Law of Sacrifice

September 7th, 2015 by

As the saying goes, “There is no free lunch.” This is the simple truth of life. No matter how you cut that pie, there just is no such thing as a free lunch.

The Law of Sacrifice reminds us that in the eyes of the universe as we understand it, in order to gain, something must be given. This comes in on a couple fronts. The first being that if the shelf is full nothing else can be placed upon it until something is moved. When the cup is full no more can be put inside it. The next is an output of energy. In order to attract we need to expend. If we put out nothing, nothing will be returned.

In order to have a garden in-which you might reap a harvest, you first need to invest energy, sacrifice. Even if you do not so the direct work for the garden, you might pay someone else to and that requires money or some form of suitable exchange – sacrifice. There must be something in order for something else to become.

Even bringing in a new life to the world requires sacrifice. The male must sacrifice his energy, core vitality and the female needs to sacrifice 9 months of her life, her body, her energy in order than the new life can grow and be born. It is a basic principle of life, give and receive, sacrifice to gain. One requires the other. It is an intimate relationship on a universal level.

The Law of Sacrifice exists all around us, from the smallest things, subatomic particles, to entire galaxies. Without the understanding and respect of this law there will be imbalance.

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