Foundation Patterns in Planet Struggles

December 3rd, 2016 by

Climate change through forced measures, rise of diseases, degraded food nutrient value, lowered quality of life, vast areas of environmental destruction, genetically manipulated animals and plants, rise of ocean temperatures and the overall struggle of modern life upon earth started with one thing – FEAR.

I have spoke a lot on this topic before, fear, and will unfold that energy even further into the global predicament that touches every living thing here. Fear leads the brain to want to do one thing – dominate, control and own that which it fears; make the unpredictable, predictable and the unknown, known. This action, yes a single action, began a long time ago.

The act of domination is but one action from which a great many others spring, but all those side actions are coming from one energy, fear and thus the will to dominate anything and everything.

Tens of millions of years ago science tells us through reading the earth that massive animal herds and flocks roamed the land. Deer and bison herds were so huge that it took hours and hours for the entire herd to walk past a single tree or rock in the landscape. Try to imagine that for a moment because nobody alive has ever seen anything remotely close to that scale.

Only the great rivers of this land separated the herbs geographically. The Mississippi River for instance tended to divide western herds from eastern herds of grazers. Nevertheless, all herds wandered across the land from west to east and east to west rather than north to south, predominantly.

Bird flocks were so gigantic that it was reported by early settlers in the 1700’s that flocks so large would take days to pass overhead and the noise was all consuming. They would literally flood the skies so thick a sunny day looked as if clouded.

Schools of fish in the rivers, lakes and oceans were equally as mammoth. Just imagine a land, water and sky so incredibly filled with life that it would take hours and even days for a herb, flock or school to pass you by as you sat under a tree or upon a rocky outcrop overlooking clear waters below. Now what does this bring to your mind?

Perhaps the first thing brought to mind would be the sheer emptiness the world now holds from such a loss of life. But further than this, the now lack of natural resources. I am not talking about meat, but what the animals, birds and fish gave to the earth and waters. The wilderness of the world teaches us all that the beasts who live within the ecosystems are an integral part of the system and therefore vital to its function and balance. Remove them or drastically decreases their numbers and disaster awaits.

When millions and millions of deer wander back and forth across the land they leave behind huge amounts of natural fertilizer that is worked into the soil by their hooves as they walk on. As they eat along the way any undigested seeds pass through the digestive system and are neatly deposited in the fertilizer and planted into the soil by their hooves. This obviously not only fertilizes the land, but more so turns/plows and plants the earth. Their grazing also promotes stronger plants from the natural stresses, but also weeds and manicures the existing vegetation population.

The main highways and byways of the herbs also left depressions in the earth, especially near landscape bottlenecks like between hills. These depressions formed new waterways for natural irrigation and drainage from storm waters. These depressions could also create the essential wetlands of which are the foundation nurseries of life on earth. As the landscape took advantage of the herds movements, the herbs migration patterns would shift accordingly so they did not continue to trample the same areas again and again.

The huge bird flocks would also leave behind massive amounts of fertilizer. Their fertilizer contained different nutritional values that herd animals because of not only what they ate but also their physical differences in body enzymes. This of course supplied a variation of fertilizer necessary for plant diversity. Birds would also deposit undigested seeds from what that ate along their flight patterns.

Gigantic herd and flock populations gave way to strong and vibrant predator populations to manage the herd animal populations. Insects also helped to clean up the dead and weak and were consumed in vast numbers by the so called “vegetarian” animals. Plants took advantage of the migrations by stowing seeds and pieces roots in fur and feather. They also took advantage of the ruts and potholes left by the passing hooves. Insects and fish took advantage of these potholes and waterways as well.

Microbes followed the animals and cleaned up the dead and thinned the weak. Animals carried them as well as parasites from place to place.

The heat given off by the huge amounts of fertilizer and even the animal populations, along with the incredible vegetation growth helped to control and maintain weather systems and the climate as a whole. It was the animals and plants that dictated the weather of the world. This was the way the world was. It was a system, a system complete and one that worked because everything had a place and did not question it; did not try to change it to suit their individual impulses. Then there was human.

