Illuminating Lies – 4

August 12th, 2016 by

This is the 5th article in this little series.

The last installment covered of course the realizations of the werewolf program. This one I am going to lightly touch upon supporting people. By this I mean people who have claimed to see it in me or even how have claimed to see me shift.

There have been numerous supporting individuals through the years. Of course the higher up folk in the cult were probably the first people to have made the statements of seeing the werewolf, the beast shift out of man and so on. Then of course there were programmers and handlers in the training facility.

Oddly enough I had quite a few “psychics” who stated they could see and feel the werewolf inside me very clearly and powerfully. One of the genuine and powerful mentalists I met and knew for a time in Maine also made statements that they could easily see it in me, stated it like it was as clear and obvious as the rising sun.  They never even batted an eye of skepticism. Then we have someone like Kira who claims to have seen me shift in a ritual setting and went so far as to describe it.

So why did all those people who never met one another and so did not know one another all claim to either see or feel werewolf presence in me? Well of course now that I know it is quite obvious, but it did elude me for years. My guess is that the program was so deep and so refined in my program matrix that it created an energy that could literally be felt or sensed by select sensitive people. The bird does not attack the caterpillar because the caterpillar’s backside looks like snakes eyes. There is no snake, but the design so strongly resembles a snake that the bird feels snake energy and avoids the caterpillar. If someone can create such a powerful alter personality that believes it is a werewolf then sensitive people who are open to the possibilities of werewolves existing today may very well be able to feel the energy like it was a real werewolf and not just programming inside an alter personality.

Who knows maybe some of them had programming or conditioning of some kind that was made to help reinforce other peoples programs by acknowledging the energy? It certainly is possible. Maybe certain programs are actually laced through some kind of astral type energy that connected various people in a reinforcing sort of web? Again, who knows? I have no idea how something so out there could ever truly be proven.

Kira claimed to have witnessed me shifting. Well as good a heart as she had, she was in the facility just like me and subject to her own conditioning. I would not be surprised to find out she had been drugged as well, or hypnotized in some fashion to see what they wanted her to see. Her claim, if I remember correctly, stated she was on the other side of glass in an enclosed room watching. Knowing that place and what they were capable of, I would not find it too farfetched to theorize the glass had some kind of mirror and light technology that could overlay images overtop of what could be seen on the other side of it. Perhaps combine that with aerosol hallucinogenic (easy to do) or drugged water and you could potentially create a total fabrication in a viewers mind that never happened, but was based upon a very real and very human activity in the other room? I think she saw what they wanted her to see, but it was not what was there. A person could go their whole lives believing they saw something that was a fantastical fabrication of actual events by way of drugs, sight manipulating technology, etc, like I stated before in this series.

You know it is very possible that during the psychic driving phase I was forced through, there was never the rape and killing of a little girl. Under the extreme torture of my body and brain and the violent duress that it caused in my entire system, they could have staged the event to break me and I would have never known it was faked. I was not physically part of it, I was strapped down so there was no direct interaction. I would think it would be easy for them to fake an event like that to get someone who is under such a state of trauma to believe it. The events where I was physically connected – hands on killing or some hands on training were very different, very real, and very hard to have faked. However, events I was viewing but not physically involved in could be manipulated and many probably were.

I cannot say that Kira or some of the other people who stated they could see or feel that energy in me were lying. They may very well have been telling the truth as they knew it, but not truth based upon actual facts, but rather manipulated facts to create the illusion of truth.

And what about “Lilith’s” ability to change eye color and subtle facial features? Was she actually some hybrid reptilian? Doubtful in my mind. I think she was just so heavily and completely programmed from a very young age that she had extreme alter personality splits of very different frequencies. Many documented cases have been publicized by the mental health community showing eye color changes and minor facial feature shifts when a severely split multiple personality disorder client moves from one extreme personality to another. Nothing off-world about it, just plain and simple on-world biology and frequency actions.

So what about my highly advanced skills, say of hand to hand combat and internal energy striking? For my age it is rather a rare thing to find someone as young as I to possess such skills that I have clearly performed numerous times on and in front of students. They are indisputable. Do I need to have mystical werewolf genetics or a hundred space age implants riddled through my body, or have had some interstellar experience with some multi-dimensional being to be able to perform such feats? NOPE! I just happened to have had extremely high quality training my whole life, long-term refined training from elite Special Forces individuals in a specialized training facility, 16 years of global practical application experience using those skills where my life depended upon them, and a born talent for it all.

Well what about those x-rays I posted years ago? Those are from the disks directly from the hospital. I cannot fake the official hospital disks, sorry. I also had nothing on during the x-rays so no hiding anything. Could the hospital have faked them? Possibly, but why and for that to happen the orders would have had to come from pretty high up. So yes according to those x-rays there are a few odd things inside that certainly are not natural looking. Are they actually “implants” though? I have my doubts since they are shaped rather oddly for an implant. To my knowledge implants are oval and these are all rectangles. Therefore there is either something in there that certainly looks out of place, or the hospital managed to fake the images from some kind of higher up order. Who knows, maybe they are old trackers; maybe they are stints from surgeries not found in any of my medical records that left scarless incisions…? But I highly doubt they are any kind of crazy space age technology body or brain enhancing covert implants.

Extreme training, extreme dedication, extreme need, extreme experience, the right genetic structures and a born talent for such skills is it – nothing mystical about it – brutally hard work, violent pain and injury, insane repetition, the right trainers, the solid mind set (even if it was programmed), the right kind of lifestyle that brings the proper kinds of necessary and ongoing experiences to force the refinement of skill through body, mind, brain, emotion and spiritual qualities and alignments.

It felt like a good time to post all of this even though I have been working on uncovering such things for quite a while now. After a month of thyroid testing and finding some hardcore medically diagnosable patterns and results I had to have a couple week break before the next two month phase of testing to refine everything, so for the last week I have been feeling physically horrible. I think in this state I was internally prompted to document the information in these articles and get it out there.

Once again this article series is to layout what I have uncovered in the Illuminating Lies process of my life. It is what it is. It matters not if you want to think otherwise, it is your prerogative, but then again it is not your life in these articles. I will continue to delve and heal and investigate my own life until I am satisfied. Hopefully this will in some way assist or remind you that we can all do this with our own personal lives because in the end it is your own personal life and experiences that you acquire, nobody else’s.


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