Ghosts and Apparitions

October 19th, 2015 by

We hear about ghosts throughout our lives through talk, stories and movies. Religions speak of them and customs all around the globe acknowledge the existence of ghosts and have for as long as human history has been traced back. But what is a ghost and why are they here?

I am not going to tell you that what I am about to type out is “truth” absolute. Instead I am simply going to layout my take on ghosts drawn from my own experiences. I will try to keep this to the point because I am guessing there may be some rather involved commentary following.

Every one of us and animals too contain energy as a whole and energy condensed. The condensed energy resides within our organs. When an organ is weak, sick, it cannot hold this condensed energy properly and it begins to seep out. If the issue is not resolved, the organ not strengthened, this organ energy will continue to seep out. This condensed energy is part of the total body’s physical life-force. The more one organ fails, the more stress it places on the other organs and so they begin to fail. Eventually the overall body becomes too weak to maintain sufficient life-force and the physical form stops working. We call this “death”.

Some organs weaken in a way that creates specific organ failure and death ensues. The heart is a good example. If the heart is weak and leaks energy, eventually the heart will arrest from lack of energy/life-force. At that point it really does not much matter what condition the rest of the organs are in.

A plant contains a life-force as well and each leaf holds that life-force. If you pull a living leaf from the plant and use Kirlianography you will see the outline of the leaf remaining on the plant where you pulled it off. There is an energy signature left behind once the actual leaf is gone. In time it fades as the plant’s total life-force accepts the leaf is truly gone from its physical body. This can also be done with human body parts or other animal’s bodies as well. Some people call it “Ghosting”.

Now typically, I have learned through reading that these “ghosting” episodes only last for short times that vary depending upon the size or gauged importance of the lost appendage to the host. But what happens when we add something much more powerful than mere blood and bone to the situation?

I have witnessed ghosts of different species wandering the earth. Some were connected to houses or rooms in houses. Some had been connected to a singular thing in a house, like a chair. I have seen them in forest lands, especially near ponds and lakes. Actually most of the ones I have witnessed outdoors have been near a water source; lake, pond, spring, well… still waters. I cannot recall seeing any that were not near some kind of water. I could see “ghosts” of animals when I was just a child. Not people, only animals. I would see them wandering the forests and fields. I would also see them in houses where animals used to live. I thought it was common and everyone could see them. I soon realized after mentioning my sightings to my parents that not everyone could see what I was seeing and in-fact very few could. My physical eyesight started failing at a very young age, maybe around 8 winters old, but I could see energies and “ghosts” of animals without much effort.

When my childhood dog of 16 winters passed on when I was in the mountains, I did not know until I returned home a week later. Two weeks after I returned home I saw him lying in his favorite spots in the house. I would also come upon him wandering the house at various times of the day or night. I could see cats and dogs in other houses I went to and it was just a common experience for me. It was not for years until I met someone else who could also see them.

Only after I had taken the first set of human lives in the training facility could I occasionally see ghosts of humans. That was a very different experience because all the animals looked “normal” and content. The human ghosts I could see were usually disfigured and or twisted and gave off very heavy emotional energy. The other people I met who could see human ghosts could see peaceful ones or ones that seemingly gave off no energy they could feel.

Each ghost figure I could see was surrounded by an energy, sort of a foggy energy that made their edges soft rather than strongly defined. Each moved through the surroundings with ease, seemingly utilizing their once physical movements, but made no sound. Some left a temperature in their wake. To me it always felt cool to cold, more so than the temperature of the space before they “arrived”. The animals just sort of walked on their way or were lying down, but the disfigured humans projected or radiated very powerful emotional energies.

Some of the ghost like apparitions were very thin and even not all there, like they were slowly dissolving. Other were so dense it was almost like they were standing there in the flesh. I took this to show the “age” of the ghost energy and how much energy from this physical world it still possessed. I suppose it is sort of like the Kirlianography and perhaps viewing various but consecutive images of a singular item fading as it loses energy.

