Human Emotion part 3

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I think it is important to keep in mind the genetic connection when it comes to emotional expression. Genetics and patterns really. I find that various bloodlines carry unique emotional expression strengths and weaknesses. Meaning that select emotions are carried more strongly through one bloodline verses another. The power emotions are passed along from generation to generation through their genetic structures.

We all have a unique perspective on life. The foundation perspectives on life I feel are the result of childhood conditioning, but under that I feel they come out of genetic pass-along.

Let me use colors as examples since they are easy.

  • Genetic Line A = red perspective on life
  • Genetic Line B = blue perspective on life
  • Genetic Line C = yellow perspective on life

**Line “A” has for whatever reason taken on a “red” perspective and outlook on life, forming emotional strengths or dominance based in the red emotional range

**Line “B” however formed their emotional strengths or dominance in the blue emotional range.

**Line “C” is based in the yellow emotional range.

There are a vast amount of “color” emotion range bloodlines. The above three are simple examples to make my point.

In my own opinion these unique emotional ranges formed out of environmental stimuli over long periods of time. If Line “A” was exposed to very hard environmental conditions they may have had to develop more aggressively and build up more aggressive emotional expressions to successfully deal with and survive under those conditions. It would be like the black bear of eastern America being far more easy going than the grizzly bear of Alaska. The more extreme and challenging the environment, the more extreme the emotional nature will have to be in order to survive.

On the other hand, if a strong mentality for aggressive behavior was called for survival, perhaps other emotions like empathy were downplayed because expressing that might weaken the aggressive nature thereby leaving one exposed to harm.

Over time, these emotional traits will be passed along through the genetic code. Children born into that bloodline would have a strong disposition to expressing and experiencing that emotional range more so than Line “C”. This could then be intensified through parent to child conditioning in the child raising years. The more powerfully aligned with that red emotional range the parents are, the more the child will be exposed to that experience of expression and thus their perspective on and of the world will form to those emotional strengths.

I have noticed this in countless families through the years. One family seems to be far more aggressive than another. One seems to be prone to outbursts of anger while another family is more prone to expressing sullen sadness. Some families seem to carry and express emotions of shame or guilt while another one expresses themselves more along the lines of an in your face over confidence. I was always aware of the different energies and expressions of different families, but I think the clarity of it hit me most dramatically when I first met my wife’s family and saw how completely opposite they were from my own. It was clear as day to both my wife and myself. Interestingly my wife’s family had a very hard time trying to relate to me, accept and communicate with me because my life expressions were so dramatically different than theirs. It took a long while, many years before a level of comfort developed.

It is my opinion through my own observations that family genetics carry foundation emotion sets or energies that carry over from one generation to the next in a continual line of genetic emotional expression. This emotional expression is the primal genetic perspective on life. This creates not only diversity in the human species, but also challenge to try relating to one another. I think it exists this way as a evolution development game that is part of this life. If we all had the same perspective on life, stemming from the same genetic dominant emotion, it would be all too easy to get along. No challenge, no pressure and no drive would exist to prompt us to use creative devices of heart-mind connections to work to understand each other and accept the differences of view.

Only if the parents become aware of these emotional traits and work to change them would the progression of genetic emotional pass-over be altered in time. This awareness could come about if the family moved to a different area where the people and environmental conditions were very different from where their bloodline originated. But trying to change the emotional perspective just to fit in is probably not the best driving force one could have. All individuals are here with purpose and that means all family lines are here with a purpose as well. The emotional constitution of everyone also has a purpose that in someway aligns with the life purpose. But that certainly does not mean it cannot or does not need to change, just that for it to change there needs to be a greater reason involved. I find it the same with people’s names.

This is why to judge emotion is useless. All emotions have purpose and place.

I see this whole genetic emotional uniqueness shifting in the modern world of “mono-culture”. The more the system of mono-culture grows, the more fear of emotional expression outside what the system deems acceptable grows and the less emotional expression range people have to work with. As the genetic lines are washed out through the mass melting pot, so are the unique emotional expression traits that have adhered to bloodlines for a very long time. Diversity is sliding into the doldrums of the mono-culture box of total conformity. We can easily see this in how the school systems have changed in the last few decades. Nothing extreme, noting too far off centerline is acceptable. The uniqueness of emotional expression and therefore experience is being stomped out through the mono-culture conditioning. People become more and more emotionally dumbed down and numb, forced into a narrow emotional range of limited expression.

This narrowing and caging of emotional expression only intensifies the fear of the brain by weakening the heart. When they heart is stunted in its ability to express it falls to imbalance and like I said before, the surface pursuit of meaningless forms of happiness. This façade tricks the heart into thinking the life it leads is happy, but it is only an illusion, a trick that keeps the heart from focusing on the fear running its choices. The heart becomes a slave of fear rather than an expression of joy. And of course the best slave is a slave who does not know they are a slave, hence the pursuit of material happiness rather than a deep rooted and long lasting fulfillment of pure joy.

Of course we can all probably guess who and what are the drivers of this heart fear… those who will and do profit the most from it. Corporations, banks, governments and other high profit and all controlling organizations, groups and individuals. Fear is the trap, material possession is the false prize and marketing is the bait.

The only way to stop and change this life eating cycle of depravity and sterility is to start becoming aware of how this all works, embrace the reality of the human baseline emotions of brain and heart and start healing processes to re-unify the brain-heart connection. By reconnecting their communication lines we can undermine the fear through the opening our eyes to the higher dream, the Holistic Dream. This will allow us to begin moving out of the heavy muck that lay thick in the Division Dream. Once we move more into the Holistic Dream we start feeling and understanding our vast and infinite connections to everything and the walls holding the ideas of isolation, separation and abandonment dissolve like ice in a warm spring breeze. Then we come to the realization that the idea of self is simply a tool of expression of this physical world for the real experiences of emotion to flow through like air, but never held. This is the dream of freedom, wisdom and pure expression and living experiences.

continued in Human Emotion part 4


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