Human Emotion part 2

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The brain lives in fear because it cannot comprehend an existence beyond self identity or ego. Yet it understands the ego is temporary. The brain fears the idea of loss. In response the brain creates attachments to things, ideas and emotions to both to justifying its existence and attempt to secure the safety of self. Attachments are necessary to this life for the purpose of experience, but they can also lead to imbalance and feed fear.

An attachment can be looked at as a safety hook and line one might use to keep from falling off a cliff. The brain, when imbalanced, will make many attachments out of fear to try preventing itself from the idea of tumbling off into oblivion. Attachments made in fear prevent the freedom of true living.

If the fear of the brain bleeds into the heart, the heart will unbalance. Its views will twist in pursuit of countless surface and temporary sources of happiness rather than tap into the pure foundation of joy. Remember that happiness is an emotion we feel when we get something we desire, it is not the core foundation of the joy of living. Instead of feeling the joy of life itself, the imbalance leads the heart to seek material possessions, addictions and other surface sources of temporary happiness. Once the heart acquires that which it desires and feels a moment of happiness, it goes back to feeling the fear and immediately needs to look for and seek out another “thing” to make it happy. It has no base joy because the fear has replaced it, so surface happiness is the only thing it focuses on.

All of that only exists in the Division Dream, the dream of the ego. This rooting of fear holds no sway in the Holistic Dream because the idea of loss only dwells in Division. In the Holistic Dream we understand that loss is an illusion and only available in the idea of separation, abandonment and isolation.


Emotions are our gateway to this life. No emotion, no physical life on earth. Without emotion there would be no point to human life upon this planet. Emotion is everything here and our only way to relate to anything, including the idea of Self. Like water flows from the clouds and air flows through the atmosphere, so should emotions flow through us, unblocked. In perhaps an idealistic world this might be the case. However, we do not exactly live in an idealistic world where everything flows smoothly all the time. Stress, trauma, the intensification of the brain and fear, among seemingly countless other issues cause emotional flows to derail, become stuck and get blocked throughout the body.

When an emotion gets blocked it becomes difficult to successfully express it and experience it. That of course it the whole point here on earth, to experience solely through emotion. When an emotion gets blocked we cannot properly experience it. The emotion either gets blown out of proportion or covered-up and hidden away. The brain is the organ responsible for emotions going haywire. Many events and energies can affect the brain in ways that cause it to overreact on an emotional level. I am sure you can think of countless examples of events in your own life that have caused you to overreact to a situation. Threatening situations are perfect examples. Anything the brain deems a threat to personal integrity of self is a threat and dealt with through the emotions of fear, anger, rage, annoyance, anxiety and a list of others. Once a situation arises that promotes the activation of one of those emotions, the brain has two choices:

  • Express the emotion
  • Suppress the emotion

If the brain allows itself to express the emotion from childhood, it learns through life how much expression is acceptable to the protection of self without creating a more intensely threatening situation. If someone comes up to you and accidently bumps into you, a usual response is to step back and, thus protecting your personal boundary. But if you instead turn around and punch the person you will automatically create another more intense situation that would require higher self protection protocols through emotional responses. Your brain in a balanced state knows this. However, if in an imbalanced state, because perhaps of trauma, the brain might instead overreact in its emotional protection protocols.

This state of overreaction can occur in one of two ways:

  • Over expression of an emotion
  • Under expression of an emotion

The over expression would be created from fear and a rather high level of it. An under expression of an emotion would also be created out of fear. The first expression is from an overreaction to fear in the way of outward emotional expression. The second is due to a fear of the emotion itself and thereby the brain’s way of hiding from it. If the brain decides to hide from the emotional response rather than expressing it, the brain may create excess internal dialog/thought processes, making it seem like you are being very logistical about the whole thing. But the dialog is actually covering up the emotion which the brain is afraid to express, afraid to experience. People can stray to over-thinking life rather than feeling life because of the deep fear of experiencing certain emotions. If someone is afraid of experiencing sadness they may become sarcastic or overly humorous in an imbalanced way during events that create the emotion sadness. This is derived from the fear of experiencing sadness. This blocks the natural flow of that emotion and hinders the person’s experience level. If this becomes habitual, the blocked flow of that emotion will create a forest filled with deadfall (old and unexpressed emotions) that will eventually turn into a raging wildfire that destroys the entire forest and generations of growth with the smallest of sparks.

Regular and small fires expressed in the forest keep it healthy and free of deadfall. But when fire is suppressed in the forest the deadfall builds up. When a spark hits it the fire does not clean the forest out in a healthy way, but rather becomes an expression of huge imbalance and destroys everything, all the life. Emotions are like this. If they are expressed in a balanced way on a regular basis when events prompt them, all is well and productive experience sets are built. If the emotions are suppressed and hidden from sight, covered over with false emotions or logic thought processes, the unexpressed emotions build to potentially severely imbalanced states that will create other manifestations, like health issues or relationship issues for example.

Emotions are meant to be experienced, not hidden away. In a society such as our modern industrialized one, emotions are suppressed regularly for fear of expressing them. Stress and trauma of all kinds assists this process and we end up with a society filled with emotionally sterile humans who on occasion can snap at the slightest event or energy, creating massive amounts of unnecessary drama. Society as it is today is like a tinderbox, a forest choked with deadfall just waiting for a spark to erupt.

This is why it is so important to work on regaining a connection to the heart, so the emotions and energy of the heart can slowly move us all along a sacred path of even healing where our frozen emotions can melt, be felt/experienced and released safely. As a society who hides from feeling anything, we need to learn how to move back to truly living, and truly living means embracing the fact and necessity of expressing and experiencing emotions on a full range. This has been a huge part of my own healing progression, learning once again how to feel the full range of emotion and let myself experience them for what they truly are. Since so many have been suppressed or covered up through trauma, or have been sealed off by programming, the delving into them and slow release of them has been an integral aspect of the overall healing process.

continued in Human Emotion part 3


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