Kundalini Premature

January 5th, 2016 by

I am going to present this information directly and concise to keep this short, with less potential for confusion.

What is “Kundalini”? In laymen’s terms Kundalini is raw and partially dormant energy locked into the base of the human spine, the sacrum and coccyx. It is a potential energy residing in the sacrum from birth and has a linear connection to the 7 chakras, root, hara, solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal and crown. There are many practices taught and utilized today to “awaken” the Kundalini energy from its partially dormant state so that it may freely and openly flow through the entire body via the 7 chakras, from the root upward to the crown. However, there are issues with this.

Kundalini activation or awakening is the process of Kundalini energy being released in full from the sacrum and coccyx and driven upward through each chakra thereby opening and fully activating them all in alignment with one another. Though I am not positive, I think the specific idea of trying to devise practices to release, “awaken” Kundalini came out of the South Central Asian continent through the Yellow Race and their original wisdom of air and spirit. The ancient symbols depicting a snake spiraling up the staff is a supposed sign of Kundalini rising up the spine.

Since this energy is primarily dormant in humans, it takes a very unique event or sets of events to activate it. This is where all the practices come into play that try to do that very thing, activities such as yoga, meditation, tantric and breathing practices, chanting and other voice vibration practices. The use of certain drugs is also used to try activating the Kundalini from its dormancy. Other events that can activate the energy are trauma, psychedelic drug use and abuse and pretty much anything that forcefully alters the body’s natural state of being. Trauma can include anything from extreme illness, an accident, torture, sexual abuse and any near death event. Any kind of severe trauma can, but not always, activate prematurely the Kundalini energy.

Since Kundalini energy is naturally a part of the body, it belongs there. However, it is very deep and potent energy that the body cannot handle unless it deems itself ready. If the body deems itself ready then it will unlock the energy itself. This is part of the human consciousness expansion. Some people find themselves naturally ready of such an opening experience and others do not. It is like just about anything else in life, if we are truly ready for the experience, it will find us. But just because it can be part of this life does not mean we are all here to experience it.

If, however, the Kundalini energy is forcefully released it is called “premature” activation or awakening. This causes issues. If the body is ready and unlocks the energy itself, the energy will naturally flow through the 7 chakras and expand awareness on both physical and non-physical levels. If the body is not ready and the activation is forced through above mentioned practices or traumas, serious issues can arise.

Some issues of premature Kundalini activation include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Spine pain
  • Burning sensations in the spine
  • Electrical type pain shooting up the spinal cord
  • Twisted and bound sacrum (bound fascia forcing the sacrum into unhealthy positions)
  • Chronic fatigue/exhaustion (similar to adrenal fatigue and exhaustion)
  • Random and fluctuation inflammation
  • Restless legs (similar to St. Vitus’ Dance)
  • Joint pains
  • Dizziness and head pressure
  • Migraines and hot head
  • Vision complications
  • Some people experience extreme sexual energy increases and urges
  • Verbal outbursts, uncontrollable
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Possessed like and uncontrollable emotional states such as sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, happiness, depression, etc
  • Hearing complications (tinnitus, shadow sounds, tones of all kinds)
  • Mental issues can arise such as; schizophrenia style symptoms, “God complex”, life-desensitization, shattered sense of reality, reclusive behavior, memory loss, extreme hallucinations, living in fantasy world perspectives, mental breakdown, a person feeling like they are a God-Messenger, Christ figure or channeler of the deceased or archetype figures, etc

The simple fact is that if the body is not ready for the release of energy and it is forced to active the Kundalini there are serious side-effects that can potently undermine a person’s life and well-being. The symptoms of activation can subside and disappear in time if the Kundalini returns to a sleep mode. Yes Kundalini can be activated, but the body can pull it back into sleep mode after a fashion. However, if some sort of trauma of body manipulation occurred to cause the activation, the Kundalini may take years to settle back down again.

