Hypothetical Emotion

February 13th, 2017 by

Yesterday a blizzard moved into the Vermont Mountains and surrounding regions. Through the afternoon and night driving snow and winds turned the February landscape into a true winter wonderland and with temps hovering in the teens the snow today still falls. Billowing fluffy powder transforms the world of hard lines into soft and subtle contrasts under the battle grey sky.

The scene had me once again pondering emotions; water=emotions. It brought up a question that I found interesting. Too long to post in the Wolf Den “quick news” but not exactly a long post. So here it is.

If you could choose one emotion, only one to remove from your present awareness and for the rest of this life, which would it be? Anger, sadness, grief, joy, anxiety, shame, happiness, etc, which would you choose? Not only which single emotion would you choose to remove but why? Further still, what would your life become with that emotion completely absent from your awareness? Not only your present and future life here on earth, but your past and your memories as well? With no awareness of an emotion today and in your future you would have very different memories.

I felt it was something intriguing to think on, ponder and toy with. Many of us have reached points in our lives where we may have wished we never felt a certain emotion and even pondered the emotions very existence and purpose. But what would our lives be and who would we become if only a single emotion were removed? It is like asking what an ecosystem would become if a single component of it were removed permanently.

Happy pondering and if you care to share reflections, insights or stories feel free 🙂


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