Hate Poem

May 2nd, 2017 by

As the last emotion oriented poem was Joy, this one is very different. It is important to remember though that judgment can all too easily and quickly jump in front of us when dealing with emotions; trying to judge as “good” or “bad”. All emotions are viable in their own right and are an integral part of our physical human experience on this planet. None are “good” and none are “bad”, they all have their place and purpose. We all feel them. We all experience them.

With that said:


Feel the anger coming,

feel the rage running,

feel the life-force burning,

consuming your damn flesh!

Cross my path and demons crawl out

the fissure of my soul,

hunt you down and crush your life

before to the wailing of a broken angles hole.

Rip your heart from a throne of sticks

to burn in my pyre,

and I watch the film of lies play out

in the ashes of your wick.

Send you to your god whose

foot’s upon his slaves

crushing every breath from their withered veins.

A god of dominion breeds slaves

mirroring the same,

righteousness in your mind festers

like the rotting corpse of shame.

You thought you were like me,

you have not a clue,

the hate that’s inside me

that I’ve got for you,

it boils and froths in violence and rage,

needing to reach out and destroy

that pathetic  shell you call a life,

a manipulators view,

a foul decoy.

Do you have anything to add? How do these words and their pattern make you feel or think?

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