If Kundalini is activated through practices when the body is ready, it is said to be a powerful spiritual feeling, but intense enough to cause numerous odd, uncontrollable actions and outburst that need guidance by a fully qualified individual who not only has full Kundalini activation, but also went through the proper processes, time and guidance themselves to balance the energy. It is rather like lighting a fire in an arid tinderbox of a forest. You need to be a master in order to fully control it and only then can it be used for great benefit. One false move and you burn down the entire forest. Most people I have met today with activated Kundalini are burning down the forest, along with their unqualified “gurus”.

Perhaps at one point in history there were a solidly qualified group of people who fully understood Kundalini and the proper ways to prepare, open and utilize it. But from my own experiences and observations, it seems that this wisdom is mostly gone, held only by a few who do not make themselves public figures; much like traditional and powerful medicine people still living the old ways of their cultures. They are very few and far between and very difficult to find.

Kundalini energy today is as abused as any other form of sexual energy, drugs and other facets of stimulation. The Kundalini activation I experienced was premature and forced through severe and violent trauma when I was in my very late teens. I have worked for many years to try using it since it was activated, and when that did not happen I worked to try putting it back to sleep. I could manage to help my body work itself into pulling the Kundalini back down, but for exact reasons yet unknown to me, the energy would at times throughout my life sporadically awaken, again with premature affects. Perhaps there was some kind of physical damage that prevents my body from properly holding it in dormancy. Who really knows? What I do know is that some of my physical symptoms in the past were due to this premature activation. Today I can feel when it releases and then I notice symptoms that I do have that stem from physical damage increase for seemingly “unknown” reasons”. These are things western medical doctors have no idea about. To find someone who understands and can help you find ways to either work to stabilize it, or in more cases, work it back to dormancy, you need to look into very high quality alternative health-care practitioners, preferably who are not premature Kundalini activated themselves!

There are also many people out there who prey on others through premature Kundalini activation. They have the ability to tap into the Kundalini energy through the perineum and brainstem, or any weaknesses/holes in the outer energy field, and siphon off the energy for their own uses. They have the ability in extreme cases to actually manipulate a person through this energy tap to force them to seek out ways to continually activate the energy, all the while their body and mind are breaking down, which leaves the person more open to manipulation and energy tapping. Yes it is like a parasite preying on its host until death. The weaker the host becomes, the easier it is to feed. I have a sense that many of these so called “gurus” are such people who attempt to trick people into premature activation so they can reap the energy and control rewards. There are many horror stories out there surround such events.

It is very important to remember that an adult of sound mind cannot be possessed or manipulated unless there is something in their mind energy that accepts and allows it. Even if they have a physical weakness or opening, they cannot be manipulated unless they allow it. Sure others may attempt it, but they will not succeed unless they have permission from their host.

I will use myself as an example. I was manipulated, programmed, mind controlled and so on through extreme measures. So did I accept and allow this to happen? Even though I fought tooth and nail during the early processes? Yes I did, but not consciously. It was a subconscious acceptance that was created in my childhood. Because of the childhood traumas that I have spoken about before, there was prevention of normal social brain development and in its place was formed a emotional wound where emotions such as guilt, shame, anger and fear dwelled. It goes right along with my last article called Human Survival Instinct. Because I felt threatened in dire ways in childhood, this survival instinct was active more than not. The emotions being forcefully conditioned in my brain, such as guilt, shame, anger and fear were built to such levels that they became carriers of the survival instinct. The child was traumatized and this child remained so. It remained in a subconscious position of helplessness and rage. Later on people capitalized upon that and used that to trigger that aspect of my subconscious into submission for programming and later, mind control. But it was because of that ongoing childhood abuse and trauma induced subconscious energy that the acceptance through that wounded aspect of my psyche allowed itself to be manipulated. Even though consciously I was fighting back with all I had, internally, the wounded area of my childhood subconscious was submitting to the process. It became a war that tore myself apart. Making their job all the easier.

It is a tricky business. If your body is ready for the activation then it will make it happen. You do not have to try forcing it. This is what the body is capable of doing on its own, releasing this foundation energy when it is ready to do so. If you partake in practices that try “awakening” the Kundalini then if you succeed you will be prematurely activating it because the body did not achieve it on its own time, you forced it by partaking in activation practices. It is my opinion based upon personal observations that there are a great many people walking around today that are in premature activation and suffering because of it.


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