Law of Increase

August 31st, 2015 by

  1. Law of Thought
  2. Law of Supply
  3. Law of Attraction
  4. Law of Receiving

Once we can understand the first 4 universal laws we come to a doorway, at least that is how I see it. We think and send out energy. This taps into the law of supply on some level, somewhere. Then comes the law of attraction as we start to try attracting things to us from our thoughts. Only then can we come to understand how to open up to receiving. But so far all of this is highly fluctuating as to the energy intensity due to our own fluctuating moods and intentions.

To help stabilize this energy flow on a potential two-way path we must move to the next law. This was actually one of the first main focuses Meechgalanne taught me in my youth because it affected all of my skills and pursuits.

It is known as the Law of Increase, but I like to think of it as the Law of Gratitude. Meechgalanne would always tell me one of the most powerful states of being in order to interact with the world in strengthening manners was the state of gratitude. Through gratitude comes an opening inside us to interact with all life from deeper levels of energy, which then allows us to open through humility, thereby increasing our energy signature. This increase in energy can then amplify our projections of thought, attraction and receiving.

Through the elevation of our energy from a state of gratitude and humility we open our core to more clear and direct energy communications with the All. Through gratitude our energy increases, our heart increases and our mind increases. Constant judgment, gossip, slander and other low level states of feeling and communication with the world decreases everything potentially powerful within us.

Think on it 🙂

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