Fragility and Degradation

March 4th, 2013 by


How much time and energy do you spend on how you look? How much money goes into building your physical body and world? Bodybuilding supplements and programs, designer clothing and make-up at the expense of the natural world; programs to enhance physical abilities, tanning salons, plastic surgery and many other areas that heavily target the enhancement of the physical body…

Now compare that to how much quality time goes into enhancing mental and spiritual abilities. What is your personal ratio?

The fact is that the physical body lives in a state of fragility. Many of you know that I recently have been recovering from a powerful virus that almost claimed my life. It had reduced me to literally crawling across the floor like an infant because I had not the strength to stand. I could not even lift a jug of water I was so weak. 12 to 14 hours straight spent in bed, day after day, night after night. All my training, all my stamina and physical stature of which years of time and energy went into building and maintaining were for not. All those years of training were diminished in mere hours to that of a convalescent.

Three days ago I contracted a brutal stomach virus because my immune system is still so low from battling the prior virus for a few months. Again I was quickly, within 30 minutes reduced physically to nothing. Again I was forced to resort to crawling across the floor because I had no strength left. Today is the first day I am starting to feel a bit alive again.

Nonetheless, even reduced physically to nothing I still managed to do my mental and spiritual self healing work. When my loved ones were told in January a few times that I would probably not survive the night, I was doing my mental and spiritual work within. The only reason I was able to do this was because I have also been training in those methods for many years, investing quality time and focus. I know very well how fragile the physical body is. This is something I was taught in the training facility and saw in action throughout my life; I have experienced this within my own body many times as well.

Sure I probably would have died many times if I had not been so physically fit and took care of myself as I have, but if I had not been equally training in the mental and spiritual work I am positive I would not have been able to focus on such things in my extremely reduced physical state. While many others were working to assist me in healing and literally surviving, I was also working on my own self healing through the strength of my mind- not my brain which is physical and subject to the same degradation as the body, but my mind.

I do feel it is important to uphold a healthy physical stature and to maintain good hygiene and personal looks because this helps to boost quality self worth and self pride that is targeted and undermined by the global system that grips the world. However, balance is a must and people can fall way too easily to excessiveness when it comes to trying to feel better about themselves.

I have seen the biggest muscle bound and richest individuals reduced to quivering, moaning invalids because of the smallest things- bacteria’s, viruses, poisons, etc. Nobody is exempt.

When people show up with bodies massively pumped or caked with designer make-up and hairstyles, I am not impressed. When people are able to use the power of their minds during times of severe and adverse physical conditions to uphold personal integrity of the highest level- that is something to be impressed by and a rare occurrence in today’s fast paced, physically oriented societies.

So how is you ratio on time and energy spent on mental verses physical?

Here at Element Mountain we cover 4 directions- east, philosophysouth, physical, west, spiritual and north, healing which includes the prior three. We focus on a balance of information and skills to assist you in assisting yourself.



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