Society conditions people to think some “gifts”, talents and skill sets are “good” while others are “bad”. Yes of course this goes back to the topic of judgment and prejudice, which is all a load of horse manure. Nevertheless, people fall for it, buy into it and run their lives by such a ludicrous idea. In-turn they use such conditioning to judge others and prejudice not only the person, but that persons path through life and all the things they accomplish through their skills and talents.

Before anyone barks up and states how much they might agree, it is important to step back and analyze whether or not they fall into such social conditioning themselves. Take a look at just a small few skills and talents that countless people possess and carry with them through life:

  • Chef
  • Doctor
  • Herbalist
  • Builder
  • Arborist
  • Painter
  • Pianist
  • Martial artist
  • Marksman
  • Mechanic
  • Writer
  • Fighter
  • Warrior
  • Ballerina
  • Linguist
  • Teacher
  • Hacker

You could probably type billions of gifts, talents and high level skill sets that people globally have. The question is in the above minute list, did you, do you find yourself, or catch yourself judging any of them as being “good” or “bad”? I would be very surprised if all of you reading this said, “No”.

Social conditioning from a very young age is normally very deeply rooted and becomes mere reaction rather than conscious choice. The conditioning can be input so early that the react becomes so primal and familiar that it almost seems like it is a conscious choice, when underneath it is actually just a state of conditioned reactivity to external stimuli.

Basically in most modern societies people are conditioned to think that such skills, talents and even gifts are better than others. For instance it is a common feeling that a doctor is better than a fighter; a teacher is better than a hacker; a ballerina is better than a warrior. But of course this is a very one-sided, ignorant and prejudice viewpoint.

Everyone is born with a unique set of gifts and talents that many develop into high level skill sets. This is not by chance. Someone is not born into this life with inherent abilities for no reason. They came here with the spirit deep talents just the same as everyone else, no matter what those talents happen to be. Therefore there is a definite place for them in this world and in this life.

Many people are conditioned to be afraid of what others might think of their gifts and so they are oppressed into not using or developing them. Such a loss. Every gift has a place. It is how we use the gift and talent that matters within the deepest levels of self and upon the highest levels of self.

Just because someone has the skills and even talents of being a doctor does not mean they are using those abilities to help people. They could be using them for the sole purpose of greed. Just because someone has inherent talents as a fighter does not mean they go around fighting with people who have no desire to fight. What about a teacher? Perhaps the teacher is truly making a powerful difference in the lives of others, or perhaps they are using their gifts to control others, instill fear, prejudice and conformity. A hacker may be using their gifts to try ruining other people’s lives, or they may be using their skills to hunt down other hackers who are trying to destroy people’s lives, businesses and steal identities.

The point being that any skill, any gift or talent can be used for either side of the extreme. They can be used to help or harm, but no matter which side it is they will always help some and harm others because we all live different paths and on various levels of the extreme in this physical world. So how does this fit with how we are to think or feel about our gifts? After all, if we start looking at it that way we will live within judgment and prejudice.

We are who we are and we are what we are, no matter what the social norm or socially acceptable view points are that are based upon a control system bent upon the oppression and enslavement of a global population. There is no way to be truly happy inside if we are pretending to be what and who we are not. If we invest our energy trying to suppress our inherent gifts and skills to appease others we will live in shame, guilt and misery. There will be a division within and this division kills inner peace and happiness. It also steals our personal power and robs us of the very purpose of which we came here to embark upon.

I do not know who said this quote, but it fits nicely with this article:

I am not afraid of my truth. I will not omit pieces of me to make you feel comfortable. Love me for who I am or not at all. Decide if you are part of my history or future. I am me in my own self acceptance and your judgments do not control me. A free spirit is someone who believes in who they are and who does not need the approval of others.

The moment you judge yourself based upon what you enjoy, what you are good at and the high level skill sets you possess, the moment you create a hell out of your life. This self created hell will bore holes in you that others will seek to take advantage of by manipulation, exploiting, slandering and enslaving you.This self created hell can create all manner is difficulties, from emotional issues to physical complications, disease, relationship difficulties, job problems, money challenges and on and on and on the list goes.

No matter what you are good at, no matter what skills and gifts you possess of high level or that drive you forward, then stand tall and be proud of who and what you are! Break away from the illusions of other’s judgment they try throwing at you from their own deep level fears and insecurities, from within their own self created hells. BE WHO YOU ARE IN THE FACE OF ALL, LIVE IT IN THE FACE OF LIFE NO MATTER WHAT.


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