Genetic Disconnect and Global Trauma

March 22nd, 2017 by

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The biggest epidemic the world has ever seen that still runs ramped today is trauma. It reaches across every ocean, spreads over every continent and effects every human from every walk of life, and research shows the more modernized the person and society is, the more traumatized they can become by life’s challenging events. Some of the top trauma researchers of the world, people like Bessel Van Der Kolk, Peter Levine and Peter Breggins, have been speaking for years in an attempt to show the world the reality of this epidemic. Though modern societies on a whole want nothing to do with accepting this reality because it would cost a lot of money to help people and to truly remedy the situation would require a total social revamp of our ways of living. So society does what it does best in matters that truly count, turn a blind eye and play ignorant.

It is my personal opinion that a main reason for this global trauma epidemic is the washing out of genetic lines and thus the disheartening disconnection, loss and forgetting of the Original Wisdoms. If the 5 Original Wisdom’s theory is correct, then each Original Race had a purpose like I thoroughly discussed in my previous Genetic Articles listed above. None of it happened just randomly. Each Race had a purpose, a place and within those dwelled the inherent gifts of the universe and realm of spirit (eternal place of the non-physical). The balance of the world with the Human Animal present required the diligence, respect and fortitude to explore, open, share and cherish those Original Wisdoms.

Since the Original Wisdoms require very specific genetic codes to flow through from the non-physical into the physical, any major altering of those genetic lines would begin to disrupt the accessing of the Wisdoms. The more disrupted the genetic lines became, not only the less access people had to the Wisdoms, but the less people understood them. In my opinion this was the original process of global trauma based in the Human Animal. The further people strayed from their genetic roots, the deeper the loss became, the loss of knowing the human connection to the earth and all life upon it. As people lost the conscious awareness and connections to the earth, trauma set in; a genetic trauma.

When something loses its roots or the awareness to the roots it becomes lost inside. This feeling of loss can be interpreted as the feeling of abandonment. This loss creates a constant source of anxiety and fear that permeates all levels of the self; this includes not only individuals but whole societies and even nations.  As Original Genetics were washed down and the connections to the Original Wisdoms weakened, anxiety and fear set in like a plague. This slowly ate away at the integrity of humanity itself. This deep dark anxiety and fear spread from parent to child, parent to child through ages of time. This trauma was spread and carried to every corner of the world. One of the biggest and most outwardly dramatic portrayals of this trauma has been the imbalanced need to dominate others and force them into one’s own way of believing and living. The Original Wisdom’s do not speak of such atrocities as being a part of the Human Animal’s way of life.

The Original Wisdom’s show that each of the 5 Original Genetic lines were equal, none better or worse than another. Only through the loss of conscious awareness and connection to such wisdoms could an entire species of life turn on itself.

Instead of balance through the Original Wisdoms of each genetic race we have the:

  • Wisdom’s of Fire, Movement and Creation though of the White Race being used to build industries that crush, manipulate or dominate any form of life that stands in its way of blind movement. This imbalance has caused immeasurable suffering on a global scale on all levels of life.
  • Wisdom of the Earth, caretakers and growing of food from the Brown Race has been stripped down to the fastest most profitable system possible no matter the cost to all life, no matter the global degradation of health and wellbeing. Clear cut vast expanses of land to grow poisoned food for the world.
  • Wisdom of the waters, Emotion and living through emotion from the Black Race is being used to throw hate and dominion upon each other and anyone else who gets in the way. The wars that rage on the African continent of a people against their own people out of religious hate, control and dominion have been ongoing for many years.
  • Wisdom of the Sky and Spirit through the Yellow Race has been progressively stomped down and streamlined into ineffective harmful protocols. Instead of using the esoteric wisdom of the interconnection of spirit and physical energies for the benefit of the world it has been gutted for profit and in-turn has created one of the most polluted environments on the planet.
  • Wisdom of the Plants through the Red Race has seriously deteriorated over the last 200 years or so. Plants, the world’s most potent medicines both through physical and non-physical methods (plant spirit medicine) and the Original Wisdoms concerning this ancient and essential knowledge has been all but wiped out. Today we have mainstream knowledge of plant medicines and everything is standardized and a hodgepodge of partial and most ineffective processes and information. Whereas the White Race shared too much, too fast and through imbalanced motives, the Red Race shared too little, hiding the wisdoms.

Keep in mind that what I just listed is incredibly basic and so lacking in the true depth of the global imbalances stemming from the abuse of the Original Wisdoms. Since that topic alone would take a full series of articles, I used the above simply as a very basic example and nothing more. Nevertheless, in short today we have Race against Race and each Race against itself as well, and it is all based upon the deep genetic fear and anxiety from the feeling of disconnect to our origins, our original genetics and all that entails (laid out in previous articles). The modern social system propagates the further washing of genetic lines because the system as it is built requires a weakened people, a distracted people and a fearful people to rake in the most profit. It is no different that corporations. Corporations are no longer run by individuals with individual feelings, concerns and humanity. Corporations have become entities of their own, just like modern society.

People on a whole have lost their connection to the Human Animal, the foundation structure both physical and emotional make up of our species. The modern world seems to have no patience for it, no conscious place for it, and has created seemingly countless excuses like taboos, outright lies and other manipulative behaviors to try keeping people from this core human base. People on a whole have become disconnected from the Human Animal, the core human self in this physical world and this disconnect in my opinion is one of the biggest issues with human imbalance today. Without this birthright people cannot truly know themselves and so that primal nature hidden and shamed, feared and ignored rises up on a daily basis from the dark unknown to create havoc in personal lives that spread to global issues. Without being able to reclaim the nature of the Human Animal, acknowledging, accepting, tapping into and fully utilizing the three brains (reptilian/emotional, limbic/complex emotional and social behavior, neo-cortex/highly rational self identifying and relationship sector), we have no chance of ever taping into and reclaiming the Original Wisdoms bestowed upon the Original 5 Races by existence itself.

Trauma is a global epidemic and in my opinion it all began with the slow process of abandoning the Original Wisdoms, and therefore abandoning the human species very connection to itself, the universe and primal purpose for even being here. As with much of what I teach and speak about, it all comes back to starting to work on the Self; healing the Self through the reconnection to the Self, to our most dominant genetic codes and rebuilding internal strength through ancient connections and ties still alive within us. Opening weak areas traumatized by life and allowing that trapped energy, stuck in time, flow, release and heal those damaged parts of our psyches and bodies so we may return to the elemental structure of our being and purpose. It all starts with the Self and resolving issues so we do not continue to pass on the imbalances through our genetics to future generations. Yes easier said than done, but what other choice do we have at saving ourselves and the planet from the damage we have all helped create? Once you fall into a deep hole there is no easy way out, no shortcut because there is no savior waiting to drop us a ladder.

It takes a great deal of courage, bravery (as is the main focus of the Element Mountain classes this year) and fortitude to accept and face our own imbalances, damaged aspects of self and step up to the plate in order to patiently and compassionately work the healing processes as required, no matter how long it may take.

When you cut anything away from its roots it becomes traumatized, it dies, slowly or quickly, but it cannot survive without the vital connection to its roots.


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