Getting Real Close – Den Update News

November 22nd, 2015 by

Dear Wolf’s Den,

It has been too long and this project of website and Wolf’s Den upgrades and maintenance has really been dragging out far longer than I had hoped it would. Nevertheless, there is nothing I can really do to speed it up. My web master has been working it every day and doing his best to navigate all the new software incompatibilities to make it all work. It truly is amazing anything in this digital world works at all!

We continue to have new member sign up since that area of the upgrades are complete. Pretty much everything is finished except for one last detail that requires setting up all old member accounts correctly so that you can all renew into the automatic payment renewal system. And even that is very close to completion. 🙂

I did find one “upgrade” that I do not like and will be having fixed in short time. It used to be that when you pulled up a Contributors Page, below their bio you found a running list of all their articles in order. Now there are only the Contributor’s top 6 listed. Below that are linked page numbers to click on to continue searching their older posts. I do not like this setup because it makes easy navigation of posts painfully slow and almost impossible, especially with mine since there are 146 pages to click through!

We will return the format to the way it was soon enough so that all of you can easily scroll down through every article without having to click page by page. So, no worries.

For your patience I plan to post a new article later today, even with the account renewal system not being completed. 😀


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