Illuminating Lies

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I know I have spoken quite a bit through the last 3 years or so that through my continued healing I have uncovered a great deal of lies that were forced upon me by the agency for many years. Lies that at the time I believed due to both the nature in-which they were told and the conditions I was in during the times they were telling me them. They told us whatever they needed to tell us to brainwash us into believing their cause was for the good of the people. Brainwash, program, condition… use whatever term you will. It really makes no difference at this point.

Facts are facts; the agency tells their agents whatever they need to tell them so the future agents will be full supporters of the agencies cause, without question. During the 80’s and earlier, this involved, in the special ops or black ops projects, breaking the person down mentally through forced and severe trauma. After that they would manipulate the individual through chemicals (drugs) and more traumas while forcing their views upon the person. In this susceptible state the trainee will believe anything they are told. Once they exit that horrific state they return to a baseline consciousness. Whatever was told to them in the altered state now is believed by the conscious awareness. It is no different than the principles of how hypnosis works, just deeper and darker; more insidious, even though it in itself is a form of hypnosis.

Though I have spoken on it and through various articles and videos touched upon this topic, I figured I needed to type up a small and to the point article here clarifying this area.

Yes I believed for years the lies I was told and taught in the training facility. I had no idea they were lies and so I was not lying by saying I believed them. That is the amazing thing about conditioning people in those ways; you can tell them any lie you want and they will believe it as truth down to their mental core. This does not mean you can convince their spiritual energy and nature that those lies are truth, just the brain. If the brain believes the emotions will follow as well. Only if the person has a very deep and strong connection to their spiritual nature can the individual eventually have a chance at surfacing and realizing that those “truths” are actually lies. Then they can slowly regain awareness of parts of their brain and start the tedious, painful and many times gut wrenching path of self healing; shedding the filth of the conditioned lies and discovering their personal truths.

Even if we remove the energy of “lie” and “truth” for a moment and place it into a different vocabulary, it is the same. Instead of “lie” we can use a state in conflict with the true nature of self. Lie and truth are many times opinions based upon limited knowledge and so are literally guesses. Everyone grows up with their opinions of truth and lies based upon the conditioning they are raised in and how they agree or do not agree with that conditioning. This does not make their perceptions of truth or lie universal facts, just their opinions formed out of conditioning. The manner of which one is conditioned, and with what information, can either support or conflict with the spiritual nature of the person; the energy formed prior to physical consciousness and memory. If something conflicts it will eventually down the line create breakdowns in the body, brain, personality and everything connected to and formulated out of the dynamic internal relationship of self. This is when many people will really begin to question the self and their perceptions. It is a wonderful time, though potentially very difficult, to rediscover the true nature of self under the fabrications of the world.

When one sheds the lies of their past many people in their current lives will leave them because those people were connected through the lies and conditioning and not the deeper truth of the individual.

The entire illuminati topic is one such area of lies. I was told the illuminati were the ruling power of this world on every front and have been for an incredibly long time. I was told the agency supported various illuminati family claims and worked for their agendas to “better the world”. I was told the agency was a direct part of the illuminati and was a specialized group, like all government agencies, grown out of the illuminati family agendas to work for the true causes.

At that time I was under extreme duress during the psychic driving phase of training. That was then rolled into the actual facility training where the surrounding conditions fully supported condition/programming/brainwashing of all kinds through extreme and continual stress, forced chemical intervention and all the other means I have written about for years. So yes I fully believed what I was being told, without question. Under those extreme circumstances the brain has no choice but to believe or die. If you are a fighter, you will believe.

However, since my intense healing began in 2006 I have made huge steps forward in my healing and thus reclaiming of the true me, as well as experienced the difficult landslides backwards. It is a process and only a process. Nevertheless, the more I have been discovering about my heal issues and the more progress I make in the attempts to balance them, the more of Me I find and the more forced fabrications of life, from the old programming periods of my history, break and shed away. Sometimes there is so much of that happening in short periods that it is hard for me to document it all clearly in a way to help those around me understand. So from time to time, like today, I try to take the time to lay small pieces of it out. Of course other times it seems like exhausting periods of time go by without any new realizations. Again, it is all just the process.

Do I feel today (or have I in the last few years) that the illuminati are still a controlling power in the world? No.

At one time did the illuminati control many areas of the growing industrial world – yes. Do they still today – no I do not think so. My findings through research points to the illuminati birthing out of ancient Judaism. The Knights of the Templar I think were the first major organization that took the ideas of “illuminati” and put them into a more global practice. Once that happened they formed their secret societies to hide from the Catholic Church. Eventually they grew out of 13 original families to a “committee of 300” spread around the world and get into most major branches of governments, banks, etc. However, through the years they began to fight amongst themselves since they all wanted the highest position of control for themselves, the Pindar. The in-fighting destroyed their hold on global dominion.

Their plan for smooth global dominion turned into a global state of chaos where it became everyone for themselves. This further weakened any one group’s chance of total control. Today it is a huge mess. This is not to say there are not very old families still trying to control the world, but they are so disintegrated on a whole that they have no chance in my view. Sure they still have their dirty little hands in many things that promote and sustain corruption, but as to a singular unit dominating the world – no.

I do not feel it is a cut and dry scenario anymore as to who is really in control. Things have gotten so out of control and so overly complicated that so much information has gone public creating a vast awareness and rebellion on many fronts. This further has added to the stress of any kind of global control system. The people who are out there still today claiming one group is in control are not looking at the whole picture.  It is really no difference in the thinking that humans originated on this earth from one location as one genetic line. Humans originated in various locations of the globe from many genetic lines, hence the 5 Original Wisdoms given to the 5 major genetic races long before the mingling of genetics through travel. No one group has ever had full control because it is not meant to be that way, and in my opinion this world will never allow such an imbalance global dictatorship to manifest.

So to finalize my point to clarify, I have shed the sections of my old programming that led me to believe that illuminati families rule this world from the top to the bottom and there is a global controlling power of domination. I now stand firmly in a position, as I have for a few years now, which shows me that was all a lie conditioned in me as part of the agencies agendas and nothing more. “Patriotic” bullshit that helped keep us in a position to continue working the assignments they gave us and reinforce the conditioning they put us through and downloaded into us during the initial phases of training.

Is there a globally dominating power? I feel there is, yes. What is it? I think it is the primal genetic coding of the instinctual nature of life. Base emotions, base desires, base natural chemical reactions within each life form and the elements themselves, as I have written about in great depth here in the Wolf’s Den for a number of years.

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I hope this helps to clarify all those things. 🙂


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