Happiness Poem

May 3rd, 2017 by

As Joy comes from the heart and deals with things far deeper and more vast and lasting than physical pleasures, Happiness on the other hand stems from just that, physical pleasures and is far more fleeting than Joy. I think this poem sums it up.

Do you have anything to add? How do these words and their pattern make you feel or think?


Gold dripping from my fingers pooling round

my dancing feet,

sparkling upward in my smile

like a song bird woven crown.

Reaching, reaching outward bound

wishing for the miles

to lessen haste and reward me

with a silver isle.

Glittering jewel like a sparkling star

in my palm of flesh,

evoking wonder, torn asunder

any sadness trying to mar.

Leaping and twirling cross meadows

filled with flower hues ,

like butterfly wings oh mind be free

and grasses grace an earthen cello.

My heart immersed in happiness,

filling up with every dream realized,

into an eye of the sun

we swim through seasons giddiness.

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