed. No, nothing would change beyond the total destruction of my family, myself and the beauty in my life. The old saying goes, “The man who says one person can’t make a difference was never trapped in a tent with a single mosquito.” Well in the old days this may have been true, but today a little toxic gas will make quick work of a single mosquito…

Of course then I came to the realization that every whistleblower or ex-agent who was speaking up and remained in business was only allowed to do so because they were placed there and funded to do just that as a distraction, to fool people and also to collect names and connected data on the people drawn to their speeches and disclosure information. No different than major drug lords shipping into this country, or the tobacco industry, oil industry or human trafficking industry.

It was time to stop, step back and refocus on what I deemed truly worth my focus and energy; family, friends, my own peace of mind, the few people who I had touched and made a difference in their lives, the positive and productively beneficial aspects of what I had hand in. I believe that I do far more positive production through my energy by now focusing on the higher energies in life than I could ever do by feeding the ever growing drama of dirt and chaos by giving it my full attention.

Did I close my eyes to it and pretend it does not exist – of course not. Instead I made a very conscious choice on where to place my focus and energy for a higher cause, a more lasting cause. Since making that choice my life has been turning around, slowly, but most certainly in very uplifting and beneficially productive ways that touch the deepest levels of me. I know because the effects are present in my daily life, both day and night. I am more at peace inside today than I can ever remember and though I have a ways to go; it is a powerful confirmation for me that my choice was the best one I could make at the time.

That is about it for now. I just thought I would share that while it was on my mind.


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