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Humans are not the only living creatures on this earth with emotions. It was common knowledge of pre-technologic cultures that all life, everything, experiences life here through emotions. The main difference is the range of emotion felt and what level of consciousness is lived. Of course there are countless people today who do not believe anything beyond human beings feel emotion because they cannot scientifically “prove” it. The proof is not through the realm of science, but through the realm of the heart and the openness to true living. This is the difficulty since so many today, as I have stated earlier in this series, are becoming emotionally sterile and frigid. Once in that horrible state, life is dull, flat, 2-dimentional and the true interactions with everything are sealed off. It is no wonder so many people feel the world of emotions, and pretty much everything else belongs to humans!

If a person gets locked in the brain of fear and twisted in the heart to forget how to touch joy, the universe becomes an uncaring place filled with danger and dog-eat-dog energy. Nothing could be further from the truth of life. That only appears to exist if one is living in the perspective of the Division Dream rather than the Holistic Dream. In the Holistic Dream it is very easy to see, feel and understand the emotional qualities and expressions of other life forms beyond humans. Everything from mammals to birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, amphibians and marsupials feel emotion and live through emotion, just like us. Moving further into life on earth we also find that plants/trees, minerals and elements live through emotion as well. How? Well simply because everything is alive!

It is the understanding of pre-technology peoples that everything alive has a form of consciousness. If something has a consciousness than they also experience emotion. Just like I explained in my Manetuwak series, those people, myself included, see and understand that everything living is an expression of the original energy, the Creator energy, and possesses a spirit. All spirit energy in this life has a consciousness in-which to experience through. Emotion is part of consciousness. Science can prove that talking to a plant can help it grow with a better quality. Science can prove that animals react in ways that certainly mimic emotion, but all their crazy machines cannot understand what only the spirit can understand, the truth of feeling, something a machine has no capacity for.

Animals have the closest emotional range to humans than any other life-form here on earth. This is simply because they exist in a higher level of consciousness than other living creatures. Is it so hard to see that an animal companion living with you shares your happiness, sadness, excitement or pain? Animals, for the most part, are more emotionally sensitive than human adults because they live more through their hearts than their brains. Their conscious state is not as logically defined as a human adult, but expresses itself more like a child’s consciousness before the logical brain completely develops. Animals do not logically think about the emotions they are feeling, the fully experience them without the interference or possible complication of a logical thought process. To me this seems to perhaps be a platform for a more full expression of emotion than if the logical brain tries to analyze what it is feeling. But of course logically considering an emotion does have its bonuses of being able to explore the emotion through dynamics not available to a non-logic state. It is my personal opinion that neither is better or worse than the other, they are just different forms of expression using the same baseline emotional components.

Plant emotions are interesting because they dwell in a conscious state that more resembles our sleeping dream world than our waking consciousness. This is why plants are such incredible healers, because an expression of existence not locked into conscious limitation allows the life spirit to see, understand and explore limitless energy pathways. Plant consciousness does not deal in linear time or linear logical thought. The healing spirit of a plant does not need to know a symptom of a sick life, just the absolute underlying cause of the imbalance. To the plant conscious there is no medical cause and effect process. There is only the dream imbalance that creates an imbalance in the physical world. Medical science says that if you have a headache you take a nervine or an herb that increases of decrease circulation to the head. The healing spirit of a plant does not think in those terms. Instead the plant consciousness understand what lies outside linear logic and taps a spirit understanding, turns the experience completely personal with the unlimited universal energies and caters a healing to the absolute uniqueness of the life involved.

This was and remains in some very old pre-technologic cultures very common knowledge. They tap into plant consciousness to heal all the time and trust the plant spirit by-way of removing their own logical thoughts from the communication process. It is healing from the spirit and heart, not the logical brain.

When we get into the consciousness of the elements and minerals we delve more into a pure spirit consciousness that exists almost entirely outside what our logical brains can comprehend. Only through the awareness of our heart and life spirit can we learn to tap into and communicate with those life-forms. Their life expression is so far outside liner time that the awareness within the dream is so much more vast than logical thought can access. The sense of self is completely gone. One energy blends with all others effortlessly.

If you uproot a plant in the jungle and move it to the desert it will most likely die. Its expression exists through the totality of other plants within a unique ecosystem. If you take a lemur from the island of Madagascar and drop it in the vast farmlands of Nebraska, it will die. The lemur too can only express itself through very limited energy zones. However, if you take a piece of rainbow obsidian from South Dakota and place it in the Gobi Desert it will fair just fine and continue its physical dream without effort. Of course in tribal wisdom the spirit of that obsidian may not be too pleased it was moved without asking, but the obsidian will not die because it was moved and its conscious expression will be unhindered. The obsidian is of the earth and fire, complete within its self expression and has no need of the unique energies of other life forms in an ecosystem.

The elements are the same as the minerals in that they survive and express just fine wherever they are found or brought. Air is everywhere, water, fire and earth, even metal. The expression of the air, fire and water go beyond that of the mineral kingdom because they naturally can take many various forms and change quickly. For instance water can express through a frozen state like ice and snow, vapor and fluid. Each is the energy of the water spirit, but with a unique expression outside linear consciousness. The elements are of universal expression through this earth’s spirit union whereas plants contain a union with a specific part of the earth spirit. This is why we find plants of a wide diversity that thrive in very specific ecosystems, but cannot thrive elsewhere. The unique energy expression of the earth at one location feeds the plants and so they share a facet of consciousness in the Holistic Dream. This is yet another reason a plant from Asia can be used to heal someone in Mexico. Humans are of the earth and sustained by the plant kingdom. Through the union of unique plant spirit consciousness aligning with earth spirit consciousness the results can reach anywhere on the planet.

Emotions, consciousness, logic and intuition, spirit, heart and brain are all parts of the Holistic and Division Dreams here on this planet within this physical universe, and all life contains some facet of that expressive and emotional consciousness. Nothing is exempt. The only question that immediately concerns us is which dream are we living, Division or Holistic or do we fluctuate between? This is a question to present individual rather than to the species as a whole. I do feel that the answer to this question and bringing more people’s awareness to this reality could offer solutions to many other the world’s issues.

(Additions were made to Part 3 as of today 12/22/15 if you have not already read them)


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