Illuminating Lies – 2

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When it comes to questioning ones past and ideas it becomes important to move aside prejudice/bias and expectation. Those energies will simply interfere with the process of shedding falsehoods and bringing forward the underlying facts. Those of you following my work understand I have been engaged in this process for some years now, but as my other article called Illuminating Lies states, it is an ongoing process.

In the two previous articles, Clarified Beliefs and Ideas and Illuminating Lies I addressed my shifted views on the illuminati, aliens, children, trauma, existence itself and saviors. All of these shifts came from deep inner delving, research and connecting obscure dots scattered through various areas of my life. For example, when I stated I thought I saw white reptilian beings in a ritual many years ago, it was before I knew the depth of forced drugs by the ritual handlers into my system prior to rituals. It was also prior to understanding the dynamics of the necessity, for selected individuals for the agency training facility, to believe that other species were amongst us all manipulating everything. These brainwashing sets of ideas help to shuffle blame away from human governments and into far-fetched alien conspiracy theories which assist the agency in discrediting anyone who makes it out of the agency. This is just one reason for drugging and traumatizing the young into thinking they were involved in a ritual with alien beings. But the nature of the ritual, combined with the trauma involved and the drug effects, easily set the brain up for deep power of suggestion, which becomes imbedded in the psyche on-which other ideas and beliefs can be grown upon, like patriotism, loyalty to handlers and so on.

Many years later after and through massive amounts of healing I could see stray dots that seemed out of place, but were held in position by programmed ideas so as not to be questioned. In the above instance, as my brain became more centered, grounded and cleared of old surfacing traumas, it seemed quite odd that I had no other interaction or run-in with any alien being beyond ritual and a single mission. I never had any UFO sighting, ever. I could detail what I saw those many years ago of the reptilian faces, but oddly other details did not quite fit. When I had the mission to supposedly take out a white winged reptilian, why was it guarded by two thug looking guys? Where were they going in the middle of the night in a field in farm country? Sure there was a bunker door in the wood line, but there was nothing else but field and scrub woods between it and the road and they were walking away from the door. Looking deeply into the memories of that mission was odd; things just did not feel solid, did not fit.

There are many other stray dots as well, but the above is just an example. By shedding traumas locked in the body and brain, shifting my dietary intake, adjusting my lifestyle, slowly and professionally uncovering real health issues and working to correct them, among a great many other things has allowed me the chance to see certain things for what they really were – falsehoods induced by covert conditioning, forced drugs, internal trauma energy foundations and the continual power of suggestion to set false images over factual images. There were never any reptilian beings. The ritual contained humans in white hooded robes and nothing more. The mission to assassinate a reptilian was simply an assignment to take out a conflicting power player in the cult, which is why he was guarded by ex-military, soldier of fortune kind of characters. But the power of suggestion combined with the triggering into an slight altered state only a year after being poisoned was enough to make my mind remember a detail that was false. Keeping the whole event as true as possible makes the changing of one detail very easy in such scenarios.

Many such events and false overlay memories, through the recent years, have allowed me to analyze more closely some of the key people who told me a great many things about this world in my past. Of course all the trainers in the training compound fed us heaps of crap laced with fragments of truth here and there to make it all stick in our traumatized and programmed brains. However, another individual who I stuck up for I realize also told me a bunch of false information. It took me years to see it, but now that I have it is so obvious, but very little is obvious when bogged down in trauma. The old man who worked in the agencies most of his life, who in the book Shadow Scorpion I called Ammon, is the individual. Though I met him briefly in the training facility, he was not part of the actual training that I am aware of. Later he was part of my original debriefing sessions after assignments, but again, only in the beginning. My guess is because he was only located on the east coast. I had no direct contact with him again until the time period in-which I was working to leave the unit. I contacted him for help if you recall from my book. We met and he told me an amazing amount of detail about my past, the agency and unit and the world itself in the realm of politics. I absorbed every word.

Even though he did help me and I might not be alive today if it were not for his help, it never occurred to me that he was also highly conditioned by the government since he worked in very elite levels most of his life. It never occurred to me that even though he helped me in a time of dire need, he may not have told me the truth of things, maybe not because he was consciously lying to me, but because he was programmed to believe the lies were truths. Maybe our meet was set-up? Perhaps it was designed for us to meet and for him to relay all this information during a very difficult and sensitive time of my life, because maybe that information would stick in my brain easier and I would question it less? It is hard for me to believe that he willingly lied to me, but it is possible. But why lie to me and help me survive as well? If that was the case perhaps it was an attempt to set up the near future at the time to bring me back into the work? I do not know and probably will never know. I guess it really does not matter.

What matters is the information about the illuminati, off-world species, programming names, the big world altering war in Iran and a ton of other details. Of course laced through all those details were a heck of a lot of truths or I probably could not have swallowed everything that was false. But it has taken me some years to unravel many of the falsehoods and separate them from the truths. I noticed many of the details about my past were truth; they were the easiest things for me to latch onto and believe since they were personal truths. This I suppose allowed my brain to open up to the not so truthful details mixed in. Very clever and very effective.

So what am I saying? Basically what I am getting at is the fact that my pursuit of facts within my life continues to play out in the slow process paralleling my healing. This means that just because I have said something before, for example dealing with illuminati families ruling the current world or being in a ritual with reptilians, does not necessarily mean I stand by those statements today! This is why over the last three years I have been doing my best in my articles, classes and interviews to grind home the fact that my focus is on basics, nothing complex, and nothing mystical, just baseline principles that can be proven.

My skill sets for example are real, martial, combat, wilderness, artistic and so on. I know them, I know where they come from, and I know their level and exactly what it takes to develop such skills to such heightened levels. I know them, I use them, I show them and I teach them because they are real and their origins are real and people can clearly see and feel those facts. My body has been through hell. I know this because I live in my body, I have my documented medical records that show it and I have professional doctors and continual testing that clearly shows this fact. Those are just two of many clear examples of what I know is real and the origins of them.

I was trained to hunt and kill for the government, that is it. Nothing special, fantastical, super human or off-world in orientation; people training people to hunt and kill people. Beyond that there were rituals, mainly prior to the training; again just twisted people using younger people for their own twisted desires and purposes; nothing special, fantastical or off-world in nature; just ugliness.

Work to figure things in your life out for yourself. Others can tell you many things, but only you can put the proper pieces into their proper places to gain the clear picture. And remember that a great many people are doing this same thing, trying to put their puzzle together and so what they might have said before may not necessarily be what they would say today. Obviously though the people preaching the same things today as they did in the past are still locked into those ideas and beliefs. But each to their own. You have your life and I have mine and we each must do our own work to figure things out the best we can and not waste time trying to distract ourselves by judging others.

Continued in Illuminating Lies – 3 


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