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In my last interview (the 4th) on the Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu website I spoke of genetics and in my opinion their importance in the consideration of personal training and activity. A good portion of my focus in the last handful of years and even a decade or more prior has been on genetics, personal genetics and how they play out in my life and affect me on all levels of this earthwalk. I have done quite a bit of research into my family line on both sides of my blood family and found some very potent and clear genetic history. Of course none of this could have been possible without the long years of meticulous work my grandfather and grandmother did on tracing the family trees on both sides of the family line. While their main focus was on tracing dates, names, marriages, countries and towns, mine has been on actual genetic lines and the tracing of the names to their original genetic roots.

Since my family tree has been so well documented and the line of interest in those records remained strong for many years, it’s been rather a privilege for me to have access to that information in order to further the study and uncover deeper information of which I find to be of great importance in the process of self awareness, self understanding, self evolution and the greater interconnectedness from “self” to the vast web of life. As I stated in my interview, I feel uncovering and understanding our genetic coding is a vital aspect of tapping into the primordial power of unique energy aligned within the original genetics we possess. With proper focus and dedication we can learn to not only tap into, but also open various codes within our genetics to let flow the essence of actual connection to this physical world and the unique patterns each original genetic line was/is part of.

Once again all that is in reference to the 5 Original Wisdoms philosophy and the original genetic lines. No matter if one believes or disbelieves that philosophy matters not. The fact is that there is an origin in this physical world for various genetic lines. Each line resonates at a different level of energy/frequency and therefore is different than each other. The world shows us clearly that things resonating at different levels of frequency possess unique energy’s and energy expressions than others. How can each original genetic line not follow that same universal rule?

Sure I believe there are factions of humans in this world who have and still wish to eradicate people’s connections to their original genetic codes by-way of erasing the lineage trails. I feel this has always been based upon fear and the desire for dominion over all life out of fear of diversity and non-acceptance. The stronger the conscious connection and understanding of one’s lineage, the more opportunity one has to access their genetic coding, open and use it. This gives people personal strength to embrace and actively participate in their purpose for being here; to openly, honestly and passionately express that facet of all creation that can only come through them as an individual streaming out of their original genetics and current genetic coding.

I know a great many people who have no access to their family lineage because either their families never kept track or records were lost or destroyed or perhaps they were adopted and never knew their blood family and last name. With that said I feel lucky in a way for having access to my lineage, records and to have had a family with such a strong interest in keeping track. Even so I have found many mistakes in the records as to assumptions of name origins and genetic lines. Nevertheless, since the names are recorded I have been able to deeply research and find the correct information to add to the continuing line of documentation.

Personally I feel all our most powerful gifts and abilities should align with our genetic line. Why, because they are birthed from unique energy signatures and to resonate the clearest they require a clean output from a clear connection. In other words and generally, if someone has Asian genetics and they resonate with a “healer’s” energy and they study and practice the healing avenues in-which their original genetic line developed/discovered, like acupuncture, they can tap into those genetics and become a very potent practitioner. The reasoning is because they could tap into those ancient genetics and open the pure energies that flow of out that line, which could then be funneled consciously into their current practice of an ancient healing art. That funneling can enhance and energize that person’s gift and deepen their intuitive understanding in ways someone without those genetics could never find.

I have witnessed that many times over throughout my life. People not of the genetic line practice something developed by the genetics they do not possess and they can only get so far, because they lack the genetic resonance to tap into the original understandings, the original frequency codes of that bloodline. They may become good at what they do, but the deepest potential is reserved for the genetics from which the original expression of creation flowed out of.

In a world where information is instant and easy to find it has become in my opinion a mass distraction away from our roots. You can do a bit of research, take some classes on just about anything on any continent, whether is aligns with your genetics or not. Through my own experience I find attaching to expressions not of your dominant genetic lines can weaken your very essence like trying to swim upstream rather than going with the natural flow of the universal purpose of unique genetic expressions. All original genetics are equals, none being better or worse than another, but they are different and different for a purpose.

With that said we need to obviously understand the mixing of genetics today is huge and we all contain many variations of genetic lines. Even so, we all have certain genetics that are more dominant in us than others and those are our core power sources. Like I stated in my last interview, today it is not as easy with many people since genetic lines have mixed so much over the ages. Most people today are mutts. However, even with a large mixture of genetics science tells us that there are still those in each person that are more dominant than others. Interestingly the dominant genetics do not necessarily have to be the larger percentage in a body either. You might have 50% Mongolian, 20% Spanish, 20% Chinese, and only 10% Israeli, but that 10% could be the dominant genetic line “awake” in you and more accessible and usable than the others. It is then that 10% which would become your most powerful focus point because it contains the most opening potential of who you really are in this life and why you are here.

For myself my main genetic lines are in order of physical percentage, Helvetian (Germanic Celts-Swiss), Teutonic (Northern Saxon = Norman/”Viking”, Southern Saxon = North Germanic), Irish (which is actually traced to being North Germanic), Danish and Welsh.

Though I was raised with a strong Native American influence, I have no Native American bloodlines. Though for most of my life I have had a strong affinity towards Native American culture, especially those of the North East, there are no genetics for me to open into deeper facets of those cultures. The genetic codes I have been tapping into and opening and using over quite a few years are those most dominant inside me. Helvetian and Teutonic – mostly northern. Though I can touch my other genetics those most available and awake in me are Helvetian and Northern Teutonic. I tap into them, continually work to open the further and use them because they are most alive in me. They are ancestral lines that remain living through my blood and still have purpose and place to continue outward expression in the world as well as internal discovery. Does this mean I ignore my other genetics? No because they remain part of me, but they are not as awake in me and so not as useful to my facet of creation’s expression. Just because we may have certain genetics does not mean they are all strongly aligned with our path.

