Left Brain Game Puzzle 2

January 27th, 2016 by

If you thought the last left brain game puzzle was fairly easy, try this one out 🙂 This will be the last of these word searches I post for a while, so do not worry 😉

This one contains both kitchen items and movement descriptions. The kitchen items are not listed, but there are 7 of them. The movement descriptions are not listed either, but a fairly close synonym for each is listed below.

You will notice something else a bit odd about this puzzle once you look at it.

Here is what you need to search for:

  • 7 kitchen items – not listed
  • 7 movement descriptions based on the following close synonyms:
  1. slow down – 10 letters
  2. leap – 4 letters
  3. sprint – 3 letters
  4. walk fast – 4 letters
  5. go fast – 5 letters
  6. stroll – 4 letters
  7. pick up (increase) – 10

I will post a link in the comments section that will bring you to the answers should you either finish or give up 🙂

word puzzle 2


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