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I wish to take a moment to spin off of the Human Emotion series I wrote and speak a bit more on what I term the Genetic Connection. I had mentioned in Part 3 that our genetic make-up can hold bearing to our constitutional emotions as they have been passed down from our ancestors. Let me move further into this thought.

In Part 4 I mentioned the importance of location and understanding the connection of a life form to its location. I gave the simple example of: If you uproot a plant in the jungle and move it to the desert it will most likely die. Its expression exists through the totality of other plants within a unique ecosystem. If you take a lemur from the island of Madagascar and drop it in the vast farmlands of Nebraska, it will die. The lemur too can only express itself through very limited energy zones. That is all due to the genetic make-up and the soul make-up of the life-form.

I was taught that all life has genetic energy, energy that is passed along from ancestors to new generations of the bloodline. This of course is where our overall looks and physical qualities and weaknesses can come into play. Our emotional constitutions can also be part of this genetic energy line. Before mass travel came about the bloodlines were not as muddled as most are today. You see, unlike science tries to tell us, Native Americans as well as many other pre-technology cultures understood that humans did not all evolve from the same ancestral species. We did not sprout op on the African continent and travel round the world. It has been widely believed and known that the human species came from numerous races that all began in different areas of the earth. There were many bloodlines, not one original. These bloodlines were strong within themselves and the spiritual abilities of those people far surpassed most people today, because their bloodlines were not washed down.

When the bloodlines of the various human races were strongly intact, the sacred wisdom bestowed on a soul level was understood and embraced. You may recall in the series I wrote on Meechgalanne, in Part 6, The Elders, I quoted the old Chief Tatheleu:

Tatheleu continued, “We see the races of the world in your vision and we see their responsibilities as well as what many have let go. Remember always the responsibilities of the earth’s people.  Remember our people, the Red People have been given the responsibility of care-taking the Earth.  If this knowledge is lost the earth’s people will become weak and die from sickness because it is within the plant people where the greatest medicines flow.  We are entrusted the sacredness of the plant people and their medicine shared by all life on this planet.  The White People were given the gift and responsibility of the fire.  Fire can move and consume and create.  If this knowledge is abused the earth will burn and be destroyed in mindless movement of destruction and waste.  The Brown People were also given the knowledge of care-taking the earth, but in the form of growing and protecting the integrity of food.  If this wisdom is lost then the people of the earth will starve and fall to diseases from foods without integrity.  It is the Yellow People that carry the wisdom of the sky, of air and the movements of the winds.  They hold the medicine of spiritual growth and its knowledge.  If this is lost the people of the earth will be lost.  The Black People were given the gift of water and emotion.  They were to be the leaders of adaptation just as water will find a way to flow through anything.  If this knowledge is lost people will die in their hearts.”

  • Red Race = Earth Care-Takers for plant medicine
  • White Race = wisdom of the fire, movement and creation
  • Brown Race = Earth-Care-Takers for food
  • Yellow Race = wisdom of the sky and spirit
  • Black Race = wisdom of water and emotion

Each race had bestowed upon them the higher wisdom of the physical universal ways that directly connected to spirit. They understood and upheld this wisdom. Of course there have always been lazy people who want nothing to do with such life-given power and choose to ignore it all, but the races as a whole onto themselves support, upheld and honored the 5 wisdoms.

As time passed, the races began to move around. People began to forget their connections to the great web of life because as they moved their energies began to weaken as a result of losing their home grounding. Then as they mixed genes with other races their bloodlines started to water down. In time and through thousands of years the human species and our original genetic origins have been muddied into a thick and convoluted stew of mish-mash. Most, not all, but most people today, especially in the industrialized nations are genetically washed out mutts.

Does this mean all is lost and we have no more connections to our roots and that strength? Not at all. It just means it take a lot more effort to discover and, tap into and learn how to use that ancient wisdom and that we are more prone to imbalance and external manipulations. The further people stray from this ancient wisdom, the more issues the world will have and the weaker people will be.