We must work to study this within ourselves and come to understand and honor that. Our full potential resides within this part of life’s puzzle, the genetic coding we possess and which of those genetic lines are most awake, most alive within us with the most direct expressive energy from the source, from creation itself. To ignore this or fight against it weakens us, degrades our very being and allows us to be vulnerable to anyone who seeks to manipulate and control our lives.

For me the connection between the Native American of the north east and my Helvetian and Teutonic genetics has been in the primal “pre-history” ideas and philosophies. These are not to be confused or muddled with the ideas and beliefs of those bloodlines post the invasion and forced dominion attitude of Christianity.

Helvetian, Teutonic and Native American philosophies did not force others to believe or follow strict religious dogmas. Everyone was allowed to freely believe in a fully independent manner whatever they wished. No one person’s beliefs threatened another and were simply accepted as a part of the many faceted truth of all creation. Each person’s beliefs had a universal place and this was honored and respected. Both sexes were honored as respected as equals in the world and beyond because the people understood that creation itself consists of both sides of the chromosome spectrum. Overall freedom and individuality of every person belonging to the tribe was of the utmost importance. Just like my article of April 2015 called Balance of Opposite Sexes, the respect of both female and male had nothing to do with one trying to become the other, but rather the honoring of the sacred placement of both sexes in this world.

Their beliefs were also supported by the same underlying feeling and understanding that life is a process of movement, of ebbs and flows of energy and we are all an integral part of that movement and expression of the totality of creative forces. It was felt that each movement of energy had its own line of unique expression. Therefore to discuss that expression those forms of energy were given a variety of names or titles. Christianity termed what “pagans” worshiped were “gods and goddesses” of an evil source, but they were not external entities believed to come from “heaven” or “hell” or “astral” place, but simply naturally existing forces of the natural world. Even the word “pagan” means “in harmony with cycles of nature”.

For instance, Lowanantoo the “Grandfather North” (named by the Lenni Lennape Wolf Clan) was not believed to be a literal god or entity of otherworld make. Instead Lowanantoo was simply the name given to the energy expression and movement of the north. Freya of the Norse beliefs was not an actual goddess who came from some heavenly place outside the world, but rather the name given to the unique energy expression of love, fertility, beauty and so on. The “goddess” Freya was the name given to that energy expression all around and within the people with the understanding that that universal expression was as much part of them as it was the “natural” world around them. To call upon Lowanantoo or Freya was not to call upon an entity outside the self, but to align the self with that expression of energy in life because it was truly alive and real to touch and feel.

Even Odin/Woden was not seen as a god who sits on high, but rather an expression of the totality of creation, just like the Native American Great Spirit that moves in all things. Odin is a combination Norse word roughly meaning “wind that walks”. Wind is unseen yet felt. Wind permeates all life and moves all things from the world of the unseen and yet it is here upon the earth and touches everything alive as if it truly is the non-physical world walking beside us sharing this physical experience with us. Odin might be looked at as the wise chieftain or perhaps the old mystical wanderer who donned a cloak and hat, carried a rune staff and travelled with two wolves and two ravens. Or like the valknut Woden might be looked at as the trio of life; mind body and spirit, the cosmic fire, the cosmic ice and the balance point between and our pursuit to elevate each state of being as well as continual change through movement. Not much different than the creator views of many Native American tribes with many variations, but all the same in that the creator force was a moving force containing everything, not a singular entity, but a movement of life eternal walking beside us and within us.

Just as Native American tribes have their codes of honor and actions, so does Odinism and the Northern Teutonic peoples in the redes and noble virtues.

So my Native American influences overlapped easily with many foundation aspects of my Helvetian, Teutonic genetics. This allowed me to tap into those genetics easier and with a solid understanding of those foundations I had been exposed to and walked with most of my life. I never realized as I was growing up that all those connections and influences were setting me up for an internal realization and opening of true genetic lines and energies from across the great ocean. My exposure to Native American ways supported me on many levels until such a time came when the serious delving into my lineage, my genetic lines became possible. Thus through those foundation teachings penetrating more deeply into the “Old Ways” before tribes became unbalanced by strife and invasion, became universal pillars that my genetic openings would continue to grow upon.

Through the processes of genetic focus and opening of the old bloodline frequencies I can see that even though in heart I came to connect with “pre-history” Native ways, my body and spirit require the conscious connection to my true lineage to continue expansion and a more full expression of the energy streaming through me from and of life itself.

It is important to remember that when seeking your genetic roots and their pure energy you may run into personal issues if you have formed prejudices upon them. Remember that most prejudices people hold over bloodlines today are based upon partial views as well as tainted history, and the time frames depicting various cultures in a highly imbalanced state rather than their original form. This held view upon genetic lines would be a mistake for anyone seeking the purity of the genetic coding. All genetics were held in equal purpose and placement upon this world within universal eyes, as stated in the 5 Original Wisdoms mentioned above. Would you judge a baby, an infant for being “wicked” or “good”? You might judge the actions of an adult, but that adult’s actions today come from the struggles and overall influences of their entire life, not from their infant innocence. Genetic lines are the same.

Therefore if you have prejudice issues with your lineage it will be something you will need to see through to what is beyond, not only the seat of that externally installed prejudice by another, but also to the original wisdom of those genetics to come to terms with yourself.

For a few more details on how genetics work hand-in-hand with our abilities and personal trainings in life you can find my last interview here.

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