Genetic Carried Belief Energy

May 29th, 2017 by

The energy of my olden Teutonic and Norse blood has kept me alive.  The energy of belief through a genetic line resonates within that line as a primal reminder of where the line is from, its origins.  That belief taps the elemental systems of the earth and the region of earth of which the genetic line was born.  No matter how far a person has strayed from those feelings, they remain dormant within their very DNA codes.  Any person can learn to awaken those dormant energies residing within their genetics and tap into them consciously to embrace and expand them within the self and one’s personal path.  Those primal energies are like air trapped under water; it will always fight and strive to move upward and reach the surface.  In the meantime while trapped below they feed the waters with necessary oxygen to support life.  Therefore even if a person has forgotten, is hiding from or is not consciously interested, those primal energies residing in the DNA are feeding them on some level until a time when the person reaches in and embraces what is theirs.

One way a culture tries to stomp out another is to forcefully press their own beliefs upon those people and work to erase or twist the other cultures energies.  It has been well understood for a very long time that if one group can sever the primal connections of another group to their earth connections and replace it with their own, they can dominate them.  Christianity has been doing this for over two thousand years, but it is by far the only system that has chosen that domination path.  Even today “missionaries” travel the world and even door to door in your neighborhood trying to convert people, no matter what they may belief, into embracing their religion.  Huge cultures of people have been washed out and their true wisdom and power given to them by this world, stolen by others seeking to control them.  Interestingly enough an energy like Christianity (again only one of many) is not even the original belief energies of a people, but rather a conglomeration of stolen and twisted beliefs and ideas from many other systems much older than itself.  It is a smear with a continued pursuit to wash out deeper, more primal and pure genetic energy connections and life power.

Though no matter if a belief system places focus on some lofty dreamy afterlife for the blessed, or the pursuit is to break some reincarnation pattern or even gain the eternal sexual pleasures by being granted tons of virgins when one dies, the question needs to be how much of those beliefs are covering more primal understandings and connections to life here, now.  After all we are all living here, now and so would it not be a more productive pursuit to learn how to more fully live and experience this life to the fullest without distracting thoughts or fears of “the afterlife”?

If we tap into a more pure level of genetics within many may be surprised to find the more original beliefs of a culture were based upon just that, the more intense focus on learning to fully embrace life here and now as opposed to what comes after.  In the olden beliefs of my genetic lineage the gods and goddesses were not looked at as separate entities or some lofty beings peering down and judging from overhead.  Rather names were given to energies that the people saw all around them and felt within them.  Seasons, storms, growing, dying, war, love, beauty and so on were all given names to better and more clearly communicate personal identification with each of life’s energies.  An aim was to rather literally get to know these energies on such a personal level it might be imagined that the energies were like you and I living and breathing in this world, walking step by step and experiencing the richness of living, truly living.  For example, Frigg was in stories the wife of Ohdinn/Wotan and had 12 handmaids each associated with a practical home task/skill.  But Frigg was not so much a goddess to be worshiped, but rather the name given to the compiled energies that truly make a house a home; something that lives in each person working to make a home or who seeks a home and all the work and skill and care that is required in that process.  Frigg was the name of a flow of creative energy creating, surrounding and penetrating every home and every creature experiencing that home.

As soon as people remove or try to remove an energy from the world and from themselves to be placed on some throne to be worshiped, the entire depth of true connection to living fades and the focus then becomes to fear and please something higher designed to judge, rule and enslave.  Today of course there are many from my ancient genetic linage who choose to believe the old gods and goddesses are real entities rather than open energy flows, but when I tap into those old genetic energies within, I do not find that to be a very old view.

When you think the word Spring it might evoke all kinds of images, emotions and memories of the entire season.  You may imagine a young maiden frolicking through flower filled fields without a care in the world surrounded by new born animals of every kind.  It helps us feel a deeper connection with those aspects of ourselves.  But if we start to think as spring as that young maid and remove her from the entire energy and continual flow of the season we also remove our own physical birth connection to that flow.  We begin to separate ourselves from that flow and then seek to worship an entity rather than honor the flow and spirit of the spring energy within.

Idunn was one of the names given to a “goddess” of renewal/spring in my ancient linage.  But the old way was not to envision Idunn as a separated goddess ruling over the spring season, rather the young vibrant energy flow of spring was pictured as an image the mind could more easily identify with; a symbol to remind one of everything spring is about, but not literally a separate goddess figure removed from the self and the living.  An image for the mind in the form of Idunn was easier to use in the telling of stories on cold winter nights and in celebrations of spring than the vastness of spring’s energy.

If today we used the word Spring to title a season, but also used it in stories to describe the season as a young maiden people would inevitably choose to either remain open to the inherent understanding of all spring encompasses that also runs through them, or they might choose to start worshiping an entity outside themselves.  One leads to personal power and strengthens the birth connection to life itself, here and now.  The other removes one from that personal power and slowly separates the consciousness from the birth connection.  The connection remains of course so long as we are alive, but the conscious severing of it suppresses it and forces it into dormancy which weakens people on every level.

Now this is all just my observations and opinions based upon them, but my overall point is that through the hell of my past it was this inherent connection to the ancient understandings of my original cultures bloodline that continued to feed me strength to survive through it all, and continues even stronger today since I have fully embraced it.

Where are you from and what do you find by shedding the layered conglomeration of twisted and convoluted beliefs, beliefs that might be suppressing the deeper and more pure ones that assisted your ancestors in remaining fully connected to this world and burning with the desire for living, for life itself?


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