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Recently I have been speaking more about genetics and their importance within all of our lives on numerous levels of our existence upon this earth. My article on Genetic Alignment Importance and interview concerning genetics and their importance and influence in physical training and activity go into some detail discussing piercing views of genetic coding. In this brief article I am laying out an example of genetic awareness and original wisdoms carried from original genetics into present day life.

Like I have said many times before, I can only present examples of which I know from personal experience. Therefore, the following presents an example based upon a personal awareness within my own genetic coding as laid out in the previous article titled Genetic Alignment Importance.

Within each 5 Original Wisdom’s exist a potency that supports energy alignments unique to the carrier race in conjunction with a balanced way of life here on earth. As each race resonates at a unique energy level to the other races, each of the 5 Original Genetic Codes possesses access to primal wisdom that bridges this world to the non-physical level of existence. Balance can only be obtained, carried and spread through an awareness and connection to the union of both sides of life. It is within my own observations and experiences that the most effective way for each of us to connect with the eternal non-physical existence, the realm of spirit or whatever you wish to call it, is through the strongest genetic resonance within each of us individually.

Remember in my previous article on genetics I said that most people today are mutts; we all contain numerous genetics lines. Even so, each of us possesses a dominant set of genetics that are more open and accessible than the others. These genetics are the ones that literally funnel the energy of that bloodline from our ancestors through us into the present state of the world. This is how the original wisdom’s touch all life on this planet yet today.

Though it is true there is much interference through huge amounts of imbalance that hinder us at every turn in the modern world, we can still step back, move within and reconnect our awareness, our consciousness to the original wisdom stream of energy. It is this original wisdom stream of energy that is the voices of our ancestors from a time when the 5 original races were still whole unto themselves and therefore in-balance with the others. Again this stream of energy flows out of the most dominant genetics we individually carry.

To connect with this there are three main pathways that need to be embarked upon:

  1. Historical findings through actual physical hunting and digging and studying spanning the ages to the oldest known findings of each of the 5 original races
  2. Tapping into our own genetic coding and learning to become aware of which genetic codes are most dominant and observe the patterns of how they have been expressing their energy through us throughout every step of our lives
  3. After that we need to move our consciousness to connect to the subconscious’ inherent knowledge of this bloodline energy expression in the world

OK, let me give a personal example.

In my previous article and comment I explained how the importance of tracing genetic lines through physical methods is essential to earth knowledge, which is Knowing rather than Assuming. That takes care of the first step; being the detective and tracing the tracks of our ancestors through time to find the origins of the dominate race within our blood; Red, Black, White, Yellow or Brown.

The next stage of that first step is not only discovering the origins of the bloodline, but also the wisdom’s of the original race you are targeting in your genetic coding. As an example, for me the northern Teutonic line of genetics is very strong and very open. In short that points to the ancient northern Germanic tribes and Viking peoples. They shared very similar lifestyles, dress, social structures and hierarchies and belief systems. The reason is because they were from the same original race of human. Just because over time a sea divided the tribes, the people remained very much the same for a very long period in history before southern peoples migrated north bringing variation, challenge and inevitable change.

Symbols of ancient times hold great importance for carriers of energy from the original people who used them. A good example is a symbol I wear and had deep and complex meaning for me, Valknut. Though the original name of the symbol has been lost on the tongues of humans, the symbol has been found in enough archeological objects, all in direct conjunction with the Teutonic race on both sides of the sea, that its meaning, its purpose has been clear enough. The triple interlocking triangle “knot” is the symbol of both slain warriors and the energy of Odin. Remember in my article titled Genetic Alignment Importance that the Viking peoples did not believe in gods and goddesses as lofty entities like poor interpretations of other religions have tried to depict

Odin/Woden was not seen as a god who sits on high, but rather an expression of the totality of creation, just like the Native American Great Spirit that moves in all things. Odin is a combination Norse word roughly meaning “wind that walks”. Wind is unseen yet felt. Wind permeates all life and moves all things from the world of the unseen and yet it is here upon the earth and touches everything alive as if it truly is the non-physical world walking beside us sharing this physical experience with us. Odin might be looked at as the wise chieftain or perhaps the old mystical wanderer who donned a cloak and hat, carried a rune staff and travelled with a wolf and two ravens. Or like the valknut, Woden might be looked at as the trio of life; mind body and spirit, the cosmic fire, the cosmic ice and the balance point between and our pursuit to elevate each state of being as well as continual change through movement. Not much different than the creator views of many Native American tribes with many variations, but all the same in that the creator force was a moving force containing everything, not a singular entity, but a movement of life eternal walking beside us and within us.

The Valknut symbol is a representation not only of the slain warriors and Odin as described above, but also of the 9 “virtues” thought by that original race to try dedicating their lifepaths to following. The triple triangles have been looked at as the three levels of mind, body and spirit leading the individual to the higher self; to a victory over personal weaknesses in character they called “darkness”. However, each triangle has three points and with three triangles this makes nine points. Each point represents one virtue:

  1. Truth
  2. Honor
  3. Discipline
  4. Hospitality
  5. Industriousness
  6. Courage
  7. Fidelity
  8. Self-Reliance
  9. Perseverance

These virtues can be historically found in the cultures that used the Valknut symbol, the Viking and northern Germania Teutonic peoples. To them the symbol was found, discovered and thus became a channel for those specific energies containing unique wisdoms of their race into their conscious awareness to be expanded and manifested into the world.