Some people are spreading around that the more genetic variations a person has the better. This is not exactly true, especially from a sacred power state. The only thing true about that statement is that the more genetic variations a person has, the more easily conditioned and controlled they are by people who know how. The more genetics in a person, the more confusion from too much internal distraction of incomplete information. When genetics get washed out, so does the genetic informational coding unique to a genetic line. You can look at it this way:

When you turn on a cd player and insert a cd, it plays one song at a time from one artist. You can hear it and make sense of what you are hearing. The notes, pauses, lyrics, attitude, mood and overall emotion is heard and felt, understood. Now if you place more than on cd player in the room and have them all playing a different cd and different songs it becomes very hard to hear any one song clearly. It becomes difficult to feel the individual moods and creations. The more songs you play at once, the more impossible it is to focus on anything. This is the same with mixed up genetics in a single human body, or animal’s body for that matter. Now if you get someone who knows how to get the confused and scattered mind, bereft of grounding, they can slowly and meticulously manipulate the persons focus in refined orders to get them to follow conditioned codes within the confused mess. Through use of trauma, chemicals, frequency and other methods, they can control the person’s internal focuses.

Also, the more genetic mixes we have within us and the less acute focus on the original sacred wisdoms bestowed upon the individual races, the weaker we are as physical life-forms. Sickness, disease and countless other imbalances befall those who are washed out and unfocused internally. The genetic confusion and inner distractions create this imbalance, this weakness and vulnerability to physical and mental breakdown.

It is for those reasons that it becomes imperative that people as human beings work to rediscover and tap into the strength of their predominant genetics. Just because many of us are genetic mutts does not mean we are incapable of learning about our genetic lines, discovering them within us and tapping into them. We are capable. It takes some work, but we can do it.

I for instance am a mix of Helvetian and Teutonic – mostly northern. Now since I have those known genetics I was able to sit with them and feel them by tapping into their energies. This was not done through mental thought and logic. Instead it was done through tapping into the dream of my genetic code and listening. It was there in those songs that I found the strongest of my physical genetics is most certainly Swiss/German = Helvetian. The second most prominent genetic energy is the Norse. Since those two are very strong in me, the genetic dream song contained only them as a focus point. The others are too soft and background to be of direct importance to my path through this world.

With that knowledge I began to focus on Swiss-German heritage, history, cultures and traditions. I studied the environments and lands they are from; the ecosystems, plants, animals, weather, mountain, forest and valley types. I traced the meaning of my family name, of which had not accurately been done before. I really studied and through that study discovered many things about myself I had not yet found or understood. I did the same with the Norse.

Various traits, ancestral likes and dislikes, emotional constitutions and strengths and weaknesses have been not only discovered, but also refocused as solidity in my current life-path. It has helped me a great deal in working with who I am in this life.

However, I found that many of my drives in life do not fully align with the Swiss-German or Norse. Instead I have always been drawn to eastern Native American, mainly Lenape, and Norse culture and feel. As long as I have memory in this life those two cultural energies have been strong within me. I was taught many years ago the reason for this.

Genetics is physical energy and a physical pathway of energetic expression, but it does not necessarily constitute the make-up of soul energy. The soul is a mixture of various components from existence suited to travel and successfully exist here in the physical universe. These components can have little to do with physical genetics of a life-form. Though a person might have Swiss-German genetics, their soul make-up might instead align with the Lenape energy of the Red Race. It was expressed to me that when bloodlines were still strong this was much less likely, however, with bloodlines so mixed up today, the soul energy and the genetic energy may have different focuses. This can end up adding to the inner confusion, or lending it power, depending upon how the person chooses to focus and use it, or not.

It comes down to understanding the original wisdom of each race. For me, the Red Race of the Native America holds the care-taker focus of the earth in the form of plant medicines. The White Race holds the wisdom of fire and creative forces. Since my genetics are of the White Race part of the old energy of fire wisdom flows through my genetics. Since part of my soul’s focus is of the Norse, there is no conflict beings that I have both Swiss-German and Norse bloodlines. This combination is my strength and physical gift and drive set. The warrior aspect and high level of skills and gift of who I am comes from this lineage connection.

Now my other soul focus is the Red Race, care-takers of the earth through plant medicine wisdom. I must confess, I am terrible at growing food. I have no Brown Race connections! But I have always loved plants and their energies, the spirits and creative beauties. I have always had a fascination for their edible and medicinal qualities, habits and strengths. I have studied a great deal about the plant kingdom and their medicinal and ecosystem uses and life connections. No matter what environment I have traveled through or lived in, I have always deeply observe the plant life.