So what is my take on these ghosts? My theory is simply that ghosts are emotion locked in time and place. Human and animal both generate and experience emotion. Those emotions are built and projected into this physical dream as well as received. The more emotional strength and density that a living creature builds, holds and perhaps connects with a place, thing, time or other marker of a spot in the physical dream, the more of a chance that energy will create an apparition or emotional copy of that facet of themselves that will remain for a time after they leave their physical body. I really do not think it matters what the emotion is, love, hate, anger, jealousy, etc; it is the strength and holding of the emotion and perhaps the direction of the emotional energy that really matters.

In Kirlianography the image supposedly shows up in the colors and strength of the amount of energy that was being fed to what the image shows. If a plant was about ready to seal off the energy feeding to a leaf that was plucked, the camera would show less of an energy signature than a fresh leaf blossomed in late spring, filled with life-force. Therefore in my mind it makes sense that the more energy is focused and condensed into a thing, place, etc, the stronger a ghost apparition could be after a physical death.

But when we speak of emotion, we must also speak of another layer that can be present, intention. Emotion for the sake of emotion is just emotion, a response, a reaction to some other stimuli. However, intention is a directed emotion or thought. This gives emotion purpose beyond a reactive state and therefore a more refined target. The stronger this intention is and the stronger this emotional energy is the more external energy is built in reference to a thing, place, and time and so on. If death occurs before this energy is dispersed, let go of, transformed into a higher vibrational state of creation or some other releasing, the energy signature of that directed emotion can remain after the life-force leaves the body, thereby holding the energy apparition in a physical time and place. In mild cases where say an animal really attaches itself to and spends a large amount of time in their favorite spot, the apparition or ghost will merely “be there” without much directed emotion that an onlooker would feel. However, if a person say builds heavy energy, holds a grudge and strongly directs that energy on a regular basis to a place or physical person connected to a place, that energy signature after death can continue the directed intention, the creative energy focus upon that place or person for various lengths of time.

As I said in my Manetuwak series, the astral plane is in our minds. It is not some other external place somewhere “out there”. These energies that I am speaking of are being created in the astral level of our mind’s energy and the mind energy of this physical dream place. The ghosts are those energies locked in this astral level of the mind, an overlay of this physical dream. The actual spirit of the animal or person has moved on, but the apparition energy is energy they created in that astral layer while they were absorbed in the physical dream and thus that energy remains behind to play out its purpose or residue existence until it is used up or exhausted.

Since we are all part of this physical dream and the astral layer of the mind we have the ability to see and in-part even interact with these ghostly apparitions. That is not to say everyone is able to see these apparitions, but that does not mean they are not there. Many more animals can see them than humans in my experience and study. I think the ability to see them relies upon a select section of the brain and with many that section (whichever it may be) is not awake. Then again, that section seems to be divided into smaller sections which can allow for a person or animal to see various levels or energies of apparitions.

Some of the ghosts I have seen seem to be in some way connected to a time or place elsewhere than where I saw them, almost as though the energy is overlapping time periods. I have also noticed some areas contain far more of these ghosts than other places. For instance certain regions of Pennsylvania, Maine and Virginia I have experienced far more ghost and apparitions than other areas of the country I have spent time in. Some seasons also seem to hold sway over the amount of “sightings” I have experienced, as though they can be seen, felt or otherwise sensed due to some facet of environmental shift and content. Autumn and winter seem to be the strongest of the North American seasons for my sightings at least.

The human ghost figures I have seen that are distorted or in some way twisted from human form are not the people who have departed this dream. They are the emotional energy signatures created by those people and directed by those people when they were in this dream. Since those energies were created while in the human form, they take on a humanoid appearance that is then twisted into the energy of the specific emotion.

I also find it interesting, and it makes perfect sense to me, that some people are “haunted” by ghosts because I feel these people draw those ghost energies to them like a magnet. The ghost energy perhaps was created from a deep and painful fear, which may have led to anger and violence. A person who then moves into a house haunted by such a ghost may then be directly targeted by the energy because they are also putting off such energy. Some of these ghosts seem to be parasitic in that once they find “their target” they will pursue no matter where the target life-form goes.

It is all very fascinating to me and always has been. I continue my personal “research” through experience in this realm of life as we know it.


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