Genetic Theft

January 11th, 2016 by

Over the last couple of decades the research divisions around the globe have been heavily targeting and profiting from genetic testing. This is not to say the push for control of the genetics research was not happening before hand, but in the last couple of decades it has skyrocketed in advancements and widespread use with the continual and insane increase in technology. I remember in the mid 80’s reading an article in a National Wildlife magazine that told of a successful experiment in mixing insect genetics with certain food plants such as tomatoes. If I recall currently they had managed to splice the DNA of certain flies with tomato plants. There was a huge debate on the legality and morality of this, especially since it was publicized that these new tomatoes would be expanded upon and sold in grocery stores for purchase.

Well the 80’s are long gone but the research and full usage of genetic mixing and hybridization of our food, medicine, clothing fibers and just about anything else you can think of has been in full swing. Even the genetic manipulation of human and animal are in full swing. Of course, sadly enough, today none of this is a surprise to any of us. The information is continually plastered in our faces, mainly through the medical and pharmaceutical businesses.

Even in the 80’s the specialized medical field had the capability to utilize stem cell therapy on humans. Of course this was not common knowledge or something that was publicized, but neither was cloning research which had been going on for decades prior. Heck the first successfully cloned sheep happened in Europe in the 60’s! I am pretty sure it was in Germany. Stem cell therapy was utilized in the late 80’s to change my blood from A+, my birth blood, to O+. Just think what scientists are capable of in genetic manipulation today, many decades later.

Let us not forget the military usage of genetics to create more powerful bio-weapons.

Since the early turn of the century the DNA scene has advanced outside of mere food “enhancements” and cloning. Today the medical field’s genetic research has rolled over into the early phases of control and dominion. I think it began openly in the professional sports profession. I seem to loosely recall an article years ago about a genetic control case in professional basketball in America. The basic idea was that professional sports associations were trying to force all athletes and potential draft athletes to undergo genetic testing to see if they had any weak genes that may make them worthless later in their career. Eventually, and not too long after, other professions began trying to get all potential employees to undergo genetic testing to make sure the applicants did not have some hidden genetic defect that would pop up after they were hired.

Still today there are certain employers who require job applicants to submit to genetic testing to see if they are genetically acceptable to be employed by the company. If a woman applicant tests positive for a hereditary breast cancer gene, she could legally be turned away, even if by medical statistics she is around 50% as likely NOT to develop the cancer. Over half of American companies admit to obtaining medical records from their applicants before deciding whether or not to hire them. Sound familiar? Think World War 2 Germany…

Many insurance companies also press the law for mandatory genetic testing before they agree to insure a person. Even mortgage companies have been known to require genetic testing. Law enforcement can ask for your DNA if they have any reason at all to suspect you were involved in a crime. (and that pretty much means whenever they feel like it) Federal Agencies, military, Homeland Security and even some schools have the right to ask for your DNA trough genetic tests.

The medical field has the right to take blood from a sample you may have given for a simple blood test and sell it to research labs for genetic research. To top that off, many research companies have actually patented peoples DNA for profit. Patented DNA has created increased costs in many medications because of patent royalties. There are biotech companies who own the rights to technology that can completely recreate your cellular body just from a few drops of your blood. Other biotech companies own the technology to literally read every single genetic make-up (your genetic background) from a small amount of your blood. From a small blood sample they could tell you every genetic background bloodline you are composed of. Of course nobody can afford to have it done because it is a major biotech patented process. The very act of trying to use that technology for medical purposes without paying the incredible fees to the patent owners is breaking patent laws.

Anyone can grab your hair, pick an old toothbrush out of your trash, rub off some shed skin cells from a glass or light switch you touched and possess your DNA. If they even partly know what they are doing they can commit a crime and leave your DNA at the scene to try incriminating you.

Now all of this is against our constitutional laws. The constitution says that we all have the right to decide what is or is not done with our bodies. However, in the interest of greed and dominion, the constitution is continually overlooked. Some courts still honor this constitutional right, but a great many do not. There is no real standard to genetic rights in a court of laws today. It is rather like oil, there is too much money riding in the patents and research for most people to stand up to it for long. Yes in some cases DNA privacy cases are won, but not many and with most people not even knowing about this aspect of the tech world, very few stand up for their rights. You may read or know that in many states, through legislation, people have genetic rights. What you will not so easily find published are the many loopholes in those rights that companies manipulate to get what they want. Self insuring companies, in many cases, are also exempt from demanding and utilizing genetic testing to determine who gets hired and who does not. Just look at abortion for a moment. Put all moral beliefs aside. Abortion is covered under our constitutional rights of what can and cannot be done to our bodies. It is that simple, no matter your feelings. However look how many times it gets legalized and revoked. The fight is constant because even though it falls under constitutional rights, people continually find or make loopholes to exploit.

When you give blood or tissue samples, do you know where it goes and what is done with it? Did you know you have the constitutional right to dictate what is done with your samples? You have the right to refuse DNA tests and if it is pressed you have the legal right to access a lawyer who will stand up for your rights. You do not have to submit to DNA testing. It is your constitutional right because it is your body. The system already has all the DNA samples they could get from me when I was in the training facility. I can only imagine what they ended up doing with it all, and I bet my imagination runs very short of the truth.

I will not put links or references in here because this varies from country to country and since we have people from all over the globe here in the Wolf’s Den, you can all do your own research if you wish. 🙂


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