In the past I have spoken about many various organs and their health, including the liver. However, I have placed them in specific contexts that usually combined with other avenues of overall well-being. In our upcoming course called Present of Health, to be held in January 2015, I will be going into a great amount of details and specifics of many areas of health and well-being. Nonetheless I decided to throw out a few more details on the liver as far as overall health is concerned.

Why the liver? Well the liver is our largest organ beyond the skin and it just happens to be in control of a great many things of which can go awry if the liver is unhappy. The autumnal equinox has come and gone launching us into the season of shedding, autumn. Health is becoming more and more of a focus point with the sun heading south, less natural Vitamin D, cooler weather and extreme temperature fluctuations until the season fully settles in. It happens every year. Many people neglect their health and well-being throughout the warm season for stress or excessive pleasures and when autumn arrives they begin to suffer because we literally reap what we sow when it comes to personal health as warmth and light slowly turn cold and dark.

The liver though is not associated with autumn but rather spring. The spring is the season of the liver and one in which the liver does its strongest cleansing and growing. Even so, the liver grows and rebuilds itself all year round. It is an organ of constant rejuvenation. When the growth is stifled by imbalanced lifestyle the liver suffers and is not afraid to let the rest of the body know it is not happy. After all, the livers heaviest emotion is anger.

This organ is prone to imbalance and the imbalance can be from either stagnation or depletion. Even if the liver has an excess of energy, the excess will eventually lead to depletion if not dealt with. Organ wise the kidneys and liver have a direct relationship. The kidney feed the liver energy when the liver is lacking. If the liver remains imbalanced the kidneys will eventually suffer because they will continue to feed the liver their own energy unto their own depletion. The adrenals and kidneys are basically running the same energy in the form of organ energy so when we speak of kidney energy we must also include the adrenals. No the adrenals are not organs but rather glands within the endocrine system, but since they sit directly on top of the kidneys that are joined at the hip so to speak.

The liver feeds energy to the heart and so if the liver is continually weak and congested the heart will eventually suffer giving rise to many imbalances. When looking at health we must always look to the direct point of focus and then to both sides to make sure we understand the bigger picture.

A great many things damage the liver. Everything from food and emotions to lifestyle and environmental issues. Below are listed a few items that harm the liver:

  • Pharmaceutical medicines- toxic
  • Alcohol- toxic
  • Soda- toxic
  • Artificial sweeteners (High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, etc)- toxic
  • Preservatives- toxic
  • Pesticides- toxic
  • Processed fats and oils- congesting
  • Food coloring- toxic
  • Hydrogenated oils and trans fats- congesting
  • Genetically Modified Foods- toxic- congesting
  • All non-fermented soy products (cause serious liver stagnation)
  • Certain essential oils like Wintergreen- toxic

We need to remember that the liver is in charge of metabolizing fats and removing toxins from our body. If we flood it with fats it cannot digest it cannot successfully clear toxins and slowly toxins build up in the fats of our bodies and cause all kinds of issues. The more we bog the liver down the less it can do its job and it becomes stagnant and weak. It then can build up excessive and toxic heat of which it then send upward and fouls the heart and lung energy. It can give rise to a hot head feeling, headaches, dry eyes and mouth, rapid heart rate, chest pain, hot lungs, weak lung energy, poor vision since the eyes gain their energy from the liver and other undesirable upper body issues.

If the liver remains stagnant with excessive energy built up then it will literally beat-up on the spleen. The spleen will take the brunt of the livers hot anger and the spleen energy of digestion will weaken leading to spleen deficiency issues like loss of appetite, rumbling bowls and abdominal cramps, loose stools, low energy, sluggish feeling, lack of grounding and things of that nature.

Things that people tend to do in their lives can also stress and weaken the liver. Things like:

  • Spending time near chemical toxins (yard, work, farms, factories, traffic, etc)
  • Cigarette smoking or second hand smoke
  • Toxic clothing (dyes and artificial materials) and personal hygiene applications (soaps, make-up, deodorant, skin creams, hair dyes, etc)
  • Rushed and stressed eating habits- improper digestive enzyme creation
  • Lack of proper probiotics- toxic bowel build-up
  • Lack of exercise- stagnation
  • Lack of sweating- clogged pores and toxic blood
  • Anger issues- stresses and stagnates the liver
  • Lack of self growth- stagnation
  • Sleeping too much- stagnation
  • Sleeping at odd hours- stagnation
  • Not consuming the proper enzymes before bed- stresses the liver and starves it
  • Not enough sexual activity- stagnation
  • Too much sexual activity- weakens the liver
  • Eating too heavy before bed- stagnation

All of that harms the liver and thus the function of the liver and the rest of the body that relies upon the work of the liver.

Liver stagnation can lead for physical pain and discomfort beyond what was mentioned above. A powerful ache and nauseating dull pain can accumulate around the mid-section, over the ribs, up the back and up along the esophagus and resemble heartburn or acid reflux. It tends to come on late in the evening and persist into the liver time period of 1-3 in the morning. This can prevent sleeping and with severe bouts can even prevent the drinking of water because of it aggravating the intensity of the pain. In males, since the liver meridian runs near the genitalia, extreme pain in the testes can arise from liver stagnation that feels like the gonads are being crushed in a vise.

These are but a few of the painful issues an unhappy liver can create. The simplicity of the matter is that if the liver is unhappy, so shall you be.

To be continued in Liver Health…


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