Law of Receiving

August 28th, 2015 by

We continue on with the Universal Laws in this fourth installment. The next Universal Law on the list is the Law of Receiving. After all, we have thought, supply and attraction, so it just fits to have receiving come next.

In my youth I was an astute observer of my surroundings. I pay attention, or tried to pay attention to ever detail. These details I observed helped me understand things; the patterns of things I would see unfold around me in life. I came to realize that the natural world supplied all that I required for life on this planet. Meechgalanne always told me that every environment in-which human could live supplied all we needed to survive there. Of course it is necessary to study, learn and understand the many tools, foods and medicines of each environment or you could be surrounded by everything you need to survive and still perish from ignorance. Things rarely just fall in your lap. It takes work and will.

As I observed the natural world supplying all creatures what they require for survival, I also observed the other side of that relationship. You see the earth gives to the tree the nutrients it needs to survive, along with the sun, air and water of course. The tree in return gives back to the earth and all creatures it touches directly and indirectly. So we can see the supply and attraction happening, but there is another aspect happening, receiving.

We cannot think we want something, honor the law of supply, work with the law of attraction and expect to get anything if we are not prepared to receive. The laws set in the order they do because like I said, one is built upon the other. In order to receive we must give. Just like in the natural world, everything gives and everything receives. It begins with the giving of our energy through thinking. From our thought comes actions of various kinds and the giving of many different energies. What many people seem to misunderstand is the mindfulness of this give-away.

In order for our energy to have a chance at creating and receiving it first needs to be directed with intent, otherwise it is just obscure energy being vented out into the universe with weak foundations.

After this conscious focus we need to prove to life that we are indeed ready to receive. We need to be open to receiving with gratitude, not a state of “I deserve it.” The focus of giving opens the channel to receive because we began the energy investment process that is required for give and receive pathways. The garden soil needs to be prepared for proper reception of a seed, just as does the forest floor. It takes time, energy, focus, will and diligence or the receiving end fails to properly receive.

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