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The Law of Attraction is one of those Universal Laws we hear so much about these days. Many people on a global scale were introduced to the concept through a book and documentary called The Secret. Well as I have spoken about in some of my older classes, it is not as the marketing engineers who are trying to sell books and movies want you to believe.

There are many universal laws and just like the systems of the body, you cannot single one out, focus on it and expect it to work. The systems of the body are all connected and reliant upon one another and the same is for the Universal Laws that we have the human ability to understand. Yes I say that because as mere humans with very limited consciousness we cannot hope to be able to find and understand all universal laws for every universe that exists. We cannot even figure out what to do with all the trash we create upon this planet.

No matter where I have looked I have never found any more than 11 Universal Laws. Some people promote dozens and dozens, even hundreds! However, if you read through everyone you will find no matter how many laws someone is promoting, they can all be broken down into these eleven.

The 11 Universal laws are as follows:

1- The Law of Thinking

2- The Law of Supply

3- The Law of Attraction

4- The Law of Receiving

5- The Law of Increase

6- The Law of Compensation

7- The Law of Non-Resistance

8- The Law of Forgiveness

9- The Law of Sacrifice

10- The Law of Obedience

11- The Law of Success
Study up on it yourself and I am confident you will also find that no matter how many “universal laws” you read about, they will all condense down into the above eleven. You will also notice that the Law of Attraction is only one of those eleven laws and cannot be singled out and expected to work. Many have tried…

For now though let us look at the Law of Attraction since it seems to be the most popular. What is the Law of Attraction? Well many people seem to think it is the ability to attract into one’s life whatever you place your focus on. The more you focus on something, the more the universe will funnel it to you. It refers that whatever you focus is what you attract. There is a problem with this.

Who knows what the problem is with that description of the law? Well first of all it takes a high level of focus to attract something in this very dense reality, which by the way is getting denser year by year. If the Law of Attraction is removed from the other ten laws it holds little weight. You cannot attract if there is no supply, no thought and no receiving, the first four laws. If you are full of too much wasted energy, then there is also no room to attract anything else, the Law of Sacrifice.

If we just focus on those laws for a quick example, we can see that the Law of Attraction requires the understanding and workings of those other laws as well. It cannot exist alone. But what are we attracting? Are we really attracting what we want? I find this to rarely be the case. Why?

If we want something it does not mean we are going to get it, no matter how much focus we place upon it. Many wants are impossible in this physical reality. They just are. Not everything is possible in the limitations of flesh. Therefore one issue is that there are a great many things in the universe that are simply unattainable to us no matter how much focus we put into them. The second issue is that we rarely attract what we want because we are not what we want. The moment we try to attract something we want that is outside us, the moment we send out into the universe a conflicted message.

If we try to focus on attracting something we want, the moment we begin wasting energy. Why? The simple reason is because we do not attract the things we want. Instead we only attract what we are. Think about that for a moment. We can only attract what we are and if that varies from what we want then the Law of Attraction does not work. Like attracts like. We cannot pretend to be what we are not and we certainly cannot pretend to be something we are not and attract something we are not.

For example, if you want to attract quality friends in your life, but you yourself are no true friend, but instead a self serving manipulating and shallow creature, you cannot attract quality friends. If you do not feel yourself wealthy inside, you cannot attract wealth into your life on any level of its definition. If a person does not have peace inside them, they cannot attract peace and on and on the examples go.

The Law of Attraction works not from randomly picking something to focus on to attract, but rather attracting what we have developed and become inside us. We attract only what we are.

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