Left Brain Game Puzzle

January 26th, 2016 by

It has been a while since we have launched a game here in the Den. That means it is time once again 🙂

Below is a word find puzzle that I made up containing words titling job professions. Since it is a word search it targets left brain functions. Many games I posted before were right brain oriented.

This word find puzzle is a bit different than the normal ones. There is no word list accompanying the puzzle. Instead I will tell you there are 13 profession names hidden in the letter columns. They can be oriented anyway; vertical, vertical forward, vertical backward, horizontal, horizontal forward, horizontal backward, diagonal forward and diagonal backward.

Here is what you need to search for:

  • 13 profession names

I will post a link in the comments section that will bring you to the answers should you either finish or give up 🙂

Have Fun!

word puzzle


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