How Do You Bring Back The Dead

April 27th, 2017 by

How do I bring back the dead

to tell them that I’m sorry

for taking their breath away

and leaving their body in a cold dark grave,

how do I bring them back from death,

back from beyond

to show them what is carried on

through a life that lingers?

Do they even care from the place they traveled to;

perhaps it doesn’t matter through the glass of time

in glancing the portal we all come through?

How do I bring back the dead

to tell them that I’m sorry

for the tracks they’ll never tread

upon the soil of the undead?

Though maybe death is only here

for the living that we are

since life as we know it ends

and can only go so far.

Dwelling after death could be easier in a way,

for here in life death is the master

always waiting to send us from night and day.

How do I carry the dead whose lives ended

through my breath, upon my tracks,

within a path I’ve walked,


A dedication to a few of the many.

The start of the Emotion Series: Poem on Joy


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