The trick for me is that I was trained in the art and skill sets of warriors and I have excelled at these energies, gifts and strengths. So this physical connection is very strong and made even stronger and more dynamic by my subconscious and conscious connections to my White Race connection, but more specifically the Swiss-German and Norse bloodlines. The Red Race connection and the deep spiritual alignments to the plants and through them, earth-caretaking has been mostly of my own efforts. Even my time spent with Meechgalanne was more focused on spirituality and warrior/scout training and lifestyle. I never had a true Plant Medicine teacher to guide me in the essential and necessary steps to becoming a true plant healer. I have learned a great many basics and have a strong foundation of basics, but that is all. I do not claim to be any kind of medicine person.

Nevertheless, the Red Race and plant connection has given me a very unique and powerfully necessary balance between the warrior and fire focus and the softer more soothing plant medicine energy through my soul. I find them to be a very potent mix of energies that I do my best to wield and create with along my path. I know very well and give thanks and full acknowledgment that it is because of this mixture of energies and my conscious effort to focus on and learn from both as one are the reason I have survived what I have and possess the abilities I have today. I also know full well that if I had not embraced this connection, spent the effort and time discovering, learning about and fully embracing these genetic and soul connections that I would most likely not be here today. I am sure programming would have consumed me. If I were I highly doubt my path would be as beneficial as it is to life around me.

It is not just about action and thought, it is also about what we use and put in our bodies. If you are of strong German genetics your body is not necessarily enzyme compatible or even spiritually compatible with foods and medicines from Thailand. Remember that all plants and animals are specific in their energy to their local environment. Human genetics are the same. Though we may eat things not native to the region of our genetics once in a while, to eat them too often can create physical, emotional and mental imbalances. I live in the mountains of Vermont. Many of the plants that grow here also grow in Switzerland and the mountains of Europe and Scandinavia. There is a plant energy compatibility as well as a genetic one.

Chinese people do not have a genetic alignment with corn since corn is Native to the America’s. When corn was introduced to China and people began eating it, their systems could not handle it. People began to get fat and have health issues related to what they were eating. Just because Kare’, native to Bolivia, is highly used there as a medicine does not mean it will be effective or even healthy for someone with strong Russian genetics. If a genetic native to East India were to move to Norway and began eating all local foods and taking all local and traditional Norwegian medicines, they may very well find some powerful imbalances arising in their body. Knowing our genetics and studying the reality of that can make all the difference in the world to the balance or harm of our bodies and even spirits. Everything we consume is connected to spirit and some are good for us as individuals while others are not because the genetic connection is not there.

Since we all have a genetic foundational predisposition to various emotional expressions, we view the world from a wide range of unique angles. However, it is important to keep in mind that just because we have a genetic predisposed emotional energy does not mean we are bound to express this emotion above all else. We can learn that we have a choice what to express. Even so, our genetic core emotion is a fallback expression that sits as foundation to the lives we have built upon it. Rather like a skyscraper, we can no easier change our genetic emotional constitution than we can change the foundation under a skyscraper already fully built. What we can do is remodel the skyscraper to express various moods beyond the foundation mood it was built upon. But the foundation remains the foundation and we must learn to accept that is the case, but not needing to submit to that foundation energy thinking it is the only expression we are capable of experiencing.

When I was in elementary school there was a teacher who was full blood German and very much in touch with her German heritage. But her soul was Navajo through and through. Every summer when teaching was done, she and her husband would pack up their RV and drive cross country to the Navajo Nation and spend all summer, every summer out there. She would take part in their ceremonies and had herself a name among them. She was always decked out in turquoise and silver jewelry and Navajo motifs. She was a teacher among the Navajo and always helped with the planting and harvesting ceremonies and a teacher of us white kids in the Appalachians, and freely shared her knowledge on both fronts. Tapping into both the wisdom of fire (White Race)and the deep love of growing food (Brown Race as the Navajo are part of). There is a good example of someone embracing both their physical genetic bloodline and their soul connection.

Another example is of a man I knew when I was a young teenager. He was mixed Native American blood of many tribes. He was well versed in his genetic history and had a name for himself among the Native Nations as a historian. However his soul was aligned strongly with Germany and he would always vacation over there and his house was filled with things from Germany. He had many friends in Germany and taught himself to speak the language well. He was an herbalist and shared his knowledge in Germany from the America’s.

With all the imbalance in the world and the vast and countless amounts of suffering and destruction, I feel it is imperative to human growth and all earthly life for everybody to work on discovering these connections within themselves, building them, embracing them and utilizing them for global benefit. All energies are unique with unique gifts and potentials. It is important for everyone to find out what they are for themselves.

Continued in 5 Original Wisdom’s


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