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This is a short and to the point article on one of the many universal laws. The last one I detailed was the law of attraction in my article called How We Attract.

The first of the universal laws in the list that we as humans can understand for our small part, is the Law of Thought or the Law of Thinking.

The Law of Thinking is the first of the Lost Universal Laws. Of course we need to keep in mind we are spiritual beings in human bodies with human conscious, and therefore our ability to understand the vast and incomprehensible structures of countless universes and multi-dimensional levels of the All is quite minuscule. With that said we need to keep this in mind when thinking we “know” all the Universal Laws. In my own mind and heart I am fully aware that we as humans cannot know all the laws of the universes or even possess the capacity on any level from this physical reality to grasp all the angles of the ones we are aware of.

This law, the Law of Thought/Thinking relates obviously to the power of our thoughts. “As a man thinketh, so is he,” is an old proverb that was partially used for the title of a pre-Secret self-help book written in the 19th century. For our limited conscious brain the Law of Thinking is first of the universal laws. As I stated in my Eagle Mind courses, thinking is the starting point of everything we know about. When we think, it leads us down a path of believing and when we believe we act and as we act, we get the results or affect that reflect what we have thought initially.

Now of course this is generalization because it does not take into account all the other thought forms of countless thinking species throughout this world and countless areas of existence. Sure what we think we leads us to gauge what we believe and value and this dictates a general direction of our earthy paths. However, we must also understand that in the great an inconceivable construct of the All, the possibilities that our thoughts are not the only thing creating, driving and manipulating our personal lives. The Law of Thinking, in our human cases, simply directs us to become more aware of our thoughts, what we are thinking, and come to understand that it is in-part a crucial player in our ever onward travels through this physical earth-walk. But we would be foolish to “think” it is the only factor involved.

Nonetheless, it is important to look at this Law of Thinking, as we know it, to sit at the beginning of the Universal Law list that we have discovered. If nothing else than to remind us to be mindful in all things because our thoughts do hold energy and creative power, even if they are not the only influence over our lives and their many directions. It is also very powerful to be mindful so that in our knowledge of understanding we are not the only ones in the driver-seat of our lives, that our outlook can truly be everything to us. Acceptance 😉

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