Human Body Imperfection

September 21st, 2016 by

When we think about the human body there are so many crazy things it does or requires that it never ceases to amaze me how it can survive at all.

  • Nails that never stop growing, but never wear down on their own
  • Teeth that can bite our own cheeks, tongues and lips
  • Eyelashes that fall out into our eyes
  • Nostrils positioned directly over our mouths
  • Sinus openings too small and numbering too many
  • Highly sensitive insoles and arches on the bottom of what we walk on
  • Genitalia right next to a defecation site
  • Food and water must go in the same place we intake air
  • Female breasts so large they interfere with many exercises unless “bound”
  • Male genitalia exposed to the world with no sheathing (like most mammals have)
  • Taste buds that think many non-foods taste good, even some poisons
  • Skin unprotected by scales, hair, fur or armor plate, exposed and vulnerable
  • Over half our vulnerable sites exposed to what we are facing since we stand upright
  • All our weight positioned on only two points of contact
  • A high position of balance

Those are just a few and look how many there are! I have always found the human body to be a very odd thing made in a very odd way; things that make no sense in a practical and natural design. That small list only addresses a few of the external structures. It does not even go into the seemingly countless internal flaws that get us all into trouble as life moves along. The smallest imbalance in food intake, for instance, can completely annihilate our entire digestive system for years and years and yet our taste buds know no difference.

Now obviously humans are not the only oddly put together critters on this earth. If we really look around we find a great many from all walks of life, but since we are in-fact in human bodies our focus tends to be a bit more on our bodies than say am ant.

Christians state that their god created human in his image… really?? Wow. OK, why would a god create such a frail, easily imbalanced and short-lived critter and claim it to be “his image” and then go on to create say the horseshoe crab? The horseshoe crab is far superior to us in longevity and rejuvenation. Did you know that horseshoe crabs never stop regenerating and the only way they can die is if they are killed by a predator? Even that is not so easy since they are fully plated in armor with a long bony spike tail for extra protection. Or the Arctic clam that can live 120 odd years? How about the Greenland Shark that has been found at 230 plus years and still thriving. Heck they do not even begin mating until they are 150 years old.

Another thing that sets all other life forms in the animal kingdom aside from us is they do not seek to control or challenge their environment. They do not destroy it, pollute it or claim dominion over it. Humans like saying that humans do so much good in the world. Take a look at the majority of what humans say is doing “good”. Most of it is nothing more than trying to clean up and fix everything the human race has destroyed. Even searching for cures to disease is mostly based upon trying to fix what the human race has messed up. Look at the extremely high percentage of diseases and lack of well-being that are caused by too much stress (ever increasing with the “advancements” of the modern lifestyle), breakdown of cells from pollutants that our lifestyle created and diseases created by humans in laboratories. The more diseases people seem to find cures for, the more new ones pop up as a result of the total processes involved in curing them in the first place. (testing germs, all the petroleum products and mined products involved in the testing and science, and so on)

I am not saying any critter on this earth is perfect and I am certainly not saying humans are. All I am saying is that we have very glitch oriented, oddly put together bodies for all the ideas floating around of us being some highly advanced being in the universe. Even so far as the pompous belief that humans are made in the likeness of the Christian god – how insane.

Can we work to “do good”, sure, but we cannot forget or pretend that most of the “good” we attempt to do in this world today is little more than the attempt to fix all we have broken, maimed and otherwise harmed on this planet through our “advanced” ways of living. Should we stop, of course not, we need to live, that is why we are here. Nevertheless we need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge the reality of the world and our actions. We need to question them and always seek to find a more gentle and productive way. If we are to fix what we have messed up, we need to admit we took part in messing it up in the first place, own up to the amount we have damaged in and through our way of life and then in that awareness look for the healing path in a universal mind.

Healing the self by killing, stealing from or harming others is not a very balanced way. But if we look around, really look; we can see that this happens more than many like to admit. But to me there are no clear answers, only guesses, trial and error and the hope that we can fix what we have mangled. Our internal bodies are no different from all of this. Yes our bodies are made oddly and they are far from some perfect life form specimen. Yes the slightest thing can send them into states of imbalance. Yes many of our lifestyles challenge our bodies far beyond their capacities. Yes many of us have partaken in lifestyles that have greatly harmed our bodies over many years, and it might very well mean that the rest of our lives will require constant attention to healing. These are things we cannot change because they are founded on the past. But denying the past does not allow our awareness focus to fully embrace the reality of our current situation. That lack of focus deprives us from the whole picture and thus prevents us from finding the many things that could in-fact assist in the healing.

Our bodies are so oddly built and so precarious in states of well-being that they need all the attention and help we can give them just to survive in this crazy modern world we have helped create. This means we need to own up to what we have done, not to be punished, but in hopes of seeing all the pieces of the now that could help us fix things in more beneficial ways to all life.


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