This is what ancient symbols connected to. They were discovered out of the natural world and found by an original race of people, became a conduit for various aspects of original wisdoms to flow from the non-physical into physical manifestation through the people. With that said, it was also known that unless one possessed the strong genetic code of an original race from which a symbol came into the world’s consciousness, it should not be toyed with. If a symbol was utilized by someone not possessing genetic lineage to that particular original race it could cause more harm than not because would create conflicting energy outputs. I have heard it theorized that this may have been one contributing factor to the original imbalances of the races, by way of carrying, mixing, misinterpreting and misusing original symbols.

A simple example is that I have no Yellow Race genetics. If I were to try embracing one of that races original symbols and using it in my daily life it could disturb my own dominant genetic energy flow and create harm and imbalance in my life. It is the same for say an individual with strong Brown Race genetic coding trying to embracer and use the Valknut.

People have become very careless through the ages with frivolously mixing and matching powerful energy signatures from the 5 original wisdoms. This has been heavily utilized as part of the New Age foundation which does little more than lead people astray, distract and utterly confuse and weaken the dominant genetics that are open in the individual. One might say that it is greedy of one race to possess a symbol and its “power” that is not available to another race. This would be rather ignorant. Each race was born equal and therefore balanced within itself. Each race was a unique expression of the non-physical aspect of life into the physical world we know. Therefore energy signatures flowed through each race uniquely, even if similar.

Take the ancient swastika symbol with its four arms facing to the left as it spins to the right, clockwise, opposite the symbol the Nazi regime used. This is the symbol of the zero to nine law of creation and a teaching wheel. However, this energy was expressed through various races in its own unique fashion, not just one race. The swastika in its original form basically represents life, light and structure. The Nazi’s turned it around to create the opposite energy of death, destruction and chaos. That is a prime example of messing with a symbol to try creating something from it that it is not meant for.

However, the original swastika symbol can be found in various forms or versions around the world. Each race had a symbol that held the same meaning, but with a unique expression of that energy. The swastika, the pinwheel spirallic symbol, the medicine wheel, the yin-yang symbol, the Supreme Being symbol and the infinity figure 8 symbol are all perfect examples. There was no need for one race to use another’s symbols because they were given their own.

The only symbols I utilize in my life are found to have originated with the genetic lineage of my dominant genetics, northern Teutonic.

However, just finding the symbol and interoperating its original meaning is not enough. We then need to sit with its energy and go within ourselves to find out what that energy touches, what it opens and brings forward from our genetic coding. Only then can we truly begin to understand the actual energy of the symbol and how we can and cannot utilize it. Once we understand, then we must learn through inner listening how to properly manifest that energy through us into physical manifestation; the non-physical to the physical and back again.

A short but true story:

Most of you know that I make and sell dream catchers. Even though the dream catcher was originally a Native American craft, it holds a universal meaning based firmly in the natural energy flows of this earth. Part of why I make them is because they help me focus my energy and intent during the processes of my healing and yes the struggles with cptsd. A potent level of this creative outlet is the conscious tapping into my dominant genetic lineage and coding. I open to it and allow it to freely flow into and through my creation as it may, without forcing a specific intention.

Recently I sold one of my double dream catchers. It was then given as a gift to another person. This person is of the Yellow Race. They had been plagued by nightly nightmares for many months. The buyer thought the dream catcher might help this person. So they hung it above their bed upon receiving the gift. That night they dreamed a cloaked and hooded old man with a walking stick walked out of the dream catcher and above them in their bed. He sprinkled gold dust all over them and said the dust would clear away all their bad dreams and they would once again sleep in peace.

Since that dream the individual has slept soundly with no more nightmares.

When I was told this story I thought immediately that the old cloaked man sounded a lot like the Odin figure, which to me made sense. I tapped my ancient Teutonic genetics while creating the dream catcher. Part of it would have been naturally embedded with those genetic wisdoms, wisdoms that traveled through the material object through to the subconscious level of the receiver to assist them with their challenges even though they were from another original genetic race than I.

That is a perfect example of how reaching our own dominant genetics, tapping them, learning about them, allowing them to flow unhindered through us can materialize into the physical but span time and race to assist others no matter their own genetic origins.

The more we trace, reconnect, open, explore and express our most dominate original genetic energies the more personal power we gain. This means the more connected we become to our source in the non-physical levels of existence and that in-turn helps us better navigate and manifest our personal earthwalks. This in itself could be a catalyst for beneficial global change in the human race as a whole rather than the continued downward spiral of degradation.

Original races, original wisdoms; they were there for a reason and personally I feel it would be best for everyone if we attempt to build them back up in the current consciousness of the world.

continued in: Genetic Disconnect and Global Trauma


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