A very long time ago the human population was small, very small compared to today’s population. The human fit naturally into the environmental balance. However, as human population grew they began to, for whatever reason, fear and drive towards dominating their surroundings by force. Men and women, none were exempt. For whatever reason they began to think themselves above all other life on earth. Not only did they work feverishly to control and dominate their surroundings, but also each other.

Systematically humans began to wage their war upon a system that worked to replace it with unnatural systems that did not and still do not work for the benefit of the planet. Those massive herds of animals were exterminated, as were the enormous flocks of birds and fish. Ecosystems were felled and dredged to try altering the landscapes natural patterns. In a 200 hundred year period humans laid waste to the animal populations and forests, wetlands and life on North America alone. Prior to that they were doing the same thing on other continents such as Europe.

With the annihilation of predators and plant diversity herds began to overpopulate and fall sick. As herbs were eliminated the land was starved of the precious nutrients it once gained. Microbes began to infest the growing population of humans rather than the once massive animal populations. As forests fell and the ecosystem was altered more and more, new diseases arose and travels with human migrations because as the land weakened so did everything relying upon it, humans included. Microbes adapted faster and as people weakened sickness grew.

Eventually the entire climate of the planet was forced to change as well. Instead of learning from all this, humans held their course and plowed forward in the feverish and insane pursuit of domination. Today this pursuit continues on a global scale and the natural ecosystems of life both slide downward and fight back. While many animal populations continue to decline, others like rodents and insects continue to sustain numbers and adapt to their human neighbors. The kingdom of microbes also adapt faster than our bodies can. More and more people get sick with “rare”, “unknown” or hybrid diseases that modern medicine does not know how to treat. Even traditional medicines struggle because these are new hybrid pathogens never seen before.

What is the main purpose of this article? I think it is a reminder to people to look at the greater image of life patterns upon this earth and remember to take into account all of them when pondering issues of today. Climate is not changing merely because of pollution, as I lay out above. Diseases are also not changing and spreading just because of toxins placed into the environment. Human’s avoidance and fear of the natural world is the main cause. It is so old and so ingrained in most people’s genetics that this fear and avoidance remains today, even with the awareness. If I was a computer programmer and held a class I bet it would be full. All computer programming classes around here fill up. But if I hold a class to teach how to identify plants or read the dirt, very few sign up. It is because the mindset of the global population leans towards this fear of the world and the need to control it somehow. Technology continues to grow bigger and “better” and it is all based upon faster and more complete control of one’s surroundings. The natural landscape and animals do not stand a chance against that attitude.

People still want to invest far more time in bashing each other, suing over everything, getting the latest tech and level of comfort, finding out the newest gossip, turning a blind eye to what is really happening to this planet and each of our bodies and minds and seemingly countless other diversions than things that really matter; things underneath all that trash, core patterns that rule everything in our lives.

Is the planet heating up, is it cooling down, turning more acidic, turning more alkaline, are the poles shifting… does it really matter at this point? The point is that there is nothing human technology can do anymore to “fix” the planet. The damage is done and we cannot “right” it. Can the earth heal herself? Sure, if humans stop interfering, but that will never happen so long as a massive human population exists here. All we do is micromanage ongoing damage. It’s like picking up a few beans that spilled on the floor and patting each other on the back saying, “Well done!” while a tanker full keeps spilling all around. The only thing people seem to think will help is more manipulation and genetic modification. Sure, like those things have really helped out a lot so far…

Of course not every living human has taken part in such a domineering pursuit of the natural world, but since there have been a number of advanced human civilization time periods before this one, to me it seems this is just another of the same cycles that have been before. In our human history records this level of global distress has never been as widespread as today, but I think this level and beyond has been present prior in previous advanced civilizations and therefore prior to their own downfall and destruction.

The globe regenerates; it is always trying to do so. I would guess there has always been enough time between the collapse of one advanced and destructive civilization and the next for the planet to heal before the next onslaught began.

So what is happy positive point in all this you may ask? Sorry but there is none – deal with it. Facts can be brutal things. There is no back door out of this game people have created; only face on or distraction. And I think it is quite clear what both avenues lead to.


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