Law of Forgiveness

September 6th, 2015 by

This universal law, the Law of Forgiveness, may not really seem like a “law”. But really, how many of these universal “laws” really seem like laws as opposed to lifestyle, progressive action and underlying wisdom? “Law” is simply a term given to this list as a reference point to structural patterns of energies found within the universe as we know it from the perspective of humans.

4th from the end of this short list is the Law of Forgiveness. The knowledge of the need to forgive in order to move forward. Forgiveness is a two-way path; forgiveness outwardly and forgiveness inward. We cannot forgive one-way and call it complete. One-way is only half of the act in terms of forgiving.

This law, from my own experience has the potential to be one of the most difficult. To forgive those who have in some way wronged us in our eyes can be extremely difficult. It is all too easy for many people to hold onto hate and the desire for revenge against all those who have wronged them. But so long as we hold onto those things, those energies, we can hold little else. With hate and ideas of revenge in our hearts, how can we be open to all the wonders of life?

The trick is when we are wronged in our eyes, perhaps abused in childhood for instance; there is a part of us that grows up believing it was in some way our fault. Other people try to tell us we were abused because we attracted it and thus it is our fault and we are to blame. By doing this, saying this and believing this removes the whole very real energy of childhood vulnerability and thus a major section of childhood energy that all humans must go through, experience and grow from.

To blame ourselves for the actions of those who we feel wronged us is just as useless and wasteful as blaming those other people. These feelings of anger, hate, blame and revenge bog us down, drown our heart and blacken our minds. No longer are sunrises and sunsets beautiful. No longer is there any pleasure in life. Freedom from such a hellish place exists in the two-way action, the law of forgiveness outward and inward.

On the other hand we must not blame ourselves for wrongs we may have committed against others. Humans make mistakes, it is part of life and an essential part of learning. Everyone makes mistakes throughout all life on this earth. What good does it to blame ourselves and punish ourselves for making mistakes? Does self blame and self hate assist to raise us higher, make us better? No it does not. Instead it keeps us locked in the mind frame of when we made the mistake and we become imprisoned in that space. Only self forgiveness can free us from that mistake and move us into a place where we strive to do better, to be better than we were before so we do not repeat that mistake. Just because a person loses their way and makes mistakes does not mean they are “bad”, it just means they are suffering and lost. Forgiveness can assist people in finding their way once again.

Only then can we move forward. But we must also remember that forgiveness may need to happen over time and in layers, but to be free and open to progression, it must happen.

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