I was thinking on emotions the other day and started to type some small poem style writings relating to them respectively. As the title states, this first one is on the emotion Joy, which belongs to the heart of every human being and comes in with the pre-natal energy at birth, something beyond direct reach of the physical.

Do you have anything to add? How do these words and their pattern make you feel or think?


A flower blooms within my soul

bright and fragile,

touching threads of rainbow rivers

filling lands with smiling dreams.

Lifted wings take flight of mind

cross quaking leaf of blue,

through gleaming ray of midnight sighs

to settle in an ancient lullaby.

Waking wide swept in mornings drift,

the joy that floats beside my tracks

swiftly from my hearts dewy mist

reaches far to brush the weightless

and wandering gift.

Birthright of our hearts glowing as red coals,

heats the core of darkened peace of which we all grew,

embers of life flowing out

in hopes

of a path lined in golden hue.

From earth to sky

and star to cave the melodies weave through.

Bubbling happy tastes spring from core

draped green as the richness of the forest

and its lore,

spoke and sung, walked and run, slept and awake

a gift of joy molds evermore.

Next – Hate Poem


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