Law of No – Resistance

September 5th, 2015 by

Next on the illustrious universal law list… happens to be one that keeps popping up in various areas of the Internet these days. It used to be one of those things people never really took much notice of as the modern world of the industrialized age marched on into the present mind set. However, the wilderness never forgot this law and abides by it night and day and throughout all four seasons.

Non-resistance is something we are hearing more and more about, like it is some new realization, some new discovery. Humm, well not so new after all. If we look in terms of human history we will find great masters of martial arts throughout the ages who spoke of extending one’s own energy, intellect, will, heart, skill and so on. The idea was and remains today the practice of “lengthening one’s own line rather than trying to shorten one’s opponent’s line.” The reason why is quite simple, it follows this universal law. The more you resist, the more your opponent persist.

The more time and energy we expend on focusing on things we do not like, the more those things remain in our lives, stuck to us like some giant magnet. In the martial sense, the more you try to destroy your opponent’s line, weaken him by attacking their strong points, the very points being used against you, the easier it will be for your opponent to beat you. Instead you need to work to increase your own skills to surpass your opponent’s level of skill, thereby gaining control of the situation and the game.

In life things that challenge us, create complications in our lives will remain strong and even grow larger if we place our focus into them. Instead of confronting our complications head on and feeding them, it becomes more productive to strengthen ourselves from the inside out so that these complicating energies around us lose control over us. In other words, we stop thinking about the external complications and issues and redirect our energy into us and into building up our internal strength.

I know I have done this many times just within the last few years with great success and beautiful results. I know some of you here have been witness to some of those progressions, even within the school itself.

Focus on what you enjoy, what you wish to draw into your life rather than all the problems. Focusing on the problem just seems to make the problems stronger. Instead if we place our focus into us we may just be able to grow stronger than the problems and thus gain placement in life to make productive changes. I am certainly not saying this will happen overnight, but why feed the problems by giving them our energy when we can use our energy to feed us? The law of attraction works upon this law as well. We attract what we are, not what we want, and part of what we are is what we continually focus on.

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